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Welcome back to Cover Awe! This is where we discuss cover designs that we like.

Mortal Follies by Alexis Hall. The borders are swirled with pink branches that look like crystal. There are small pink and orange birds and two feminine figures lounging in each other's laps. The middle is teal and the title is in skinny, swirly font.

Cover art by Radiante Mozzarelle

Amanda: Border designs! I love how the people were incorporated into the border.

Sarah: I really like that cover. Every time I see it, I take a long look.

Amanda: The bubblegum pink is also super eyecatching.

Lara: I am enamored of this cover. I just want to fall deep into its pink and teal clutches.

Do Your Worst by Rosie Danan. An illustrated cover of a man and woman glowering at one another in front of an large, gothic, orange stained glass window. The woman is blonde and she's wearing black jeans, a white shirt, and a black and white flannel. The man has dark hair and scruff and is wearing dark gray pants and a long-sleeve gray shirt.  The font has sharp edges and fits the gothic theme.

Cover art by Roxie Vizcarra

Sarah: I also like this one – I think because of the type treatment on the title, and the comic style of the illustration.

Amanda: Yes! The font conveys a lot, which we don’t always see.

Godly Heathens by H.E. Edgmon. The three quarter profile of a young Indigenous person. The sides of their head are shaved and the loose hair on top is pulled back into a ponytail. They have a gold lip ring and nose ring. Twigs and branches are reaching out to surround their face and shoulders, while a red and gold snake peeks out from the branches.

Cover art by Elena Masci

Amanda: The detail on this! There are times when it looks like a photograph.

Sarah: This is both exquisite and giving me creepy feelings while also extremely gorgeous and yep, still looking at every part of this.

Lara: For me it’s all about that title – both content and styling. Tell me more!

Love Theoretically by Ali Hazelwood, German Edition. An illustrated cover. A woman in black shorts, a pink tee, and dark hair in a ponytail is looking behind her. The edges of the cover have geometrical shapes of color in pink, orange, green, light blue, and yellow.

Amanda: This is the German edition and I really like the cover. it gives me Saved by the Bell, early 90s nostalgia lol

Sarah: LOL It makes me think of the older Slack logo, which is retro in its own way, I guess. I really like the illustration.

Lara: This reminds me of the fashion plate/tracing game I pored over for hours as a kid

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  1. Zuzus says:

    The Do Your Worst guy is giving me Roy Kent vibes and I couldn’t be happier about it.

  2. Vicki says:

    Godly Heathens is a nicely done cover and reading the book blurb is so tempting. Non-binary teen as reincarnated god, backed up by other gender queer teens. So tempting. NGL, I am off to check Libby.

  3. denise says:

    beautiful colors

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