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Podcast Transcript 94: An Interview with Farrah Rochon

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…on with the podcast. [music] Sarah: So, if you would please introduce yourself. Tell people who you are. Farrah Rochon: My name is Farrah Rochon. I am a writer for…


94. An Interview with Farrah Rochon

At RT, Sarah sat down with Farrah Rochon about her contemporary romance writing, her experience both self publishing and publishing through traditional presses, and about her conversations with writers and…

Virtual Romance Events, Ahoy!

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…with Alyssa Cole, Farrah Rochon, Kwana Jackson, and Ruby Lang! Join host Alyssa Cole and a diverse group of Romance writers every other Friday! The Loyalty storefronts might be closed,…

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The Boyfriend Project

The Boyfriend Project

USA Today bestselling author Farrah Rochon launches a new series about three young women who become friends when the live Tweeting of a disastrous date leads them to discover they’ve…