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17 February 2017 – CBS Sunday Morning (interviewed)
The Seductive Allure of Romance Novels

11 August 2015 – BBC3 Radio 4 Today (interviewed)
Segment on For Such a Time, at 2:50-2:57

10 August 2015 – Jerusalem Post (quoted)
Love story between Nazi and Jew roils romance novel community

9 August 2015 – Newsweek (quoted)
Bizarre Nazi Love Story Tearing the Romance Novel Community Apart

6 August 2015 – Tablet Magazine: The Scroll (quoted)
A Romance Novel About a Nazi and a Jew? Nein!

27 June 2015 – NPR Weekend Edition (interviewed)
Alpha, Beta, Heathcliff — An Alphabet Of Romance Heroes

24 June 2015 – The Guardian (quoted)
Why are readers’ favourite quotes from Grey so very unsexy?

18 June 2015 – US Weekly (quoted)
EL James Grey Hits Stores, Twitter Wildly Reacts to Raunchiest Lines

18 June 2015 – Mashable (quoted)
Readers are tweeting their favourite bits from E. L. James’ new novel ‘Grey’

15 May 2015 – Voyager Magazine (Japan) (wrote it before it was translated into Japanese!)(How cool is that?!)
Creating and Maintaining Lively Online Communities (in Japanese)

5 December 2014 – Hello Giggles (cited)
25 books to read when you’re falling in love by Gina Vaynshteyn – Includes Everything I Know About Love!

29 September 2014 – The Author Biz Podcast (featured guest)
What Can you Learn from a Smart Book Blogger? Plenty – with Guest Sarah Wendell

24 September 2014 – Dating Advice (featured)
Celebrating 10 Years of Smart Bitches and Trashy Books

6 May 2014 –Gizmodo (quoted)
Hilarious Ebook Scanning Error Replaces “Arms” With “Anus”

3 May 2014 –The Dish by Andrew Sullivan (featured)
Do you Know Your Ass From Your Elbow?

1 May 2014 – The Guardian (featured)
Scanner for ebook cannot tell its ‘arms’ from its ‘anus’

5 March 2014 – USA Today (quoted)
Why do Americans like to read British romance fiction?

February 2014 –Oprah Magazine (quoted)
The Steamy State of Romantic Fiction – For fans of romance fiction, every day is Valentine’s Day

17 January 2014 – NPR: This Week’s Must Read (wrote and recorded it!)
For Cheating Husbands, A Little Dose Of Revenge

23 December 2013 – The Washington Post (quoted)
Romance novelist Janet Dailey a pioneer but leaves ‘complicated legacy’

10 September 2013 – ABC Australia (live radio program interview)
Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: the women re-writing the rules around love and sex

12 December 2012 – The Huffington Post (quoted)
Why Bad Reviews are Good for Authors

11 December 2012 – The Washington Post (wrote it!)
Romance novels for cold winter nights

15 August 2012 – NPR (quoted)
A Rainbow Of Happy Endings In Ethnic Romances

8 August 2012 – The Jewish Daily Forward (interviewed)
Talking ‘Trash’ With Romance Novel Queen

10 July 2012 – USA Today (quoted)
10 reasons ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ has shackled readers

30 June 2012 – International Business Times (quoted)
Why Do Modern Women Love Romance Novels? Call It The ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Syndrome

5 June 2012 – The Washington Post (wrote it!)
E-books sizzle with steamy stories of romance

21 May 2012 – The Telegraph (UK) (quoted)
‘Kinky’ ebooks sell fast in age of digital privacy

17 May 2012 – WPIX Morning News (featured)
Sexy Novels On The Market Right Now

17 April 2012 – The Washington Post (quoted)
Nora Roberts’s Three Decades of Writing Have Led to 200 Books 

3 April 2012 – WPIX Morning News (featured)
’50 Shades Of Grey’: Inside The Madness Behind The New Romance Novel Series

18 March 2012 – The Philadelphia Inquirier (quoted)
Steaming up moms’ e-readers

13 March 2012 – Good Morning America (featured)
Book Flies of the Shelves, Heats Up the Bedrooms

10 March 2012 – The Washington Post/Associated Press (interviewed/quoted)
Popular romance trilogy, E.L. James’ ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ gets US publisher

10 March 2012 – Paid Content (quoted)
Erotic Novel You Read About In The NYT Started Out As Twilight Fan Fiction

9 March 2012 – The New York Times (quoted)
Discreetly Digital, Erotic Novel Sets American Women Abuzz

13 February 2012 – Durham, NC, News Observer (featured)
Blogger takes on myths about romance novels

20 November 2011 – Sex & Happiness Radio Show (guest)
Learn About Love from Romance Novels

9 November 2011 – Better TV (guest)
Novel Approach to Love

14 October 2011 – Large Hearted Boy Book Notes Playlist (featured)
Book Notes – Sarah Wendell (“Everything I Know about Love I Learned from Romance Novels”)

13 October 2011 – USA Today (interviewed/quoted)
Better than sex: Romance novels teach, Sarah Wendell says

3 October 2011 – NPR’s Monkey See (reviewed)
Romance Novels, Hairless Chests, And ‘Everything I Know About Love’

12 September 2011 – The Guardian UK (quoted)
Shift dropped on author after typo in her romantic novel

8 July 2011 – Shelf Awareness for Readers (quoted)
The Hazards of Romance Reading

23 June 2011 – The Daily Mail UK (quoted)
Harmless escapism? No, Mills & Boon could ruin your chance of REAL romance

4 June 2011 – (quoted)
So what if romance novels are porn?

1 June 2011 – The Guardian UK (quoted)
Fans dismiss claim romantic novels ‘unbalance’ readers

31 May 2011 – Shelf Awareness Newsletter (featured)
Book Blogger Convo

23 May 2011 – The USA Today Books Mobile Edition (featured)
Romance Blogger Sarah Wendell to publish hot new guide to finding love this October

6 May 2011 – The New York Times Sunday Book Review (quoted)
“Inside the List: Bernie Madoff, Romance Reader?”

5 May 2011 – (quoted)
“Tornadoes Devastate the South. Here’s What You Can Do to Help!”

25 March 2011 – MSN / Book News (quoted)
“Romance novel covers get butt-kicking babes: ‘Bodice-rippers’ get a makeover with strong female characters”

18 February 2011 – Media Bistro / GalleyCat (featured)
“New Jersey Library Activism Sweeps Twitter”

17 February 2011 – BlogHer (written by)
“The Internet Strikes Back: What Net Neutrality Means to Your Blog”

8 December 2010 – The New York Times (featured)
“Lusty Tales and Hot Sales: Romance E-Books Thrive”

25 October 2010 – New York Post (quoted)
“Meet NYC’s new (soft) cover hunk: Timothy Adams has graced the cover of more than 100 steamy romance novels. Watch your back, Fabio!”

9 August 2010 – USA Today (quoted)
“Romance novels set in Amish country pick up the pace”

6 August 2010 – She Knows (written by)
“Sizzlin’ Books for Summer’s End”

30 May 2010 – (written by)
“Your guiltiest summer reading pleasures: In the mood for a little love this summer? A romance fiction expert picks her favorite new books”

16 April 2010 – MSN Glo (written by)
“Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover: Why Romance Novels Are Smarter Than You Think”

10 April 2010 – The Big Money (quoted)
“A Tale of Digital Desire: How the world’s most famous romance publisher fell for e-books.”

3 March 2010 – NPR / Monkey See (written by)
“Beyond Heaving Bosoms, Indeed: Expert Guidance On Romance Titles”

2 February 2010 – Your Tango (written by)
“Why Romance Novels Are Smarter Than You Think: Romance isn’t about sex, sweeping gestures or man cleavage.”

26 January 2010 – (quoted)
“Never coming to a screen near you: Why promoting books with movie-style trailers is a silly idea”

29 December 2009 -NPR / Monkey See (featured)
“Getting Personal: We Salute 10 Of Our Favorite Pop-Culture Humans Of 2009”

8 December 2009 – HuffPost Books (written by)
“Pride and Prejudice and Pedantry”

19 November 2009 – NYDailyNews (quoted)
“‘New Moon’: Why we love it when love sucks”

17 November 2009 – The New York Times (quoted)
“Cellphone Apps Challenge the Rise of E-Readers”

16 November 2009 – Publishers Weekly (quoted)
“Digital Romance: When it comes to format, romance readers are promiscuous”

9 November 2009 – Information Today (quoted)
“LibreDigital Provides AllAccess to Content”

12 October 2009 – Wired / GeekDad (quoted)
“Sony’s eReader: Nice Device at the Wrong Price”


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