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Links: Podcasts, Raccoons, & More

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Hello, everyone! It’s time for Wednesday links! This is where we share cool stuff from around the internet. We’re almost done with June and that means entering into the warmer months in New England (my least favorite). It’s mainly because a lot of old New England apartments don’t have any sort of central A/C and we have to rely on fans or window units, which just aren’t the same. I am not a person who … Continue reading Links: Podcasts, Raccoons, & More

Other Media Review

Guest Squee: Over the Garden Wall

An animated, cartoon image of two boys walking through a forest. It has the tagline line, will you take a peek.

This great guest squee is from Fairywine! Fairywine is a longtime SBTB devotee and lover of fantasy, romance, historical fiction, poetry and/or any permutations of those genres. Always ready for a cup of tea (black, with sugar and cream). Engage in discussions of European history at your own risk, because she will talk your ear off and possibly cry a bit about Elisabeth of Austria in the bargain. … “Somewhere lost in the clouded annals … Continue reading Guest Squee: Over the Garden Wall