Hiddleston Quilts, Podcasts, David Bowie, and Upworthy Pron: Links Ahoy!

I’ve got piles of links, and I cannot lie. Ready for fun reading on the internet? Let’s go!

From Karen, a link I posted in the comments to Elyse’s Hiddle-riffic review for Orca King II: A QUILT OF MAJESTY.

No really. Look at it. (I don’t think I can go fetch the image).

That pretty much ends any aspirations I had of quilting anything, let alone a picture of Tom Hiddleston.

From Janice comes this extremely NSFW link, but I laughed like a loon when I read it: Introducing ‘Fapworthy,’ PornHub’s Site That Puts Upworthy Titles On Porn Clips.

Have you ever wondered what an adult content site like PornHub might look like if all of its videos had more positive titles on them, as opposed to the more accurate and downright vulgar ones they have now? I haven’t, because my heart and eyes are pure and blessed by angels, so I don’t even know what PornHub is, but I’m told that it’s a place where a guy or gal can check out anything from two girls getting to know each other better to robots taking over the planet one orgasm at a time. But someone must have been wondering what would happen if PornHub and Upworthy got it on….

Oh, no. Oh, yes.

Via Lorenda Christensen, a link that helps those from our RITA/Golden Heart chat find those books that have finaled or won the Golden Heart and have been later published. 

The Golden Heart competition is a contest created for manuscripts that are not yet contracted or self-published.

But how many of these manuscripts are eventually sent out into the publishing world and picked up by a house or Indie published?

Good question! Here’s a spreadsheet of Golden Heart Finalists by year, with the title of their GH-winning manuscript, along with the title it was eventually published under.

A suggestion/request was made during the chat, and the Golden Network chapter created a growing guide to finding the new titles for GH books that have been published. Pretty cool, huh? Thanks, y’all!

Via James: Hoth or not tackles a tough question. Ewok or Wookie? 

Hmm. I say Ewok.

David Bowie twirling orbs in his hands.If you feel like listening to some things, specifically some really funny people talking about Labyrinth along with me trying not to laugh too loudly into the mic, you might enjoy the latest Read It & Weep podcast, wherein David Bowie and Dance, Magic, Dance are discussed…in depth.

Imagine a world where goblins are real. And imagine those goblins are ruled by a non-goblin, the yoga pants wearing David Bowie. And further imagine those goblins stole your baby brother because you said the magic words on accident and you alone can save him but there’s this big fucking maze. Makes sense, right? That’s the predicament Jennifer Connelly finds herself in, and she only has 13 hours to do it using the power of friendship.

Look, it doesn’t make any sense. But it doesn’t have to. The Muppets are awesome. David Bowie is awesome. The CG isn’t even a little awesome but that in and of itself is fun. Overall, great fun to watch and thanks to Big H for sponsoring it.

“Big H,” when she sponsored the episode, specifically requested me as a guest – so thank you! I’d never seen Labyrinth before, and…oh my God. Dance, Magic, Dance indeed. And let us not forget about Jump, Magic, Jump.

Almost forgot to include this! So many people have alerted me to the release of MAC’s new romance-novel inspired line of cosmetics. OH, the colors are PRETTY.

Awhile back, I was asked to be part of a research interview while MAC was developing the line as part of their internal training. Each new collection has a featured spot in an internal company publication (which is gorgeous, the publication – huge glossy thing), and each collection takes a good bit of time to develop, too. (There is also a Marge Simpson collection, too, in the same issue, which I completely love).

I never would have thought the old-skool palette of colors would make for good makeup, but apparently I was wrong (I so want the eyeshadow quads, like who damn).

And finally, I’m over at Kirkus this week, talking about my search for the perfect handbag, and the books that have permanent resident status on whatever reading device I carry:

The reader is the most important part (after my driver’s license, which I’m sure the local authorities feel is more important), because there are some books that I want to have with me. Beyond the book or books I’m currently reading, I recently reorganized my digital reader (it took forever, too. When will software advance to make that an easier process?) and created folders of books that I like to have with me. They’re my literary permanent residents, and must always ride along in case I am stuck in hours of traffic (that could happen!) and can’t do anything but read and wait (that has happened).

What books travel with you at all times?


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  1. library addict says:

    Thanks so much for the GH published books link. I really appreciate it.

  2. Heather S says:

    You had me at “David Bowie”. Especially in “Labyrinth”. Those tights…. about 14 years back I discovered “Labyrinth” and realized the appeal of an older man (provided, at least, that older man is the ageless and striking David Bowie).

  3. Heather Greye says:

    That quilt is ASTOUNDING!

    Not sure if you read the comments, but she talks a bit about the software she used and the process to set it up. The nerd in me was fascinated.

  4. Avery Flynn says:

    I am desperate for the whole MAC line. It is just the kind of makeup/kitsch combination that is my crack.

  5. kkw says:

    So I thought MAC was cruelty free, but my not-always-reliable friend says this is no longer true. Because I want that makeup…but not that badly. Close, because so pretty. But animal testing for beauty products is a deal breaker. Somebody say it ain’t so?

  6. Dread Pirate Rachel says:

    Tom Hiddleston is a beautiful, beautiful man. And those MAC ads are glorious.

  7. PamG says:

    I adore Labyrinth; in fact it was one of my family’s cult classics.  You know, those movies you could watch an infinite number of times and everyone in the family could quote at length.  We loved the Muppets as well as Bowie’s whiny but well-hung Goblin King.  Come to think of it all (two) humans in that movie were whiny.  But everything else ruled. 

    In fact my younger daughter, a former band geek who is now thirty-mumble, and I used to discuss what a great field show you could do based on Labyrinth.  I can hear those melophones blaring away at Sarah’s theme now.

  8. Darlynne says:

    @kkw: MAC is an Estee Lauder company. Whether MAC itself tests or if the testing is done further down the line with ingredient suppliers or if it’s the Estee Lauder connection that seals it, PETA says they definitely test and NAVS product search is currently off-line. It’s so stupid and unnecessary for cosmetic companies to do this, it’s not required by US law.

  9. kkw says:

    @Darlynne Yeah, when I looked into it the consensus seems to be that MAC didn’t used to, but started in order to sell in China where apparently animal testing is required by law. Doesn’t that sound crazy? I really really want it not to be true, for a variety of reasons, not all of which are selfish. And sometimes the Interweb lies…

  10. KarenF says:

    Re: the search for a perfect handbag – give up and carry a backpack or a messenger bag. Granted, less than fashionable, but separate pockets and side pockets for water bottles.

  11. Michelle in Texas says:

    As a quilter, I am AMAZED!!!  And it’s her FIRST QUILT?!?!? Holy Hannah!

  12. DeeinID says:

    Good luck on the handbag quest. So far the closest I’ve come to my Holy Grail bag is Lily Bloom bags which don’t have waterproof pockets for electronic gadgets but have “cupholders” and do a pretty good job.

    As for books I need with me: The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein, Little Witch by Anna Elizabeth Bennett (paper only-thank goodness I have multiple paper copies), Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan series, Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series, and Patricia Briggs’s Mercy Thompson series.

  13. Lovecow2000 says:

    You know what?  SB Sarah, your rundown of Labyrinth, which I’ve got to see again just so I can snigger at my 13 y/o self who looooved it, really puts me in mind of Terry Pratchett’s Wee Free Men. Just echoey hints, but there are a few parallels—not the least of which is that Tiffany Aching (our feisty, cast iron frying pan wielding heroine) depends on the friends she makes over the course of this adventure to confront the Faery Queen. 

    Off to find Labyrinth and re-read some fabulous Pratchett.  W/end plans sorted.

  14. DonnaMarie says:

    And people thought my first quilt was insane.  I bow to you LauraLynn.  And because I’m all kinds of petty envious bitch, I’m also having a nit picky thoughts about her seams. I am a bad, bad person. On the other hand… the weather has turned dicey enough to stay in and sew. Maybe I can recreate her glory in a George Clooney version. Or maybe I should stop having drinks after work that make me delusional about my skills and make the four snowball blocks I need to turn in Tuesday for our Heifer quilt.

    Enjoy your weekend Bitchery!

  15. Kerry says:

    That Hiddleston quilt is AMAZING…I can’t imagine the patience involved in just cutting out 40,000 squares, let alone stitching them all together!

    And, I’m not a MAC girl, but I love the promo photos for the romance line…I would read all of those books if they were actual covers.

  16. Oh my gosh – that quilt *ovaries quiver*

  17. chacha1 says:

    Holy Henry V, y’all.  That quilt is a work of art.  I can’t imagine somebody doing that – even ATTEMPTING it – as their very first project.

  18. Bona says:

    Thank you very much for the link towards those Golden heart winners that were published afterwards. I usually include in my data base of romance novels the Golden Heart winners, but when I want to read them, I don’t always discover them, bc many times they change names or titles. So it’s really helpful.

  19. Bona –

    The GH list isn’t complete! But hopefully it will be … I know that Julie Brannagh was nominated in 2011 in Contemporary for Love and Football, which was published by Avon as part of a great football series – Blitzing Emily, Rushing Amy, Catching Cameron. I like her new titles a lot.

    And I was a 2011 nominee in Paranormal for The Soldier, which was published by Carina as First to Burn (The Soldier sounded sort of generic and sort of Regency, so Carina was totally right to change the title).

    And a REALLLY large number of the 2008 through 2011 people have sold books, but aren’t listed. I feel bad for the coordinator of that list at the Golden Network b/c she’s going to have forty email updates in her inbox and go “what the heck!”

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