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HaBO: Making Out at the Airport

This HaBO is from DK, who wants to give this DNF another try:

All I remember is in the beginning of the story, the heroine was at the airport waiting for her flight and she was talking to either a waiter or bartender. There was a man, who was a stranger to her, and they started talking, having a drink together, and flirting. Right after that, they ended up having sex/making out in one of the restroom/toilet stalls. After they were done, they went their separate ways and she boarded her flight. I think she was going back to her hometown (?), where she lived with her mom (I guess?), and met the hero again. The hero came to the house to repair/fix something, not sure what he was fixing (could be something electrical), but I remember he and the heroine talks about electrical stuff afterward. I’m not sure whether the hero works as an electrician or firefighter or a totally different job, but he knows how to work around electrical stuff.

Other additional info:

It’s a one-word title romance book and the paperback cover is a flower with a plain black background (I don’t remember the flower’s color). And I don’t have the book anymore. The flower is either a photo of a real flower or a sketch/drawing.

There’s an alternate cover of the book I once saw on Google and if I remember correctly, it was an airport setting with a woman and her luggage. But I also won’t rule out the possibility of it having dual photo in one front cover, as in the top is a picture of a couple and below it is the picture of a woman with her luggage in the airport (definitely not an illustrated cover). I tried Googling for this cover again but couldn’t find it.

The title of the book doesn’t start with “The” or “A” or “An” or “Of.” It’s just straight up one word, for example: Temptation, Fallen, Flower, Heartbreak etc.

I don’t know when it was released, but it was years ago because I remember reading the book in either 2014, 2015 or 2016 (I don’t remember the specific year but it’s either one of these three). I only read like 5-6 chapters, hence why I don’t remember much about the storyline or plot details. I can only remember what happened in those first few chapters.

I bought the book in paperback but I don’t have it anymore. I let it go right after I DNFed it but now I want to give it another chance. Sadly, I don’t remember the title and the author’s name. Not even the blurb/synopsis or the characters’ name. Also, I’m not sure whether it’s a standalone or part of a series.

I think we can HaBO!


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  1. Lara says:

    That sounds like a Megan Hart novel, but several of them have had the one-word-title-and-a-flower-on-the-cover. Could be Dirty, or Stranger?

  2. Laura says:

    Seconding Lara, my best guess is Flying by Megan Hart. There’s a 2019 Kindle edition cover with a woman and a suitcase, and a 2014 Kindle edition that’s a black background with a white flower.

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