Premiere! Tessa Dare’s video for Maya Banks

As part of Operation Auction, Tessa Dare donated a book trailer video featuring her crafty handiwork and all the toys that weren’t nailed down in her childrens’ bedrooms. Maya Banks bid early and bid often, and was the winner – and the trailer, it is DONE. And it is HILARIOUS.

Link? What, of course! LINK!

Operation Auction was a community organized and sponsored benefit for longtime romance fan and blogger Fatin, whose husband was killed this past March. Operation Auction was one of many examples of the romance community’s strength and of its heart. High fives to Banks and to Dare on bringing something beneficial and hilarious out of a senseless tragedy.

Ramadan Mubarak to Fatin and her family.



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  1. JenniferRNN says:

    The ending nearly killed me! Definitely the best book trailer that I’ve ever watched.

  2. Kelly S. says:

    Excellent job!

  3. OMG that was awesome! So awesome. Well Done!

  4. JennH says:

    Tessa Dare is my new hero. I want to be her when I grow up. ‘Nuff said.

  5. Keri Ford says:

    FANTASTIC!!! Great Job Tessa!

  6. Alina says:

    If I were Maya Banks, I’d have Tessa Dare handle all of my publicity from here on out – I’ve never seen a book trailer that made me actually want to read the book before this one. (Ok, I probably would have wanted to read this anyway, because, duh, Maya Banks does men in kilts, er, trews.) Who can resist Highlands populated with My Little Ponies and gumdrops? And Highland lasses with what looked like a bat’leth. And while Captain America was a pretty damn good movie as is, how much better would it have been if Red Skull wore a kilt!

  7. Jeannie Moon says:

    Freaking hysterical.  Love it.  And while I am disappointed there are no kilts, I’m going to order the first book now.  🙂

  8. Bookluvr4life says:

    This was hilarious. Especially loved the mists of time and the magical kingdom of my little ponies. So creative. Can’t wait to read the books!

  9. Tessa Dare says:

    thank you, Sarah!  And thanks to Maya, and all of you watching and loving the video.  It was so much fun to make, and a real family project. 

    There were many awesome things about getting to make this video for Maya, but the awesomest was that I got to read IN BED WITH A HIGHLANDER early.  It is fabulous.  I told Maya (and I know others have said this too), it reminded me of reading the Julie Garwood Scottish historicals that taught me to love Romance way back when – only new and different, and in Maya’s amazing voice.  Tender, sweet, sexy, funny, exciting.  I loved it!  And I’m not just saying that because she gave me an excuse to make Barbie habits.

  10. Ursula says:

    I absolutely LOVE Tessa Dare book videos but this was the best so far! Love Maya, love Tessa LOVE IT!  I have posted it on my site also. (Not that I have many readers. TeeHee)

  11. Love it!!! Tessa Dare makes great trailers. The trilogy looks fabulous. I’m a big fan of Maya’s and the covers are delish.

  12. Eve Langlais says:

    ROFL, that was fantastic.

  13. Elemental says:

    I cracked up completely at the sight of the castle—brilliant work and I admit, it does make me want to have a look at the books.

    (Though I find myself oddly interested in the notion of a “steamy erotic romance” where none of the characters actually have genitals….)

  14. Lynnd says:

    Brilliant job, Tessa!

  15. Awesome! I’ll have to add this series to my list. I actually bought Tessa Dare’s books based on her book trailer, and I adored them. I hope she does a trailer for her new series too.

  16. Alex says:

    Oh wow, that was brilliant.  I’m not so sure I’ll be rushing out to buy them (despite being half Scottish I’m not really a fan of romance novels set there) but I’m definitely encouraged to check out some of Maya and Tessa’s books.  Any suggestions?

  17. Katherine says:

    That trailer is awesome! Loved the “most desirable estate” (my little pony – snort!) and the doll re-enactment of the covers. The lack of genitals is a little weird. But kids dolls with genitals would be just as wrong, I suspect.

    I thought I was over the historical Scottish romance but this has got me to go take a second look. I did love me some old Julie Garwood back in the day!

  18. Karen says:

    I am another that has been pretty much done with historical Scottish romance—but I was sold on this triolgy half-way through the trailer!  Fantastic and exactly what I needed today!

  19. Emily says:

    Ok first of all there are a lot depressing things going with me and the world, so this is just what I needed.

    Second I love particularly loved Barbie with a secret baby. Makes me think of Gilmore Girls. “Millions of women will line up to see that tiny woman fat.”

    Third was it me or was that the NCIS theme played on bagpipes or something?

    Fourth to everyone involved you are awesome!

  20. Joanne says:

    @Tessa Dare: Julie Garwood’s newest, The Ideal Man, is rather like Jamie & Alec have moved on to the 21st century and so it’s a fun read!

    This trailer reminded me that Kenner never made enough red headed dolls for my red headed niece.
    Thanks for the link & the laughs!

  21. Aurian says:

    I just watched this video on another blog, and loved it. And Tessa, very happy with the kilts instead of boring trews.

  22. wendy says:

    Trews!  hahahahaha.

    Anyway, this was one of the best examples of shenanigans with kids toys I’ve ever seen (and my friends and I are vets of such tom-foolery). 

    I too, may have to look into the books these ladies write.

  23. Kate Pearce says:

    Having got into trouble with my own daughter for borrowing her Barbies to work out intricate um, ‘physical’ interactions, I’m glad to see that Tessa Dare has made an art form out of it. I’ll have to show my daughter this, she’ll be so impressed. 🙂

  24. DreadPirateRachel says:

    That was hilarious! I snorted because I was laughing so hard.

    Alina said

    I’ve never seen a book trailer that made me actually want to read the book before this one.

    I completely agree! Now I’m going to go find every book trailer Ms. Dare has ever made.

  25. EC Spurlock says:

    Especially loved the mists of time and the magical kingdom of my little ponies.

    Agreed, those were my favorite parts. MLP FTW! And the end in the end.

    I have never gotten into Highlanders but this could make me take a second look. Three cheers for the multi-talented Tessa Dare! And she writes excellent books too, I enjoyed them hugely! 🙂

  26. Mahalo, for a great laugh this morning!  I just received an ARC for IN BED WITH A HIGHLANDER and it is packed in my overnight bag for a a quick visit to the hospital.  I’ll have to put a tracker on it should the nurses choose to confiscate it!

  27. velocireader says:

    Loved the estate with castle and My Little Ponies – who wouldn’t want to inherit that?

  28. I watched this from the Highlands, with the summer rain pouring down from the grey skies, and laughed my head off. This was brilliant, and I too loved the my little pony castle – not sure what the pink blobby thing on the right hand side was, but it reminded me horribly of something similar that featured in a British show with Noel Edmonds. Was he just called Mr Blobby, maybe?
    Anyway, if ever I reach the heady heights of having a book trailer, I’ll consult Tessa.

  29. beggar1015 says:

    Oh no, Mother Superior Barbie is down!

    Barbie has been many things (astronaut, doctor, aerobics instructor), but I’ve never seen her as a nun.

  30. SonomaLass says:

    Fabulous work! Very fun and creative, with bonus plastic man-titty. I think every clinch cover I see for a while is going to become Barbie and Ken in my head.

    Trews vs. kilts reminds me of a favorite pub in Scotland, on the Isle of Seil. It’s a sweet little place called Tigh Na Truish, which means House of Trews (Trousers) and is affectionately known as the Trouser Pub. Local tradition has it that when the wearing of kilts was banned after the Jacobite uprising, residents of the island stopped here to change out of their kilts and into trews before going to the mainland.

    Like other readers with personal experience and family connections in Scotland, I tend to avoid romances in this sub-genre. But I hope this trailer helps make Maya Banks’ books best-sellers, as a reward for her generosity, Tessa Dare’s hard work and creativity, and the amazing sense of humor they both have displayed with this trailer.

  31. Kelly says:

    I can see Scotland from my house (well, it is in it) and it looks *exactly* like this. Spooky.

  32. Chelsea says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for the laugh! Mmm, highlanders…I’ll look forward to those.

  33. Francesca too says:

    I’m still laughing!

  34. Karenmc says:

    I’m so buying those books.

  35. Kathleen O says:

    This was just so hiliarious for words.. LMOF…

  36. Lynn Lail says:

    Awesome! I laughed so loudly my son came running to ask what was wrong! 🙂

    You rock, Tessa!

  37. infinitieh says:

    So, so fun!  Another wonderful video from Tessa!

  38. Susan says:

    Hilarious!  Mmm, men in kilts…

  39. Tina M. says:

    Reminds me of how I used to play with my dolls way back when 😉

    I was surprised by the amount of available dolls and it was funny video.

  40. Katie T says:

    Scotland with fairytale castles and My Little Pony is much better than the one I visited.  Kudos to Tessa on her skills with a needle for the Barbie Nuns.  Have now had to wishlist all three of the books, when I am supposed to not buy any more until I have finished all those on my TBR pile.  Damn you Tessa!!! (Not really – I love any excuse to buy more books)

    Capture: work83 – I’ll have to work 83 more hours to afford all the books I’ll buy after watching this trailer.

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