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579. Punk Rock Writing with Chuck Tingle

Camp Damascus
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Dr. Chuck Tingle is back!

My episode with Chuck Tingle from 2016 remains one of my most popular, and I was very excited to have Chuck back on the show while he was in the middle of his tour for Camp Damascus.

We’re going to talk about eliciting joy, proving love, the three most maligned genres and why they’re denigrated, and Chuck’s ever-evolving trot as an artist and a person.

Thank you to Caroline Perny for coordinating this interview!


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Here are the books we discuss in this podcast:

You can find Chuck Tingle on his website,, and on Tumblr (!!) at

It’s been a long time since I’ve linked to Tumblr. Ah, good times.

We also discussed his prior episode, Episode 206.  Proving Love: An Interview with Dr. Chuck Tingle.

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  1. hng23 says:

    That was pretty awesome!
    Dr Tingle’s Tumblr is a thing of joy.

  2. SB Sarah says:

    It really is! And thank you – this episode was a LOT of fun.

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