Dare I Pimp Myself? Indeed I Do.

From the Shameless Self Promotion Department we have the following entry.

A friend of mine sent me a link to this article about the new Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, Private Practice. The article is mostly an interview with the two executive producers, Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers, but touches on a subject that I should have mentioned but was too bashful to do (and boy howdy, do I really need to get over that!): I was published recently in a Smart Pop anthology of essays examining Grey’s Anatomy.

The article mentions the unique popularity enjoyed by GA, which is the subject of my essay, and really, it’s past time I mentioned the book because the folks at BenBella were wickedly fun to work with. My essay is an analysis of the hybrid status of GA as both a popular show and a cult show – it has a deeply devoted following usually found among cult shows, but it’s also watched by millions of people every week through multiple seasons. It brings in ratings and has a huge internet community devoted to fanfic, spoilers, and behind the scenes info. In the analysis, I trace that hybrid cult/pop status to what I believe to be the root cause: the writer’s blog that allows the show’s fans access to the team of writers working on each episode.

Not once do I mention romance, though, and since this is at best shameless promotion, I felt a little squidgy about mentioning it. But since the fall season is starting up and the book is (ahem) on sale now, I figured I might as well run this up the flagpole. If anything, you can go find my real name and read my spanky bio, which makes me giggle even though I wrote it.

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  1. Congrats, Sarah! That is so damned cool! Is that you right above Jaqueline Carey? Yey! How fun!

  2. SB Sarah says:

    In the description on the BenBella page? No, that’s not me. My name is actually Sarah – I’m too daffy to remember to answer to a different name!

  3. SB Sarah says:

    Testing re: error message?

  4. SB Sarah says:

    Testing after reports of error on comment?

  5. Wow! That is so cool! You go ahead and tell the world!

    (oh wait, I guess you just did 🙂

  6. Stephanie says:

    I think Lucinda meant in the table of contents, where yes, you are listed right above Jacqueline Carey.  (Well, that’s the only ‘Sarah’ listed.)

    Awesome, though!!

  7. Elyssa says:

    Congrats Sarah!!!

  8. Congratulations Sarah! That is SO COOL. Now you’ll get cited in a bunch of college term papers! Sarah, Smart Bitch.

  9. Kaz Augustin says:

    Your second comment just nixed what I thought was a wonderful joke, which was: “You call yourself KEVIN??!!”.

    So many lost opportunities…

  10. SB Sarah says:

    Duh. Yeah. That’s me in the preview PDF. *snort*

  11. Wry Hag says:

    It’s all about attitude: It’s my site and I can self-promote if I want to!  You go, girl!

    RE. “Grey’s Anatomy”:  I’ve watched some older episodes on satellite tv and maybe could’ve gotten into the series were it not for the eponymous heroine. Man, that lispy little bitch got on my nerves BIG TIME.  She’s right out of bad chick-lit.  I much preferred the Korean actress (is she Korean?) who was infatuated with the stick-up-the-ass black dude.

    I really, really did like the look of that hot-dawg doctor, though (Derek?)  Now there’s one man who absolutely must, at all costs, hang on to his hair, head and facial, to remain appealing.  Have you seen Patrick Dempsey without it?  Yoiy, gag me with an ugly geek!  And that voice of his doesn’t exactly enhance his masculinity factor.

    I finally gave up on the show.  The monumentally annoying what’s-her-name just took up too much screen time.

  12. Sarah Frantz says:

    You’d better pimp yourself when a certain other book comes out, too!  😉

  13. Jeri says:

    Congrats, Sarah!  BenBella does great books.

  14. zaza says:

    Ooh.  I hope you’ve got your big girl panties on, because you are definitely playing with the big girls now.  You and Jenny Crusie are “this” close, right?  Congrats!  What a perfect validation of the Smart Bitches.

    Just out of curiosity, did you query them, or did they come to you?  Smart thinking on their part, if the latter.


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