September’s New Releases, Part Two

Whatcha Reading? October 2020 Edition, Part Two

Cup of coffee and yarn for knitting on plaid with books close-up

It’s that time again! Our second and last Whatcha Reading of October is where we chat about the books we’ve picked up in the last couple weeks. So far, the general consensus is that it’s been hard to stick with anything. Shana: I’m still reading Comet’s First Christmas by Delilah Night. It’s an intensely Christmassy f/f reindeer shifter romance where all of Santa’s reindeers are queer. It’s low heat, but also low-tension, which I’m enjoying. … Continue reading Whatcha Reading? October 2020 Edition, Part Two

Books On Sale

Cowboys, Goddesses, & More

Books on Sale: Hot and Badgered by Shelly Laurenston & More

Hot and Badgered by Shelly Laurenston is 99c! This is the first book in the Honey Badger ChroniclesSarah read this one and gave it a B grade:

Among my favorite things about Laurenston’s writing is how very affirming and inspiring and a whole lot of fun it is, because angry, fearless women make room for themselves, they get shit done, and they’re the heroines. More honey badgers, please.

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Covers & Cocktails: Fall Libations!

Last month, we shared an apple cider Manhattan recipe inspired by The City We Became by NK Jemisin, and it’s become one of our go-to recipes. I also linked to the source of our Alcoholic Wonder Cherry recipe. I know many of you were thinking of trying the homemade Luxardo cherries we made (we’ve since made a batch with frozen store-brand cherries and they are delicious) – have you tried them out? I’m thinking of … Continue reading Covers & Cocktails: Fall Libations!


428. The Cheese Plate is a Technology: Because Internet with Gretchen McCulloch

Today Amanda and I are talking with Gretchen McCulloch, author of Because Internet and host of the podcast “Lingthusiasm.” If you like listening to a really smart person with intricate knowledge of what’s going on beneath the mundane, this is an episode for you. We start by fangirling about Courtney Milan and creative use of language in some of her favorite novels, and then we talk about internet language. We also talk about how the … Continue reading 428. The Cheese Plate is a Technology: Because Internet with Gretchen McCulloch

Elyse Watches The Bachelorette–S16 E2: Balls

Elyse Watches The Bachelorette with Kraken Rum and Coke with a big rose at the bottom

I have no concept of time anymore, so even though I feel like I just watched  two days ago, it’s time for a new episode. We open with Clare saying, “Dale just made everyone else disappear.” Dale is the guy she said would be her husband despite having spent less than 5 whole minutes with him. Then we have the first group date. This should be interesting since they can’t leave the resort. Ten guys … Continue reading Elyse Watches The Bachelorette–S16 E2: Balls

The Rec League: Reverse Hallmark

The Rec League - heart shaped chocolate resting on the edge of a very old book

This Rec League was recently emailed to us by Zuzus and we wanted to run it rather quickly, given how we’re about to be knee-deep in holiday romances and Hallmark movies: Are there any books or movies where the heroine escapes a stifling small town to find life, love, and happiness in the big city? With holiday season around the corner, I’d be interested in anything that switches the tired “city people are cold and … Continue reading The Rec League: Reverse Hallmark

Links: Podcasts, Dogs, & More

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Happy Wednesday! (Which doesn’t feel much like a Wednesday at all to me. It feels like a Thursday. Also, isn’t it weird that days of the week kind of have their own vibe?) I had therapy yesterday and my therapist reminded me that our next session will be on Election Day. So that’s where I’m at mentally. Fun! … Did you know Olivia Waite wrote a paranormal historical romance duology? It sounds right up my … Continue reading Links: Podcasts, Dogs, & More

Books On Sale

A Hanukkah Romance, Earls, & More

Books on Sale: Mrs. Martin’s Incomparable Adventure by Courtney Milan & More

RECOMMENDED: Mrs. Martin’s Incomparable Adventure by Courtney Milan is 99c! Catherine wrote a guest review for this one before coming on as a regular reviewer. She gave it an A:

This is a novella that masquerades as a cheerful, vengeful romp, as a sweet, sort-of second-chance love story between two women. And honestly, it is enormously satisfying on this level, and it is laugh-out-loud funny, even on a second or third reading.

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Book Review

A Stitch In Time by Kelley Armstrong

A Stitch in Time

With its brooding hero, numerous ghosts, a charming-yet-haunted old house, multiple historical murder mysteries, and the beautiful but dangerous moors of England, A Stitch in Time was a fun and engaging book to start out my spooky season reading. Was it somewhat derivative and convoluted? Yes. But it was also delightfully atmospheric and endearingly quirky in its delivery of a number of gothic and paranormal romance tropes. It sort of reminded me of Crimson Peak … Continue reading A Stitch In Time by Kelley Armstrong

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