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From Megan, a video of high jumping. Well, men doing the jumping usually performed by horses. And, as Megan says, “These guys are jumping 4-6 ft. without a pole or touching a single jump. Plus they are hot and take off jackets and pants along the way.”

HORSEMAN A DRESDEN homme cheval babass
Uploaded by babass59.

I couldn’t find this on YouTube, so I hope this video work for all of you – I believe it’s French. But it’s definitely jumping awesome.

Hope your weekend gives you plenty of reasons to jump, shirtless or not!



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  1. Feeling conflicted…many things about this should be sexy…and yet…jumble them all together and add displaced athleticism, a man shouting in a foreign language, and remixed C+C Music Factory, and mostly I feel unsettled. Could be this coffee, though. I will try again this evening after I’ve had a glass of wine.

  2. Marsha says:

    That is one of the strangest things I have ever watched.  Why?  Why on earth would anyone do that?  And even if someone got a notion, how is it possible that many someones got that notion?  And how did they get into an arena to display the notion?  With other people?  Who presumably bought tickets?  And then finagled some television coverage?

    Put me down as “having questions”.

    how89:  and 89 of those questions start with “how?”

  3. Eve S. says:

    This gives a whole new meaning to ponyplay.

    myword: problems27 – There’s at least 27 problems with this. 🙂

  4. madam0wl says:

    Eve S:  *snort*  have you read a B. Small book by chance?

    Oh man, first time commenter here, but I’ve only had your feed in my reader for a week or so…  this was too funny to not make note of, even it is random, thanks for sharing it!  I found myself going OMG and holy shit a couple times.  I’m totally sharing this, I know my equestrian & fine man loving sister will appreciate it.

  5. Kismet says:


    They got into that arena because European horseshows are HUGE. Not like in the US where it’s all competitors and their families. It is truly a spectator sport over there, mostly because it is more of a tradition. And Dresden is one of the biggest shows in Germany, just behind Aachen. They were simply performing during an intermission between international classes. The audience already had tickets and were already there ;).

    What they are doing on foot is the equivalent to what we call Six-Bar in the US. It is more of a fun class than part of the actual competition (it counts but not towards international standing), and one of the best classes to watch for spectators that don’t follow the sport.  Basic scenario is six jumps in a row all 1 or 2 strides apart. Any rails knocked down put you out of competition. For each clean round the rails go up 3-6 inches until there is a winner. Here is a video link to the “original” equine version from Spruce Meadows a few years ago.

  6. peggy h says:

    That they kept their ties and shades on is what makes it even more fun for me…!  Thanks for sharing!

  7. Andrea says:

    Huh, interesting.  I never even thought to question how come they are doing that or how they got into the arena but I guess that is because even though I am not a fan of the sport (with the horses

    ) I am familiar with these horse shows – as I should be since I am German…;-) BTW, it is in German, not French as you might have guessed since it takes place in Dresden…
    That being said, I thought it was funny – despite the bad music 😉

  8. Chicklet says:

    Pardon me, just trying to close the italics tag that’s borked the page.

  9. Vuir says:

    That was one of the tests you needed to pass to join the Fianna.

    wiki reference

  10. Teri C says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. I snuffed coffee through my nose for this one this morning. All they needed was some Monty Python coconuts. I loved the prancing before the poles!
    this was the best link.

  11. darlynne says:

    Yes, but how do they DO that? I realize they’re all athletes or at least very athletic, but no one I know can jump as high as their head, without poles, horse, etc. Weird and amazing.

  12. Andrea says:

    Actually, today’s technique (sp???) for high jumping came up in the late 60s.  Before that the athletes did jump kind of like those guys (haven’t seen any videos though and am not good at visualizing this kind of thing from descriptions).

    All they needed was some Monty Python coconuts.

    Absolutely!! lol

  13. Andrea says:

    Okay, that looks weird. I guess I need to learn how to quote correctly…

  14. Jenn LeBlanc says:

    And, at the jump at the 3:30 mark the guys seemed to have a slight groin issue, just before the third bar. erch!

    I’m just surprised it was the only twitch.

    I couldn’t draw my eyes away.

    Dresden and the show and all are in Germany, but the video is French produced (titles at beginning) there’s your confusion.

    “Matéo, Roman, Babasse et Evan
    DRESDEN (allemagne)
    28 Novembre 2009”

    OK, one more time for snarks and giggles.

  15. Carin says:

    That was incredible!  And it gives me hope that maybe some day duing an intermission at the Olympics, I may see naked gymnastics or ice skating, which has been a long time dream of mine, for reasons I don’t fully understand.

  16. Phyllis says:

    Well, “Babass” jumps like he used to do ballet. One of the other guys throws up his arm like he’s been practicing folk dancing. The other two are just jumping.

    And if it’s odd and fun and quirky and just beyond “WHY?”, it’s French.

  17. Wendy C. Fries says:

    Ours is not to wonder why, ours is merely to enjoy mostly-naked shapely men in ties.

  18. Bert says:

    It may be inexplicable, but it’s spectacular all the same. Half naked men performing impressive feats of athletic prowess? I’ll take two please!

  19. Karen H says:

    Well, I, for one, was totally impressed.  No poles, no big run up and only two misses at those heights!  They even looked barefoot so no big push from their fancy-name-brand athletic shoes either.

    And they’re hot!  Thank you very much for the show!

  20. Rory G says:

    I am feeling very ripped off.  Here for intermission we get dog shows and tug of war contests.  I want to see tie wearing man ponies doing some jumping at the next horse competition, I wonder how I can make that happen.  Petition anyone?

  21. ocelott says:

    You know what makes this extra hot?  The sense of humour these gentlemen display.

    forward85: yes, I can think of 85 ways to be forward with these delightfully shirtless men.

  22. Francesca too says:

    Am I the only one who expected a final jump round with only a codpiece?

  23. JenD says:

    Oooh, that just makes me want to oxer up over their vertical wall. They can hogs back my triple bar any day!


    Woo- I need a fan and some open water.

  24. Anon76 says:

    Okay, my bad for not having speakers on my computer. I watch every video without the benefit of sound, and sometimes that makes things all the weirder.

    And my VERRA VERRA BAD for my mind beelining to one thought: Anne Rice’s Beauty tales under a psuedo. I’ve already labeled one of the men Tristan, and cringe at the thought of them all wearing their “tails” as they jump.

    Somebody please pass the bleach to clear this from my brain. GADS.

  25. Shouldn’t they be followed by a minion with coconut shells?

  26. Kismet says:

    Oooh, that just makes me want to oxer up over their vertical wall. They can hogs back my triple bar any day!

    Snork. I have pepsi in my nose now, JenD.

    Just so long as your bascule is good… and you remember to send the photos to George Morris for a critique 😉

  27. Alyssa Everett says:

    Is it just me, or does one of the men look uncannily like Jim Parsons (Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory)?

  28. Susan says:

    OMG.  FINALLY I’ve discovered a spectator sport I would pay to watch.  Think we could get this going in the US?

  29. Lindleepw says:

    And they say white men can’t jump.

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