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imageHanukkah, oh, Hanukkah, come light the menorah! Let’s have a party and go to Bora Bora! See, it’s a little known fact that we don’t actually dance the hora on Hanukkah, even though it rhymes so nicely with menorah. So not that much dancing occurs, though there is commemorative eating of foods fried in oil. Sadly, the only thing “light” about the Festival of Lights is often the actual candles themselves.

But in the interest of terrible transitions in topic, how about a contest? BooksonBoard and I came up with a fun way to give away a digital reader, and since it’s December and it’s almost Hanukkah, we figured, let’s have some fun. Jelly donuts for … me, actually. I can’t mail those.

We do, however, have one fabulously spiffy Cybook Opus from Bookeen, provided by BooksonBoard, and a $25.00 gift certificate for books at Books on Board – and a book light since (a) the Bookeen doesn’t come with an on board light, and (b) it’s the Festival of Lights, after all.

What’s the deal? Easy as pie. Or Latkes. Simply write a 200-word pitch for a romance novel set during Hanukkah or any other Jewish holiday, and include the following:

– a character named Bob (Could be the hero. Could be the rabbi. Could be a battery operated boyfriend)

– a reference to BooksonBoard – and it doesn’t have to be the bookstore. Could be a pun (or “BoB” – could be a tale of Two Bobs).

– a reference to light (could be a euphemism orgasm. Could be dark in there.)

Send your entries to sarahATsmartbitchestrashybooksDOTcom with the subject line “Bob’s Hanukkah” by noon Eastern Standard Time US

18 December 2009.

AM MORON: Friday 11 December. MY BAD.

Saturday 12 December 2009. Yeah, yeah, I suck. I’m sorry!

Kana from BooksonBoard and I will judge the entries –  which of course I will post here so you can sway my vote by picking your favorite – and the winner will be announced by Sunday 20 December.

The winner will receive a Bookeen Opus, a book light, and a $25 gift card to Books on Board. And if you really want, I’ll include my recipe for spicy southwest sweet potato latkes, too.

The contest is open to anyone on the earth. One entry per person, please. No digital readers were harmed in the making of this contest. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball. Do not remove this disclaimer under penalty of law. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. No compensation was given to me as the perpetrator of this giveaway. 

Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Reading!


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  1. woah i’ve never heard of that one!
    i would try to come up with a story, but hey—i’ve already got a Pocket on the way to me and i’m happy with that! i can’t wait to read people’s entries, though!

    captcha: really93. NO I’m NOT!

  2. Dudette, I am all over this one like the sugar glaze on your sufganiyot!

    Later, bitches!

  3. joanneL says:

    Latkes. Latkes. Latkes. Latkes! Plus *homemade applesauce*

    My friend, who becomes my BESTFRIEND during Hanukkah, makes the absolute best Latkes. She says I’m too greedy for them during this season. Blah, I’m a gentile, more for me!

  4. Terry Odell says:

    I can smell the oil already. And the best part is that we’ll be In Colorado with 2 of our kids, so I’ll be smelling it at their houses!

  5. Julie in WI says:

    Happy Fun Ball reference??!!  WIN

    Are there extra points if Hanukkah Harry makes an appearance?

  6. Rose says:

    Latkes… yum… I’ll eat lettuce once the holiday’s done.

    I lack the vision and talent to write an entry, but if anyone sets their BoB story during Tu Bishvat, I will love them forever. It’s completely underrated. Or maybe Shavuot, when you’re supposed to eat cheesecake – for reasons I’ve yet to understand.

  7. AQ says:

    Jelly donuts for … me, actually. I can’t mail those.

    Dude, if I can mail cheesecake and clam chowder soup, I’m sure there’s a way to mail jelly donut. Why am I craving jelly donuts. The ones my grandma used to make on Saturdays along with cinnamon rolls, upside down pineapple cake, bread and sometimes chocolate chip cookies

    Assuming a Stephen Colbert persona with fist pump.


    Or should it be


  8. Scrin says:

    Does it have to be exactly 200 words?

    Because I’ve got 194 here.

  9. orangehands says:

    Rose: If school kids don’t get the day off, well, doesn’t count as a very good holiday. Plus, four “New Years”? That’s just being greedy. As for the cheesecake: isn’t it about eating dairy foods with fillings and cheesecake is the best example? Or something. Does cheesecake count as a filling? Never mind… 

    Anyway, Happy Hanukkah! Off to write the story.

  10. AQ says:

    Sarah, I blame you for my entry.

    See the corrupting influence you have on me. I’m an innocent young miss.

  11. Xuxana says:

    Okay, pitch sent for judgement! EEP

  12. Brooks*belle says:

    Ohh—that’s quite a fun challenge.  Don’t know if I can come up with anything clever enough, but I’ve put my brain on it and we shall see….

  13. Holly says:

    I’d love to win this giveaway 🙂

  14. ContestAndCo says:

    Let’s try to win this giveaway!! 🙂

  15. SS says:

    My friend, who becomes my BESTFRIEND during Hanukkah, makes the absolute best Latkes. She says I’m too greedy for them during this season. Blah, I’m a gentile, more for me!

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