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Jim L. sent me this video, and mentioned how much he wanted to attend DragonCon someday. I must confess, the sheer number of people would make me want to hide, but after watching this, I was totally charmed by the number of amazing costumed warrior women:

Link? Link!

I hope your weekend is superheroic and full of awesome!



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  1. CateS says:

    I am completely blown away by the elaborate and wonderful costumes/outfits..!!  WOW!

  2. Abby says:

    So, I’m not a SciFi person at all, but now I totally want to go to this just to people watch.  Amazing!  They had me with The Three Amigos.

  3. Mel R says:

    I second that comment!  Wow!  I’m not much of a costume person for myself, but the time, energy, and $$ put into some of those costumes is amazing, and so cool!  I admire the attention to detail!
    I love when people do what they love, no matter what others might say.

  4. AquaLass says:

    I’ve been attending Dragon*Con for about 15 years out of the 25 it’s been running.  You’ve never seen such a fun bunch of people.  The convention lasts four days and occupies five hotels.  It’s an experience!

  5. lyssa says:

    It has been 15 years since I went to Dragon, and it is good to see that it has not changed that much. (I even saw some friends in the video…snatching the link for my FB page to embarrass them). It always was a fun con (I was a poor college student so I did a “work scholarship” and did security for the con so I could get in free. (No bennies but free admission, and a chance to chat with some of the presenters back stage…which was a bennie all it self.)

    And the women who attended then…seem to be like the women who attend now…smart, fun, self assured, women who think geeky brains are sexy…which we all know they are!

  6. cleo says:

    My favorite part?  The very end, when the guy looks lost, realizes he’s on camera, and backs out of frame.  And the costumes look awesome too.

  7. Eve Langlais says:

    Wow, what neat costumes. I wish I wasn’t so self conscious to do something like that because they all look like they’re having so much fun. It makes my voyeuristic side want to attend as a fly on the wall and just soak it all in.

  8. Kim S. says:

    I. NEED. TO. GO.

    So many great cosplayers—I can’t even name all the fandoms! X-Men, Fifth Element, Mario, (probably every video game known to man, really), Batman, Belle!, and dude, that was Waldo! 😀


  9. EC Spurlock says:

    DragonCon is fabulous, the granddaddy of all southeastern cons. It can actually get too overblown for me—there’s SO MUCH going on it can be overwhelming! But it’s just fun going to the Stormtrooper Parade or hanging out between all the hotels and seeing all the costumes. I also love Anime Weekend Atlanta, which is a comfortable size, very laid-back, and also full of cosplay love, including a truly excellent Steampunk contingent.

  10. judy l says:

    Thanks for posting this.  I have been to Anime Conventions but not to Dragon Con.  Superb cosplayers!!  🙂

  11. delphia2000 says:

    Loved the sample bit, but the cuts were way, way too fast for these old eyes. I’m going to load up the longer version in hopes it will show more with less cutting. Been many years since I went to cons, but never made it to Dragon Con. Looks like a great party.

  12. krsylu says:

    This video has really jazzed me up for our planned visit to AnachroCon in February. It is also held in Atlanta, and will be my First. Con. Ever. !!!  My hubby went to a few when he was in high school and college, so he will be my tour guide.

    Let me state for the record that I am not a young, nubile bride. I am a twenty-years-married 42 year-old woman who could stand to lose 50 pounds. Seriously. But you’d better believe I’m going to dress up. Ooohhh, yeaaah.

    I’m thinking Steampunk Librarian.

    So for those of you out there who think dressing up is for the young… Think again!

  13. DragonCon is insane-fortunately, it’s spread out over several hotels, so that helped a little.

    The costumes are the best part.  I saw She-Ra the year I went.  That was so cool.  The guys from the Cobra-Kai dojo in Karate Kid.  More stormtroopers than I can count (some wore kilts).  Lots of Princess Leias & Star Wars stuff.

    One of the best though?  Toy soldiers.  Completely green.Not a bit of skin or clothes wasn’t the exact same shade of green.  Amazing.

  14. MicheleKS says:

    Going to San Diego Comic Con is at the top of my list of places to go. I love comic and sci-fi conventions because everyone is there to have fun. No one looks at you like you’re something that came out of an animal’s backside. No, everyone’s cool and into seeing and believing. I used to go to Star Trek conventions back in the 90’s and everyone I met there was awesome. So if you’ve never been to a Con- GO!

  15. Red says:

    I’ve gone to Dragon*Con the past 2 years and the romance novel segment is well represented, especially in the Writers Track.  There was a well-attended workshop about books and marketing and discussion about genre books.  I was so happy to here the panelists say that some romance books are as good as any “literate” books out there.  And I wasn’t the only one to clap at that.

  16. ev says:

    I watched the long version too which was fantastic!! I can’t believe with all I saw, how much I missed too! Can’t wait for next year- I think sleep will be in short supply!

  17. Flea says:

    I’ve attended many a DCon and it’s such a sensation overload at the time than I always spend the next several weeks looking at everyone’s photos online just to see what I missed.  I love this little film.  Recognizing friends being spotlighted for their excellent costuming is awesome!

  18. birdie23 says:

    I was lucky enough to attend DragonCon in 2010 and it was AMAZING. The dedication people have to wonderfully detailed costuming. I’m far to poor and lazy to go to such lengths so it’s nice they do it for me. And it is quite the spectacle. It’s great to just hang out and watch people go by. But with 40,000+ people there it can definitely be overwhelming to say the least.

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