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From Megan: My Daguerreotype Boyfriend which is pretty much the best example of Why Tumblr Was Invented. Daguerreotypes of hot dudes.

Real men discuss the things they love about their girlfriends and wives. Henry, age 81, is a total keeper.

“Go the F*ck to Sleep” is available as read by Samuel L. Jackson for FREE from Audible for a limited time. Thanks to ShelfAwareness for the heads up. You can also listen online at Huffington Post.

To quote Hubby, “It would have been criminal if anyone else had recorded the audio for this book.”

Fuck yeah.



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  1. 1
    Ken Houghton says:

    There are a few YouTube versions of the SLJ reading as well.

    And it isn’t criminal for Werner Herzog to have recorded it, right?

  2. 2
    Angelique says:

    I jumped out of my RSS feed just to say what Mister Houghton already has re: GTFTS…

    criminal for anyone else…except Werner Herzog.

  3. 3
    Kerry Allen says:

    I sent my 15-year-old straight to that what-real-men-like article. She won’t believe me when I tell her primping is to impress and intimidate other women, and all it means to men is “high maintenance.” Maybe if she sees it on the internet, it will become The Truth. (Fat chance. Mom can’t be right about anything this year…)

  4. 4
    DreadPirateRachel says:

    Be still, my beating heart. These three links have restored my faith in humanity. Ok, GTFTS was just funny, but the other two are made of pure awesome.

  5. 5
    Cathy says:

    Love the Samuel L. Jackson reading of GtFtS, but I would also love to hear a Morgan Freeman version.

  6. 6
    megalith says:

    Had to shudder a bit when I saw Rorschach’s image on MDB. I took a freshman chemistry class taught by a Rorschach who was related to the famous doctor. Sadly, my guy was both dorky and boring. Also, not remotely hot.

    I’m so sad for him now. Ah, the lost hotness…hee hee…

    Downloaded the Audible link (for FREE!) and can’t wait to listen to it. The HuffPo link was taken down because of copyright to Audible.

    Thanks for the links, Sarah.

  7. 7
    sweetsiouxsie says:

    I loved the daguerreotypes! However, my all time historical crush is of an Englishman painted by Titian, I think. The man in the painting has never been identified, but is a honey! Humma!!! Humma!!! He looks kind of like Dr. McDreamy. I kept a brochure from the AIC that has a picture of the painting in it, I will try to find it and see if I can send it to SBTB.

  8. 8

    Huffington has already disabled the link, but I took the trouble to get it from Audible directly and it is hysterical!

  9. 9
    sweetsiouxsie says:

    Okay! The picture is Portrait of a Gentleman (The Young Englishman) by Titian. It is in the Uffitzi & Pitti Museum. I saw it in Chicago. Oh joy!! There is a website that will paint me a copy of it for a small fee!!!

  10. 10
    DreadPirateRachel says:

    Portrait of a Gentleman (The Young Englishman) by Titian

    Damn. I’ll take two.

  11. 11
    Sarah W says:

    I just finished listening to Samuel L. Jackson’s reading.

    My four-year old, who went to bed 30 minutes ago, interrupted five times.  The irony (or do I mean symmetry?) of this was not lost on me.

    His introduction is one of the best parts of this, by the way!

  12. 12

    You’d think no one can read it better, but at the launch party, they played this version – German film director Werner Herzog reading it to a slide show of the illustrations:

    That is a classic!

  13. 13
    CarrieS says:

    @SarahW – I FEEL YOUR PAIN.

  14. 14
    Susan says:

    I want a version of GTFTS with Peter Wingfield reading it. He’s tall, dark, and handsome, AND he has this wonderful voice.

  15. 15
    Cassie says:

    I really liked some of the quotes in the ten-things article (especially the stuff about how hot women are when they’re passionate about their jobs), but the whole “I love her looking natural” stuff palls when the guys start waxing lyrical about how smooth their partners’ legs are. Ummm . . . that ain’t natural, honey.

    It’s a bit like enthusing about the power of the human voice and then playing Rebecca Black’s “Friday” as an example : /

  16. 16
    Jennifer Armintrout says:

    As the descendent of Irish immigrants, may I just point out that several of the hotties on MDB are Irish prison inmates. We can rock our Celtic hotness, even behind bars. Awwww and Yeah.

  17. 17
    Mina C. Lobo says:

    Re: My Daguerreotype Boyfriend – I wonder if the fact that I found Robert Cornelius (p. 3) *exceedingly* hawt means I’m a closet necrophiliac?  (Please say no?)

  18. 18
    bookstorecat says:

    I found yer Daguerreotype boyfriends preety frickin’ creepy, actually. I thought the likeness of Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill was kind of cute when I was a tween—and now I feel less weird about that, I guess.

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