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Fame Adjacent by Sarah Skilton

Fame Adjacent

Fame Adjacent is, for the most part, a good book, but not a very good romance. This story addresses the addictive nature of the internet and the toxic effects of fame through the narration of Holly Danner, who finds love on a road trip with Thom, a fellow internet addict. The story is more rom-com than romance novel, but even by the standards of rom-com the romance part of the book is pretty weak. Back … Continue reading Fame Adjacent by Sarah Skilton

Covers & Cocktails Giveaway: Now You See Me

It’s cocktail time! And boy, do I need it. I will give you a small warning that this drink includes Fireball Whiskey, which can be a pretty divisive component. However, I promise that it works and the cinnamon isn’t too overpowering. The drink inspiration this month comes from Club Deception by Sarah Skilton. I picked this book, at first, based on the cover alone. It’s so striking, isn’t it? When I read the description and … Continue reading Covers & Cocktails Giveaway: Now You See Me