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Book Review

To Catch an Earl by Kate Bateman

To Catch An Earl

I love a good heist story: Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s 8, (we’re pretending the other Oceans in between don’t exist), The Italian Job, the TV show The Catch, all of them are my catnip. It’s no wonder I absolutely loved To Catch an Earl since it’s a love story about a thief and the man charged with catching her. It’s a heist story, and a game of cat and mouse all in one. It’s just wonderfully, … Continue reading To Catch an Earl by Kate Bateman

Book Review

Thief of the Heart by MJ Williamz

Thief of the Heart

Warning: While I had several issues with this book throughout the story, the thing that really inspired this rant happened right at the very end. Here be spoilers. Here be massive, massive spoilers. Also, rage. I picked up Thief of the Heart for its set up: female FBI agent on the trail of a female jewel thief, and they fall in love. I mean. Women excelling in traditionally male-dominated professions! Enemies to lovers! Career versus … Continue reading Thief of the Heart by MJ Williamz