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Thanks to Pam for this link that made me hoerk coffee on my desk.



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  1. Sally says:

    Hugh Laurie and Stephen are one of the best comedy teams. I own all the Jeeves and Wooster seasons, and even enjoyed Laurie in Black Adder with Rowan Atkinson. Because of this long history, I CANNOT get into House. Laurie is English and gooey, not a grumpy, flat-voweled doctor!

  2. Sally says:

    Should’ve proofread. That’s Stephen FRY and Laurie is goofy, not gooey. LOL

  3. Kiersten says:

    Check out the hair on Fry! It’s always a good day that starts with a little Fry & Laurie.

    I’m with you on HOUSE issues, Sally. Too saturated in Laurie’s great Brit work to get on board with the cranky doctor.

  4. Miri says:

    I just added All the Fry and & Laurie to my Netflix queue. I’m pleased to say you girls are a bad influence.

  5. Sally says:

    You won’t regret it, Miri!

  6. Now, see … I was all “Yay, House and Gordon Gordon together on a Friday!”

    LOL- Okay, I’ve got all the Python memorized; guess I’ll have to broaden my Brit comedy horizons.

    Word ver: ago26. Oddly accurate, that.

  7. Tinkerbon says:

    Laurie is English and gooey, not a grumpy, flat-voweled doctor!

    What she said! Whenever I try to watch a House episode, all I can see is Hugh Laurie as terminally bumbling Prince Regent from Blackadder, clucking like an out-of-control chicken … good times.

    — Bonz

  8. Christina says:

    Stephen Fry’s HAIR! LOVE IT!

  9. Sarah W says:

    Has anyone seen the marvelous Safe Sex sketch that Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie did with Dawn French and Rowan Atkinson?

    With SB Sarah’s permission, I’m going to try and embed it, but if it comes out weird, the vid is here.

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  10. beggar1015 says:

    Actually, Sally, I liked the English and gooey more than goofy. You were just meant to say it because its true. Englishmen are gooey.

    I’ve never watched House anyway because I’m not a medical drama kind of viewer, but yes, I couldn’t see Gooey Hughie as anything but Prince George.

  11. Lucy S. says:

    For your Friday video, I half-expected that you’d post the link for the youtube video, in honor of author Ray Bradbury’s 90th birthday, there is a very naughty outrageous video, “f*ck me, Ray Bradbury”. hilarious! Have you seen this one yet?

  12. lunarocket says:

    I like Laurie in Blackadder and House. I know about the Laurie and Fry but never had the opportunity to watch. When I first watched House, I didn’t know it was the same actor (I didn’t know any actors names in Blackadder excpet Atkinson). I think I was well into the show before I said “hey, that’s the prince from BlackAdder!”

  13. Suze says:

    I’ve recently started glomming the BBC series QI, hosted by Stephen Fry, on YouTube.  It’s so very awesome.  The pair of them are just darned funny.

  14. cories says:

    I, too, am a devoted fan of Jeeves and Wooster with Laurie and Fry so I haven’t watched more than one episode of House.  Hugh Laurie is also the father in the Stuart Little films which I haven’t seen either.

  15. TriciaB says:

    I love Hugh Laurie in every incarnation. Yummmmy.

  16. Pam says:

    My first exposure to Laurie and Fry was as Bertie Wooster and Jeeves.  As a kid I had a peculiar addiction to P.G. Wodehouse, and the television series captured Wodehouse’s wacky genius beautifully.  Last year, when I was laid up with a broken ankle, I became addicted to House.  For me the huge difference between the two programs and Laurie’s characters is the major source of my enjoyment.  The fact that Laurie plays such disparate roles so perfectly is a tribute to his enormous talent. Goofy comedy roles can sometimes entrap the performer in typecasting hell forever, and I’m so glad that didn’t happen to Hugh Laurie.

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