New Laura Kinsale Novel Coming from Sourcebooks

I had drinks with Deb Werksman from Sourcebooks yesterday, and I just got the “go for it” to let the news out of the bag. A brand new previously unpublished Laura Kinsale novel will be coming out from Sourcebooks in February 2010 – commence Snoopy Dance all you happy Kinsale fans!

Werksman is an enthusiastic romance fan, and a total Kinsale junkie – and Sourcebooks already has three of Kinsale’s backlist in print. Deb gave me a brief synopsis, which I’m not sure I can share, but it sounds like classic Kinsale, combining drama and emotional impact with unique situations and resolution of impossible odds. If I recall correctly, this may be the book for which Kinsale was looking for a home for awhile now, so to hear that it’s soon to arrive is spiffy.

This is some happy news for a lot of readers, me included. On the scale of one to HOLY SHIT, how hard is Candy going to squee? Lean out the window and you’ll probably hear it.


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  1. SonomaLass says:

    I probably can’t hear Candy squeeing until I stop! This is awesome news!!!

  2. This is super fantabulous news! I love her work and just read Midsummer Moon. I just posted a message at one of my fave reader loops lamenting the fact that there was no new Laura Kinsale to read. Yippee!

  3. KCfla says:

    Oh, so THAT’s what that noise was! I thought it was an echo going through my house after reading you tweet 😉

  4. Suze says:

    SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  Holy crap!  Oh my god, that just makes my week.

  5. Suze says:

    Um, er, sqUeeee…

  6. Lara says:

    I just finished Beyond Heaving Bosoms, so I’m all nostalgic for classic Kinsale like The Shadow and the Star. And now there’s going to be a new one! I’ll just send her my heart now to save time, since she reliably breaks it once per book.

    Security word is too32—too awesome!

  7. But but but—pausing from snoopy dancing to wonder—what happened to THE LUCKY ONE?

    Is this THE LUCKY ONE?  I thought that was a funny, can’t get prize bull out of the kitchen, that sort of stuff.

    Or is this something else altogether?

  8. SandyW says:

    Can’t squee. Too busy doing the Happy Dance. I’ll be going around for days, with this large contented smile on my face.


  9. Laura Kinsale says:

    Whoa this took me by surprise.  You guys are good—I haven’t even signed the contract yet. 😉

    I’ll just say that yes, this is THE LUCKY ONE, but will likely have a different title.  I hadn’t precisely been looking for a home for it—a couple of years ago now (time flies!) I’d put it away because I didn’t quite like the ending and I meant to some day get around to fixing it.

    Sourcebooks came to me recently and said they would like to publish it.  (ME: Huh?  What manuscript?) 

    Deb had a great deal of enthusiasm for it, and so I went back and pulled it out of the drawer, thinking, ok, let’s see if I can fix that ending.  And what do you know, it turns out I already did fix it.  (Those who say that Merlin of MIDSUMMER MOON is just too ditzy should know that she is the heroine who most resembles the author. )

    So I thought it was actually a pretty good book when I read it.  It made ME laugh anyway. 😉  My hedgehog humor, as I call it.  So it will be fun to get it out for readers to enjoy.  Sourcebooks is just the sort of enthusiastic and upbeat publisher I’d like it to have. 

    Yes there is a bull in a kitchen.  It’s good people know these things because otherwise I would forget them. 😉

  10. Lina says:

    Oh happy days…

  11. Janine says:

    Wonderful news!!!  Thanks so much for posting it. 

    I know you don’t know the title, but here’s Kinsale’s description of The Lucky One, her unsold manuscript, from an interview she did with AAR back in July of 2005.

    “After spending a long time on a very intense book, Shadowheart, I wanted to give myself a break from that and revisit some of the lighter styles I’ve used in the past – what I think of as hedgehog humor: a whimsical sort of story where any absurd thing can happen. So this book, tentatively titled The Lucky One, is a bit of Regency froth in honor of all the enjoyment I’ve gotten over the years from Georgette Heyer’s wonderful novels.

    Lady Callista is a painfully shy but wealthy wallflower who’s been jilted three times. Her greatest desire is to win the silver cup at the agricultural fair with her gigantic prize bull, Hubert. But when Callie’s only old flame returns from his long and mysterious absence, her quiet spinster life turns upside down. Hubert vanishes, one of her former jilts comes back to woo her, she must disguise herself as a sophisticated Belgian lady, they say, chaos ensues. “

    Quoted from

    Does the book you heard about sound like it could be The Lucky One, Sarah, or does it sound like something different?

  12. Janine says:

    Cross posted, sorry! Congratulations Laura!

  13. CD says:

    Well, if it’s already bloody written and all, why do we have to wait until Feb 2010???!!!!

    I want.  NOW!!!

    [stamps foot and flounces off]

  14. Phyllis says:

    Wow! How cool is this????? And hey, double cool that Laura Kinsale posted here too (bow down)

  15. mrshankly says:

    SQUEEEEE just about covers it!  Now how to be patient until next year?!

  16. Candy says:


    February of 2010? Nggghh. Can’t wait. Too long. Time is stupid. On the other hand: birthday present for myself is now totally figured out.


  17. Nancy Bristow says:

    Another major Kinsale slut here.  Damn, I hope I live until February 2010…and then it can also be a birthday present to me too:)

    spam word:  way33 or 2010…way too long

  18. AnimeJune says:

    AAAH! Laura Kinsale! I recently finished my first LK book (“For My Lady’s Heart”) and I was freakin’ blown away! I can’t wait!

  19. Candy says:


  20. Gemma says:

    ZOMG! I want to pre-order RIGHT NOW!

  21. Laura,

    I cannot remember my own children’s names sometimes.  But I remembered the part about the bull in the kitchen. 

    If you are still around, I want to ask, is the hero still a French emigre, a refugee from the Revolution?  Or has that changed?  Why do I remember something about a French emigre?

  22. Oh my!!!! She is one of my author idols! Yahoooooooo! Can’t wait.

  23. MamaNice says:

    I know what just got moved to the top of my wish list! Yay!

  24. raspberry_wench says:

    I burn, I squee, I die.  BEST NEWS EVER.

  25. helen says:

    I have to say I was thinking about Kinsales’ older books yesterday as I finished an amazing book by Jennifer Ashley. I really miss the old style historical, the Whitney My Loves, the Hidden Hearts, Simple Jess, Uncertain Magics, of the 80’s and early 90’s. When I finished Jennifer Ashley’s The Madness of Lord Ian MacKenzie I thought, holy shit, maybe the publishing industry (and authors) are listening to all us nostalgic historical romance readers and publishing something that isn’t crap! If you haven’t tried this one, read it you won’t be sorry! It really reminded me of Kinsales’ older style. Deep characters, with real problems and a vividly drawn scenery that really puts you into the book.

  26. Pai says:

    SO happy this is finally coming out!!

    I can’t believe Laura had forgotten about it! WE sure hadn’t, lol!

  27. This is wonderful news!  Ms. Kinsale is one of my favorites and I’ll be first in line to buy a new book from her!

  28. dani says:



  29. Lana says:

    i am deliriously happy about this.

  30. Meriam says:

    OMG indeed! This is wonderful news.

    My birthday is in February… so I guess, something to look forward to?

  31. Shelley says:

    Well color me deliriously happy!  I’ve been searching the web regularly since LK’s website went silent for any info on TLO.  Now I just have to find the fortitude to wait all those months…and knowing that I won’t be able to keep myself from reading it in one sitting.

  32. machidiel says:

    Gosh, I can’t believe I only heard the news now! Yeah, I wanna know why 2010 if the manuscript’s already finished. Does editing take that long?

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