Sizzling Summer Book Club Selection: Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacey

Sizzling Book Club It’s time to select the next book in the Sizzling Summer Book Club!

(Ha- I just typed “Swizzling.” YES. It is Swizzling, an Sizzling!)

Get your ATV helmet, because we’re reading Shannon Stacey’s Exclusively Yours. You can get a copy at AllRomance eBooks with a 50% rebate if you use coupon code SBTBARE at checkout.

You can also purchase the book from Carina Press,’s Kindle store, or for the Nook. PLEASE NOTE: This book is DRM-free from ARe and from the Carina Press store. If you purchase it for Kindle or Nook usage, you are going to get a DRM-wrapped file as those booksellers add their own proprietary security to the files.

I really, really enjoyed this book and cannot wait to hear what you think of it. It’s a contemporary romance set against ATVing in the woods, with a heroine who is after an interview with her ex-boyfriend, and a hero who is unabashedly after the heroine after 20 years apart. I so hope you like it, and I am so looking forward to this chat session, you have no idea.

If you’re not sure how to go about reading a digital only-book, I wrote about it on Friday, and there are many good suggestions in the comments, too, for solutions that have worked for other readers. The good thing about reading digital books is that there are a zillion ways to do it so it’s comfortable and easy for you. The bad thing is that same point: there’s a zillion ways to do it and if you’ve never tried it before, it can be intimidating!

I’ll be scheduling the event for next week as I’m going to be traveling to RomCon and then to Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada next weekend, so get yer reading on!

ETA: I got me a schedule! The next Sizzling Summer Book Club chat will be 12 noon EDT on 7 July 2010, and author Shannon Stacey will join us live from the back of her ATV at 1:30pm EDT to answer questions. Yay! Happy reading!


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  1. Natasha A. says:

    Great pick!  This was an awesome read!!

  2. EC Sheedy says:

    I loved this book. Fun, romantic, fab dialogue and a great hero with a crazily lovable extended family. Super pick.

  3. Sarabeth says:

    Is anyone else having problems with the coupon code at All Romance Ebooks?

  4. joykenn says:

    The discount code doesn’t seem to be working for me either at AllRomance.

  5. SB Sarah says:

    @Sarabeth @joykenn: I tried it and it was working – the discount code is a rebate, and perhaps that’s what’s confusing you? You don’t get 50% off the cost – you get 50% of the price in AllRomanceeBook currency to spend on another book.

    Rebates are delivered to your on-line account in the form of eBook Bucks, our in-store currency, after purchase. Your eBook Bucks will display for assignment in your library. To use them, click on the “Assign/Gift” link and assign them to your own account. See our FAQ for additional details about using eBook Bucks.

    Like when you shop for clothes and then get currency for that store to use on more clothes. Which gets you more currency. To buy more clothes. And then you have lots to read and lots to wear. And this is allllll good.

    Now I want to go shopping.

  6. library addict says:

    I was so frustrated when this book wasn’t available at Fictionwise or ARe when Carina first opened and then not yet in PDF format through last week at ARe (who have great customer service IMO, Lori was very quick to respond each time to my multiple emails about wanting it – LOL).

    Now all is clear, I was meant to wait to get it with a coupon code.  Thanks, SB Sarah!

  7. sableheart says:

    Ack, 2am in the morning? I better stock up on the caffeine.

  8. LaLa says:

    I wish this wasn’t an e-book. I don’t have a reader.

  9. Stephanie says:

    LaLa- you dont need a reader! you can read it on a computer, ipod touch, ipod phone, ipad, or an android phone.

  10. Laura (in PA) says:

    I bought this a couple of weeks ago after reading your review, so I’m set. 🙂

  11. LaLa says:


    Thank you.
    As SOON as I posted that, I thought, “Oh I shoudl have been clearer.”
    I don’t have a reader, and I don’t like reading anythign digitally.
    I manage content all day, so the last thing I want to do is stare at a screen for fun, you know?
    Plus – it makes my eyes tired.
    I’m one of those, I LOVE books.

  12. Carin says:

    Do any of you know, does the SBTBARE code work only for the book club selection or would it apply to other books?  (That would be too good to be true, so I think I have my answer.)

    I’m so frustrated.  These rebate bucks.  How wonderful… I’ve got some stockpiled at fictionwise but now they don’t have the books I want.  (I’d like to buy the new Victoria Dahl and this bookclub selection – neither at fictionwise) So, I could start an ARE rebate account, but I can’t tell at checkout how much would go into it, and I wonder what books they will be carrying next month. 

    I know this is ranty, but I have an ereader and I’m kind of addicted to having my books on it – so easy to carry around – but how can I justify paying MORE for the ecopy I can’t share with friends than the paper copy I could get for cheaper with a coupon in store?  I”m not sure how much the convenience is worth to me…

  13. sweetsiouxsie says:

    I am an armchair reader. I have no electronic means of reading a book other than my computer. I prefer paper too. I am going to give this a one time try and see how it goes because I really enjoyed the chat last time.
    TTFN!!! 😉

  14. library addict says:

    The nice thing about ARe is they have a buy 10-get-1-free thing in addition to the eBucks (or whatever they call it). 

    Also, you have the option to “gift” your eBucks to other people. 

    They don’t seem to have any of the Agency 5 books (at least none of the ones I have looked for), but in my experience they do have more books than Fictionwise since this whole Agency 5 fiasco went in to effect. 

    Their search feature is a PITA though.

  15. Sonja Foust says:

    Well, now I’m kind of mad. I never did figure out where to put in the SBTBARE code, and now I’ve paid for it. Sigh. Guess I’m slow on the uptake. Think there’s any way I could still get it?

  16. IcePrincess says:

    Sort of bummed it is at noon since an accompanying glass of wine would seem desperate instead of festive. Will the scheduled time vary with each book?

  17. I read it yesterday…loved it.

  18. Sonja says:

    I never did figure out where to put in the SBTBARE code, and now I’ve paid for it.

    I emailed ARe’s support and they were awesome and showed me the error of my ways and helped me out. 🙂 So yay them! Customer service FTW.

  19. Lotta says:

    Stephanie (or anyone more savvy in this ebook business than I am), I’m brand new to both iPad and ebooks.  Is it fairly intuitive to import an ebook onto iPad after it’s been purchased?

  20. Carin says:

    I wanted to come back and brag on the ARe customer support, too.  I emailed AND got an answer yesterday (Sunday AND a holiday!).  I’m impressed.

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