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562. Cover Snark Live: May Bunny Edition

Amanda and I are back, trying to shock one another, and possibly you, with astonishing covers. We have Easter and bunnies and our latest guess as to what the next monster schtupping romance trend will be!

For extra fun, try to imagine what the cover looks like based on our baffled descriptions, then have a look at the show notes to see the cover in question. How close are you to the stunning reality?


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Here are the books we discuss in this podcast:

Here are the covers! Get ready!

Bunny Hop Beau except the script font for Beau looks like BEAN. There's a very intense and vacant eyed dude with lacquered hair holding a teeny tiny phone and wearing a purple button down shirt and glasses against a background of purple with lots of rabbits and eggs in a vertical bunting

BUN: a sullen chisled-face man is scowling at the reader holding two giant pink eggplant looking eggs that were probably footballs, shirtless with 9 million abs and white pants in a field! on top of his chest it says BUNNY in a pink drippy font and over his crotch ew it says easter erotica in a white drippy font

HEART of the KRAKEN - a grey muscular dude who looks a lot like drax from Guardians of the Galaxy is holding his arm up and it's got suckers like an octopus on the forearm. His lower half is octopus legs but made out of rock and he's in front of an exploding star maybe? It's wild

I think the title is Matched to Griim but I can't be sure because the font is terrible. A gold snake man with four arms and long nails and very long hair appears on a cell phone held by a white hand against a space background. the gold snake man is holding one arm out to the reader and there's a small picture of a white woman with grey hair on the lower right inside a tiny heart

Golden Slur-for-Travelers-that starts with G. Two people are embracing in a lot of wind against a choppy sea with a multi masted ship behind them and seagulls about to fly up her skirt. she is also wearing a blue lace blouse and has matching blue eyeshadow

Passions of the Realm there is so much purple on this cover. Two white people are embracing inside what looks liek a boat made out of a basket maybe, and there's a carpet flung to the side next to a horse who is freaking the hell out. there's ocean and a castle and it's just disorienting

Shanna - French cover- a painting of a woman in a brown riding habit and her brown hair tied back is raising a whip from horseback. She's poised to absolutely whallop a dude with his hair in queue who is trying to grab her horse and she is NOT impressed

One of Amanda's favorite old covers: a woman in agreen shirt and fawn colored pants is being embraced from behind by a shirtless guy while a unicorn rears ominously behind them like it is going to gore the heck out of that guy

The new Summer of the Unicorn cover has a black and white picture of a woman with wavy hair and giant jewels leaning on the shoulder of a guy who is looking away from her, and it's all very modern and contemporary looking

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  1. Glauke says:

    “Les îles de la passion” is definitely French

  2. Lianne says:

    That is indeed French. In French “roman” means “novel”.

  3. JoanneBB says:

    I can’t wait to listen because those covers (all of them!) are BONKERS in the best possible way.

  4. SB Sarah says:

    Thank you!! I was pretty sure it was French.

  5. MelMc says:

    I was too distracted by the perfect straight lines of spots on the horse to initially realize the cover wasn’t in English.

  6. Rebecca says:

    Are the Bunny Day Beau and the Easter Erotica cover guys dating?

  7. Kareni says:

    Those are some seriously noteworthy covers! Thank you, Sarah and Amanda, for an entertaining session.

    And thank you, Garlic Knitter, for the transcript.

  8. SusanE says:

    I don’t know about the book, but that new unicorn cover tells me she’s a dermatologist examining a mole on his neck, and he just heard her say, “Uh oh.”

  9. Hijinx_abound says:

    I own Summer of the Unicorn! It was my moms and the cover copy dies not disappoint.

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