Solo Saturday Night Liveblog: The Whole Nine Yards by Donna Valentino

Book CoverTune in at 9pm Eastern for a solo Liveblog of me attempting to read and blog The Whole Nine Yards by Donna Valentino, a 1998 Loveswept release that features two Steeler fan who agree to a marriage of convenience for Steeler playoff tickets. No, really.

Domenic Corso vowed to do anything for playoff tickets, but when Lynne Stanford suggested their best hope was applying for a marriage license, the landscape architect with the bedroom eyes couldn’t resist her dare! They’d hoped to keep their ticket scam secret, but once word of the wedding reached family and friends, what had begun as a clever game suddenly grew as hot as the Steelers! Could their reckless charade take them all the way to true love?

So, stahp bah if yinzes innerested in da liveblog baht dem Stillers n’at.


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  1. Stelly says:

    I’d love to witness it, but it’ll be 3 AM for me.  Have fun!

  2. katiebabs says:

    Are you serious? So if I married the owner of Starbucks, I would have free Starbucks forever?

  3. Lori says:

    I fail to see how marriage could possibly = football tickets.  Also, I’m sad because I don’t see any way that the actual book can be half as good as the picture that I now have in my head.  (I grew up near the University of Michigan so I know from rabid football fans, but I don’t think even the most committed of them would have gotten married for tickets. )

  4. What no RAVENS fan books? Tsk!

  5. but I don’t think even the most committed of them would have gotten married for tickets

    Steeler fans are a unique breed. ^_^

  6. YinzerRomanceReader says:

    Oh, my God, I’ve READ this book. And I was SOOO disappointed. Not because of the romance, but because of the football errors! I’m a total [female] football junkie and although I can’t remember what exactly was wrong, it was something like too many playoff games in Pittsburgh (which was not the top seed), an AFC Championship against an NFC team, or the winner hosting the Super Bowl instead of a third-party site.

    Can you blog all the football details you run into? I am now dying to remember what exactly went wrong.

  7. Lori says:

    Holy crap!  Who writes a book where football tickets are the driver for the plot and then gets the football wrong?  It’s not like it would be difficult a hardcore fan who could proofread.

  8. Lori says:

    I have to hear about the end of this book if only to figure out why they’re watching hockey in the middle of a book about football tickets.

  9. Katherine C. says:

    Oh Lori. Clearly you’ve never met a Steelers fan. We would do ANYTHING for/to see our team. Sad I missed the chat, sounds like The Whole Nine Yards is a fabulous source for snark. Also, is that supposed to be Three Rivers on the cover? And the colors just aren’t right either. Someone needs to slap that artist.

    two21—two 21-pt. halves for the Steelers tomorrow would be fabulous. 🙂

  10. JRo says:

    Speaking of football and romance, this is one of the sweetest stories I’ve ever heard, even if it is about Michigan:

  11. Boo Steelers! 

    (Charger fan, sour grapes etc.)

  12. Lori says:

    JRo—-the story is sweet and her mention of Zimmerman’s made me really hungry for food I can’t readily get.  Still,  what true fan gets married on a game day?  No one I know. 

    I’m not kidding about that.  I can think of more than one couple who eliminated most fall weekends as possible wedding dates because Game Day is Game Day, not Wedding Day.  You want people to enjoy your big ta do, not be sneaking off to catch the scores.

  13. rebyj says:

    Darn it, I thought it was going to be a couple of weeks before the next live blog. I missed it!

  14. Lori says:

    rebyj—-you only missed half.  The awesome just couldn’t be contained in one live blog so Sarah will finish tonight.

  15. rebyj says:

    cool !Thanks Lori .

  16. Jennifer says:

    I’ve collected a lot of bad Loveswept plotlines, but this might very well win.

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