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Lightning Review

Shadow of the Swan by Nicola M. Cameron

Shadow of the Swan

Hoo boy, was this book a mixed bag. Here are my main takeaways for potential readers, sorted into the good, the bad, and the meh: The good: The premise and world-building are intriguing and fun once things get going, and the third-act action is genuinely a nail-biter (after an otherwise slow-ish plot). There are several very engaging lady secondary characters of supernatural origin. Also, most of the major secondary characters are queer. Finally, I love … Continue reading Shadow of the Swan by Nicola M. Cameron

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A Most Unusual Duke by Susanna Allen

A Most Unusual Duke

You know how sometimes you pick up a book because it looks like fun, and then it turns out to be clever and funny and tender and tropey and still somehow unique, and you read it all in one sitting and hop straight onto the Kobo site after midnight to order the previous book in the series? Yeah, that was A Most Unusual Duke for me. This story worked so, so well for me. It’s … Continue reading A Most Unusual Duke by Susanna Allen

Book Review

Last Guard by Nalini Singh

Last Guard

You may recall that I did a big honking re-read and catch-up with all 9,547,235 books in the Psy-Changeling and Psy-Changeling Trinity series earlier this year. When I received Last Guard I was extremely excited, because not only were much of the worldbuilding and character pairings still fresh in my mind, but also, I really wanted to read it. And I was even more excited simply because I was excited. I’m so terrible at keeping up with … Continue reading Last Guard by Nalini Singh

Book Review

Rare Vigilance by M.A. Grant

Rare Vigilance

Content Warning: PTSD, violence and trauma I read this book at such a furious pace that I’m sure I missed the details. In fact, I know I did. Because I’m struggling to write this review beyond simply repeating “wow” to myself ad infinitum. There was such a wonderful balance between a strong character-driven development and sheer plot momentum that I couldn’t control myself. I just had to devour this book. Did I ignore all of … Continue reading Rare Vigilance by M.A. Grant

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Heartbreak Incorporated by Alex de Campi

Heartbreak Incorporated

Heartbreak Incorporated is kind of a bonkers book, and I love that about it. It commits pretty hard to its own premise of a sexy, mysterious man breaking up relationships for money while also maybe doing vigilante justice on the side, and the aspiring journalist who wants to uncover all of his secrets (in both a sexy way and a hard-boiled PI kind of way). Also, there are demons, and this book is very queer. … Continue reading Heartbreak Incorporated by Alex de Campi

Book Review

Guest Review: A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas

A Court of Silver Flames

This review was brought to you in high-definition and surround sound by Crystal Anne with An E. Crystal is a Hufflepuff who works as an autism consultant by day and goes to Library School at night. She reads a lot, she cross-stitches a lot, and is always ready to make someone a reading list. … CW/TW: The protagonist of this book has experienced significant trauma, including sexual assault. Stay safe, my friends. So in recent … Continue reading Guest Review: A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas

Book Review

Dearest Josephine by Caroline George

Dearest Josephine

Content warnings: Lots and lots of grief and loss, also death of a secondary character Dearest Josephine is an epistolary novel about grief and coming of age, disguised as a paranormal gothic romance. It is a sweet, clever, beautiful book, and I adored it. In 1820, the recently orphaned Elias Roch meets Josephine DeClare at an inn, and falls instantly and passionately in love. But in the morning, she is gone, and he has no … Continue reading Dearest Josephine by Caroline George

Book Review

Emerald Blaze by Ilona Andrews

Emerald Blaze

If you are an Ilona Andrews fan (and if you aren’t, why not??) I have good news for you. Emerald Blaze gives us everything we expect from an Andrews book: a competent heroine facing an unusual supernatural threat, an alpha-esque love interest with whom she has scorching chemistry, a great secondary cast, exciting action, strong world-building and sense of place, and jokes on jokes on jokes. I truly enjoyed every moment of the reading experience, … Continue reading Emerald Blaze by Ilona Andrews

Lightning Review

Alpha Night by Nalini Singh

Alpha Night

CW: general violence, discussion of past child abuse, off-page murder Are super dramatic connections between mates your catnip? This is your book! Want to solve a mystery? Again, pick up this book! Are you okay with mild to moderate violence? Good, because this book has that too. Ethan Night, an Arrow, and Selenka Durev, the Alpha of the BlackEdge wolf pack, mate in the opening scene of the book. Not in the sense of sexy … Continue reading Alpha Night by Nalini Singh

Book Review

Guest Review: Chosen by Kiersten White


This guest review was written by Crystal Anne With An E. Crystal reads a lot, cross-stitches, and is an autism consultant by day and goes to library school by night. She is a Hufflepuff, because honey badgers don’t give a shit. Crystal Anne also reviewed Slayer, the first book in this duology. … Well, folks, guess who’s back, back again. It seemed unfair to review the first in Kiersten White’s Slayer series and not hit … Continue reading Guest Review: Chosen by Kiersten White

Book Review

Her Scandalous Pursuit by Candace Camp

Her Scandalous Pursuit

This is a historical romance adventure with a mystery to solve and a touch of the paranormal, and while there are parts of the book that drove me scatty (more on that soon), I really did love the lead characters (In short, they’re ADORABLE!). Desmond Harrison, the son of a criminal banished to a penal colony, has ‘made good.’ The vicar in his Dorset village tutored him and introduced him to his mentor, Professor Gordon. … Continue reading Her Scandalous Pursuit by Candace Camp

Book Review

War by Laura Thalassa


Before you guys read this review I want to flag that the review includes discussion of: I honestly found this book very hard to read and hard to write about, especially with what’s in the news these days. I’m sorry if this is upsetting for you guys to read. I thought about not reviewing it but I think there is a worthwhile discussion to be had about what it means that a book like this … Continue reading War by Laura Thalassa

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