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Saturday was bookstore romance day and my own panels were a blast. If you attended some virtual events, I’d love to hear about which ones you went to!

Let’s get into it already, shall we?

First off, thanks to Tara for sending this my way. Author Roxane Gay posted this Google doc in a recent newsletter that lists a ton of trusted resources for helping the people of Haiti, which recently experience another devastating earthquake.

Sarah and I recorded a bunch of podcast episodes on Monday. She told me about this Kickstarter, which has a week left and I became so entranced that I stopped paying attention to whatever Sarah was asking me.

It’s a tabletop game with dragons! The art is super cute and one of the add ons is a red dragon plush whose name is Hot Dog.

I am practically vibrating with excitement over these images of the live action Cowboy Bebop show coming to Netflix. Cowboy Bebop is my favorite anime and I really think they nailed the casting here. So excited for this one!

This link comes from Karen, who is also one of my romance book club members. Hi Karen! Just some positive romance news from Fortune, which reported that romance sales keeping going up. Isn’t that wonderful!

Lastly, let’s all enjoy this ode to himbos. And, for those who don’t know what a himbo is, here ya go!

Don’t forget to share what cool or interesting things you’ve seen, read, or listened to this week! And if you have anything you think we’d like to post on a future Wednesday Links, send it my way!

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  1. 1
    Jill Q. says:

    Choir! Choir! Choir is back! (at least temporarily?) Watching their old live videos during the beginning of the pandemic gave me so much joy and hope. I was happy to see they were back at their thing. One of my life goals is to sing with them or as part of a similar community choir project.

    (I actually saw this last week and I thought, this is perfect for Wednesday links and then forgot. D’oh!)

  2. 2
    Escapeologist says:

    *inaudible high pitched squee* those dragons! So cute!
    Waiting until next year is more commitment than I can handle in my life right now though. Guess I’ll go reread the Tea Dragon Society series. There is a card game too, that has been sitting on my shelf since Christmas.

  3. 3
    wingednike says:

    Woohoo for Cowboy Bebop! I made “Tank” one of my ringtones for a while.

    Nor sure how I feel about the cast but I’m glad it’s getting made. I remember hearing ages ago that Keanu Reeves wanted to do Cowboy Bebop but it didn’t pan out.

  4. 4
    Sarah M. says:

    The one thing I told my SO about our concerns over Cowboy Bebop is that we’ll be okay. No matter how the show is, we’ve already won. We’re getting more music from the composer Yoko Kanno and that in of itself makes it worth it.

  5. 5
    wingednike says:

    @SarahM very, very true. I hope some of the original makes it into the film. I would probably squee loud enough for dogs to hear if “Greenbird” made it onto the big screen. And because I am a geek, here’s the link to that one
    And the link to “Tank”

  6. 6

    […] Linkity from Smart Bitches. […]

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