Book Depository Set to Close April 26

If you haven’t heard, UK book-tailer Book Depository is closing. The news was announced on their Twitter account and elsewhere:

BookRiot reported that this closure may likely be part of Amazon’s plans to eliminate 18,000 jobs. Book Depository was acquired by Amazon in 2011.

As someone who is often in the camp of coveting UK covers, I’m sad to see this news. Book Depository was unique: they were a reliable source of UK editions, shipped quickly, and had a great selection. I know many of you were frequent shoppers there, too.

Here are a few UK covers I’ve added to my own personal library.

I preferred the bright color palette of this one with its pinks and golds off-set by the deep navy. I also loved the more detailed depiction of the characters.

I own about half the Psy-Changeling series in UK cover format. I like how they all have the same designs and definitely show that they’re part of a series. It feels like a more minimalistic way to show a hot cover model.

The US edition of this Macbeth retelling isn’t as bad, but there’s something about the sharpness of the elements here from the font to the lipstick that I preferred more.

Another case of the US cover also being striking, but the retro, Jetsons-esque feel of this one captured my attention more!

I believe these are now the permanent covers for the Kindle versions, but I bought the entire series in UK paperbacks just for these covers, rather than the clinch-esque US versions.

The color palette wins again! I also how, on first glance, you think this is a symmetrical design, but there are subtle differences.

How do you feel about the Book Depository news? Do you have any favorite UK covers? And, if you have suggestions where to get UK editions from a great seller, let me know in the comments.

Our condolences and much support to the people at Book Depository. Thank you for helping build a global community of cover-obsessed book people.

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  1. This doesn’t have as comprehensive a selection as TBD always did, but you can order UK books from Wordery for free international shipping. Blackwells UK also ships worldwide, but I’m not sure what their fees are.

  2. FashionablyEvil says:

    I don’t know what to do about this, but Amazon’s business model really isn’t about selling a product that people want. It’s about selling their infrastructure (storefront, shipping, advertising analytics, etc.) so much so that I feel like it’s basically become a flea market. It’s so much harder to find products you want there these days.

  3. Just updating my earlier comment – apparently Blackwells does do free international shipping also!

  4. SB Sarah says:

    I was just coming over to share that as well. Thank you Stephanie!

    Zoraida Cordova tweeted that the loss of Book Depository means it is a lot harder and more expensive for authors to do international giveaways so I am relieved Blackstone’s is a good alternative.

  5. Sandra says:

    I ordered a lot of books from TBD back when I still read on paper. They were a reliable source for UK authors that didn’t have a US publisher. I’m sorry to see them go.

  6. Jane says:

    As someone outside of the US, it’s a bummer to see this happening as this was the best way for me to buy books not available in my country.

  7. Gwen says:

    No! That’s how I sent books to non-US friends!

    And I am very happy to see other options. Phew

  8. Johanna says:

    I will miss Book Depository. As Gwen said, a great way to send books to family and friends overseas (I’m in Canada), and a great way to get UK books that take forever getting published in North America. Thanks to everyone suggesting UK outlets with free shipping xoxo

  9. Jazzlet says:

    I stopped using them after they were aquired by Amazon as for me the whole point of using the Book Depository was to avoid Amazon. Well and their postage ws always free 😉

  10. Claire says:

    Waterstones is a UK bookseller that I’ve bought from. I am not sure about their shipping but they do limited runs of special book covers and signed editions a lot.

  11. spinsterrevival says:

    I saw this first on Twitter and got the email today, and it’s heartbreaking for so many people. I’ve ordered from them in the past but not as much just due to reading more ebooks in the past five years over paper; there service was always impeccable.

    But I was so saddened by the desolation especially from people in Latin America and Eastern Europe who said it was the only place they can gets books shipped to them affordably. I’m glad there may be another option, but it still could cut off many from reading and I feel it for everyone.

  12. JenC says:

    I order UK books from Blackwell’s—their prices, which are competitive in my experience, include shipping and I have received books quickly. I may have to pop over and buy a hard copy of THE SPARE MAN now that I have seen the cover!

  13. SharonF says:

    I am very sad to hear about this, while I admit I did not order from Book Depository very often, it was nice knowing that I could go to their site for that hard to find book. I’m also sorry for all of those people whose job will be affected by their closing,that is a tough situation.

  14. Kareni says:

    Book Depository was a great resource for sending books to my daughter in South Korea; for that and other reasons, I am sorry to learn that they are closing.

  15. sweetfa says: may be worth considering. They ship worldwide at low cost and support charities.

  16. Shel says:

    The PIATKUS BOOKS imprint of Little Brown Book Group has some Kleypas covers I liked more than the US ones. Not sure what other authors they publish.

  17. denise says:

    I was disappointed when I learned of it on their instagram post. It was a great resource.

  18. ReadKnitSnark says:

    Well, that’s a knife in the back I wasn’t expecting.

    I’m sad. BookDepo has been my dead tree dealer of choice for close to fifteen(?)(!!!) years. I so appreciated the WYSIWYG pricing (What You See Is What You Get, for those of you who didn’t get their computer education in the previous millennium), with VAT and shipping already figured in so purchasing decisions were easy to make.

    I did notice that the unholy trio of Brexit, Covid, and supply chain issues both raised prices and lengthened delivery times. And my own slide to the digital dark side—instant gratification, yo!—surely had its place in the demise of BD.

    But I’m still sad.

  19. ReadKnitSnark says:

    Comments grabbed from Ilona Andrews’ blog post about BookDepo closing:

    – FYI – – a WONDERFUL bookshop in Galway, Ireland – ships books worldwide for 1 Euro.

    Also apparently on Reddit on EU boards there has been much discussion about other options:
    – Blackwells, Kennys, Wordery,, &

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