Outlander 3.10 Heaven and Earth

outlander season 3 with claire and jamie on either sides of a stonePreviously: Claire gets impressed on a typhoid ridden British navy ship

On board the Artemis, everyone waits patiently for Claire to come back, and Fergus has made a potpourri for Marsali. That’s…actually very sweet. Jamie and Fergus are like, inches from a heart to heart when they see the Porpoise making sail. Jamie tries to get the Artemis to follow. The captain won’t give chase- first the Artemis can’t go that fast, and Captain Baby Face Leonard can’t make the journey he needs to make without Claire’s help. They’ll meet up with the Porpoise in Jamaica. Jamie is so crabby about this development that he’s locked up in the brig. Or whatever serves as a brig in so tiny a ship.

Click for piratical Jamie

Jamie, on deck with a spyglass and his tricorn hat. Basically he looks like a disreputable pirate.

The title card is breaking open barrels somewhere.

On the Porpoise, Claire is doing her best. There’s still a lot of vomiting involved, so there’s a lot of cleaning. Some of the men aren’t thrilled out it all, but Claire has Mr. Pound, another baby faced Midshipman (I’m guessing, based on my repeated viewings of Master and Commander), to enforce her orders. He may be a toddler, but he’s got rank, and rank is what matters in the Navy. Claire has a bucket of grog for people to dip their hands in before going in or out of the sick room, because it’s the best disinfectant she’s got.

Mr. Pound finds Claire a hat, and also asks Claire if having people distilling pure alcohol would be handy – they have a couple of people who were imprisoned for distilling illegal whiskey. The pursuer doesn’t like this plan, since it’ll cut the grog rations in half, but Captain’s orders! Rules is rules! They’re only 250 leagues from Jamaica so this might work. Maybe. “How many casks will you require?” “How many men would you like me to save?”

Below deck, Claire is doing the rehydration therapy as best she can. Mr Pound’s given name is Elias, and he’s been in the Navy since he was seven. (So, like, a week.) (I KID I KID I know he’s like 14.) One of the dead men is a friend of his, and he’s handling things as best he can. So is Claire, but it’s a bad situation.

Click for saluting cinnamon roll

Elias, putting on his hat and saluting Claire. He's basically a perfect cinnamon roll.

Claire goes to the Captain to get the surgeon’s log, and is able to figure out that the carrier for the disease was a carpenter, but after all the rest of the carpenters died, he was reassigned to the galley. After some very patient explanations (and then less than patient), the captain has the carrier locked up for everyone’s own good.

On the Artemis, Fergus is granted five minutes to talk with Jamie, who is seasick again without the regular acupuncture treatments. Jamie tries to get Fergus to get the keys to the cell, and they’ll take over the ship. Fergus: the math is against us. Jamie: Improve the math! Fergus: what’s your plan? You don’t have one! Jamie: See, you don’t know what love is, so I was right not to give you my blessing to marry Marsali. Fergus: Low blow, milord. LOW BLOW. Jamie says some shit about moving heaven and earth and then tells Fergus to get the keys and he’ll get Jamie’s blessing.

Click desperate, seasick Jamie

Jamie in his cell, eyes full of fear: I lost her once, Fergus.

On the Porpoise, the dead are being sewn into their hammocks, and Elias tells Claire that the last stitch must go through the nose, and it’s done by a friend. Claire watches as he sews up his friend, sadly. On deck, the captain reads from the Bible, and the dead are given to the sea.

Click for a brief moment of sadness at the burial

Cinnamon roll at the burial

That night, Claire is taking a few moments on deck, and the cook gives the butcher’s bill for the day, which is getting higher. Elias sends him away, and they have a conversation about compartmentalization. She then tells him that there will be more burials at sea, but with luck, they can get through it. Elias smiles and says he’s seen her at work for three days- that’s not luck, but if it’s luck she needs, she better take the rabbit’s foot his mother made him. “Luck and health” is the blessing she gave him, and that’s what they need. Claire asks when the last time he saw his mother, and it’s been some time, since she’s dead.

Another sailor finds Claire and tells her another man is ill, the husband of Mrs. Johansen, the woman who tends the goats. But it turns out that Mr. Johansen isn’t sick: he’s been drinking the distilled alcohol. Claire explodes into a tirade about the goddamn ship and the fucking alcohol, and Elias looks at her in wonderment: he’s never heard a gentlewoman use such language!

Claire assures Annekja that her husband will be fine, and thanks her for all the work she’s been doing with the goats.

Click for saucy cinnamon roll

Elias is firmly on Team Claire as he says Oh, I've heard many such things before, Madam, but not from a gentlewoman.

As Claire is leaving, she sees a Portuguese flag, and has a moment of remembering that the Bruja is a Portuguese ship. The flag came from a Portuguese frigate they boarded two weeks before looking for a surgeon. Claire goes to the Captain’s quarters to find out if it was the Bruja. He wasn’t there, but she pages through the (very tidily written) log. It wasn’t the Bruja, but Claire also sees a note about Jamie, that one of the able seaman, Harry Tompkins, said they recognized Jamie as a wanted seditioner. Claire is about to leave when the cook comes in, and accuses her of trespassing, and he doesn’t trust Claire at ALL. In order to get him to back the fuck off, she tells him that she’ll accuse him of trying to assault her, and it won’t go well for him.

Once alone, Claire muses that she needs to find the guy who recognized Jamie.

On the Artemis, Marsali is cleaning Fergus’ stump, and considers Jamie’s request of Fergus. (I actually like this bit, because it’s showing them working through an issue as a partnership.) Fergus is willing to take the risk if it means they can be together, but Marsali points out that if it doesn’t work, she’ll be without protection. They start making out, and she goes for his pants, but he won’t have sex with her without actual marriage. Marsali isn’t particularly happy, but she also understands Fergus.

Click for cute moment

Fergus kissing her on the cheek

In the morning, Elias finds Claire and she asks him about Harry Tompkins. He doesn’t know Tompkins off hand, and Claire, after a minute, says that she’s concerned that Tompkins is another carrier, so they need to find him forthwith, but quietly-like.

Fergus overhears a conversation between some of the sailors that Jamie and his people should be tossed overboard (and because it’s 1766, Marsali would be raped a bunch first). The captain is firm saying he won’t allow that shit, but also won’t let Jamie out. Fergus, still doing the math, skitters away before they catch him eavesdropping.

Tompkins is brought before Claire, and he’s the guy that Young Ian found in the print shop. Claire sends everyone away, and Tompkins is like, I know who you are. You’re Malcolm’s wife. Claire picks up her bone saw and faces him. Tompkins is like, you’re gonna kill me? Great. My life for the past three months has been shit- I had a good job, and then got badly burned for my trouble, then I got pressed into service on this ship, so death would be great. Claire: Maybe I should, they can’t arrest my husband on Baby Captain’s word alone. Tompkins: Oh, they have warrants out for his arrest for treason and murder, since we found the body of the guy went sent after him in a cask of creme de menthe.

Claire is determined to talk the captain out of arresting Jamie, but Tompkins thinks that Baby Captain is ambitious- he’ll want his own ship for real, and he can hasten that along by bringing in a wanted traitor. So authorities will be waiting for Jamie in Jamaica.

(How does anyone know Jamie’s real name? Jamie didn’t use it in Edinburgh, and… seriously, this doesn’t make a lot of sense in the book either, as I recall. My copy is somewhere in the no man’s land under my bed, so I haven’t read it in a while, but this is one of those squishy, “okay, Diana, we’ll go with it, I guess.”)

Claire has Tomkins locked up across from the actual carrier of the typhoid, and tells him not to get too snuggly.

Down in the goat hold, Annekja gives Claire a bit of goat cheese. Annekja asks Claire “what sad you?” (Why are you sad?) and Claire’s like, they’re gonna arrest my husband. Annekja says that she’ll help, her goats need grass. Claire: ???????? Annekja: I said what I said.

On the Artemis, Fergus brings Jamie some water, but no keys. Jamie is really angry that Fergus didn’t try, but Fergus tells him, firmly, that if they don’t succeed (which they won’t) they will die. “They will kill us, and Marsali will be alone. And I won’t leave her alone, and I won’t send you to your death.” Fergus won’t do something so ill-advised just to get Jamie’s blessing for marriage.

On the Porpoise, there’s no sound of dying men, or vomiting. The sick are just sleeping. Claire picks up the rabbit’s foot, and on the deck, there’s singing men and a fiddle playing. She finds Elias in his hammock… but he’s got the rash all over his arms and chest. She brushes his hair from his face, and he asks if she’s his mother. “Yes, Elias. It’s mother. It’s time for you to come home now.”

Click for sadness

Elias, in his hammock, feverishly asking for his mother.

Claire, her heart in her eyes, telling him that, yes, his mother is there.

Later, he’s sewed into his hammock, and Claire puts the rabbit’s foot back in his hand, poor kid. “Your mother would be so proud.” Claire does the last stitch. It should be done by a friend, and Elias goes to his rest.

[spoiler spoilerwarning="Click for more sadness"]

Claire putting the rabbits foot in Elias' hand before he is buried at sea. It needs to be done by a friend.

On deck, Baby Captain finds Claire, and she confesses that she missed the signs with Elias. Baby Captain tells her that she’s been heroic, and even if they’re low on drinking water, they’ll make it. Annekje and her husband find Claire and tell her that they’ve smelled land- which means that the ship would make anchor and get water, and Annekje, with Claire, would hop off to feed the goats. Annekje tells Claire to make a run for it, and she’ll take care of the sick. (The captions tell me this is rousing music.)

Claire makes it not far when she runs into Baby Captain and a few marines. Claire’s like… I was gathering herbs. Really. Baby Captain: I can’t let you warn your husband, I just can’t. I’m sorry, but I cannot. He escorts Claire back to the ship.

On the Artemis, Jamie (and his spectacles) are looking at the pictures of Brianna (which are looking a little worn around the edges). The captain comes into to tell Jamie that they’ll be in sight of land by the morning, and he needs “all good and able men” to navigate the shoals. Marsali is there, too – she’s convinced the captain that Jamie doesn’t break his word, so if Jamie would just GIVE HIS GODDAMN WORD that he won’t try to…make them go faster to where they are going….? Seriously, both ships have the same destination, for fuck’s sake. Anyway, Marsali convinces Jamie to chill the fuck out for once. “You can’t see what he did for you, can you? Fergus?” “What he did for YOU.”

“If you believe that, you don’t deserve to be let out of here.”

Click for Jamie looking and doing a bit better

Jamie tells Fergus and Marsali that he'll give them his blessing, and they can be married in Jamaica.

I like this Marsali. I like her a lot. It’s not her fault who her mother is.

Jamie does give his word, and tells the two lovebirds that they can have his blessing, but they have to be married by a priest in Jamaica. He then calls Fergus “mon fils” and my heart melts a tiny bit.

That night, the Porpoise is sailing past a port town, and Annekje tells Claire to make a jump and a swim for it. Claire: ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND I CAN’T JUST JUMP IN THE OCEAN WHAT THE FUCK. Annekje: I thought your people could conquer the globe. It’s not a fucking fjord, Claire. It’s very warm. Also here’s a barrel to hold on to so you don’t don’t have to swim the whole way. And I hear things, they’ll hang your husband. AND HERE IS SOME GODDAMN MONEY. JUST JUMP OFF THE SHIP CLAIRE.

Claire strips down to her underwear, and they toss the barrel over, and Claire, with a final “Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!” jumps in after it.

Elyse: Oh sure, Starz, introduce me to sweet Elias Pound and then break my heart by killing him off. It’s fine. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

I find it odd that Claire’s Hippocratic oath would prevent her from letting a man who tried to rape and kill her die of his injuries, but would allow her to put a healthy man in a jail cell across from one who had Typhoid Fever. I suppose the odds of him getting sick were the same in the cell as out of it, but it still felt too convenient.

Now I really want to know whose bones Joe had. Claire’s? Marsali’s? This is gonna drive me nuts.

RHG: Elias Pound: a cinnamon roll too good, too pure for this world.

Excellent point, Elyse, about Claire’s actions.

I loved how they were able to use some of the Black Sails stuff Starz had on hand for this section, and even though typhoid is a super disgusting disease, I liked this section of the book (I’m very into all of the medical/healing stuff- that’s the constant in the portions I usually like the most in each book). Also epidemics terrify me.

Marsali isn’t given much from the book, but I love what Lauren Lyle is doing with her. She’s a teenage girl with some strong opinions, has learned a lot of lessons from her mother and stepfather, and is, at this point, determined to go her own way.

Sure, a lot of her actions are motivated by her desire for Fergus and her own safety (can we blame her for that last one? No) but she also has a firm grasp on how got Jamie’s head out of his own ass. That’s a good skill.

What did you think of this week’s episode? 

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  1. Donna Marie says:

    I went and got the kleenex box as soon as that target appeared on cinnamon bun Elias’ chest. About the time he showed himself to be smart and capable. So cruel, so mean.

    Glad I’m not the only one who wondered why Jamie’s real name was in the log. The excise man only new him as Alexander Murray. The bff assures me there’s a reason they know his real name, but will not tell me. It’s her way of making sure I eventually read the books. And I will. Eventually. I think maybe the guy who was blackmailing him knew who he really was?

    Loved the little scene between Marsali & Fergus. You finally get to see that she’s not her mother and that the affection between them is genuine.

    On the other hand Jamie and Claire are testing the limits here. He’s definitely detached from reality if he thinks he, Fergus, Willoughby and things one & two could take a ship he’s seriously forgetting how willing they were to toss thing two overboard. And Claire? I get that you want to get away, but how do you seriously think jumping overboard will get you to Jamaica in time to warn Jamie? The nice goatherd lady means well, but, you know sharks are night feeders, right? These people have lost their reasoning abilities big time.

  2. LML says:

    I think I’m glad that you are all watching and writing so that know the story without actually, you know, full emotion of reading or watching. Book #1 was enough for me. I admire but I’m not tough enough for Gabaldon.

  3. Sam Victors says:

    Love, Love this episode. Parts of it reminded me of navy/nautical movies like Hornblower or Master and Commander. One of my favorite moments in the episode was Jamie in the brig, looking at the photographs of Claire and Brianna.

    What I like about Claire is that she’s a strong female character, but she rarely has any bonding/relationships with other women, Claire is like more comfortable with just being one of boys. I like how she found a friend in Annejke.

  4. MClaudia says:

    I was hoping against all hope the TV show would spare Elias!! It made me cry… The actor who played him was awesome.

    I think it’s not a huge leap to think that Tompkins saw Jamie from the ship (red hair and all — or maybe he was part of the crew that rowed to the Artemis). He tells the captain that this guy Alexander Malcolm is a wanted man. The captain writes it all down on the log, including that the man is now going by James Fraser on the Artemis. That’s the entry we see Claire perusing. To him (and to the captain) it only matters that there’s a warrant for Malcolm/Fraser/whatever alias and Tompkins is the witness that can attest it’s all the same guy.


    There are flimsy parts of Outlander, I know, but I think that one is ok in the books as well as in the TV adaptation.

  5. Nicki S says:

    This episode is the last one I halfway watched while enjoying a freebie weekend of Starz/On Demand. I missed alot of details (like the rabbit’s foot), according to this fantastic summary, and am so glad you’re so thorough.

    I was lost as to how bad guy from the print shop was even ON the boat, despite his weird explanation when telling Claire to go ahead and kill him, and how in Hades he knew Jamie’s real name. Glad I wasn’t the only one wondering about the name issue, and sorta surprised that it wasn’t fleshed out in the book either. That’s just bad writing when it’s an obvious plot point.

    How big WERE those ships to have livestock (my mind immediately went to Noah’s Ark, lol, and “eww, stinky!”), a kitchen, huge sleeping areas (with enough space to separate the sick), jail cells (WTF?!?), and I’m guessing a cargo area somewhere too? From my limited understanding the ships weren’t all that large.

    As usual, Claire got on my nerves. I didn’t see a visible rash on the sweet kid whose nose Claire pierced. He had no surviving friends on the ship other than the just-met Claire to do the honors? And why wrap a body just to toss it overboard? I guess for ceremonial purposes? Would the fish who eat the remains get sick from Typhoid? My mind goes in weird directions, I know.

    Still not shipping Marsali and Fergus. I’m not feeling the chemistry between them. She looks exactly like her mother, and acts like her too. Fergus deserves better! So does Jamie, and I still don’t understand what he sees in Claire. Everybody sees what Claire sees in Jamie…

    Thanks for another fabulous recap, and the comments are awesome too. Can’t wait to read about the next episode, because I can no longer watch the TV show.

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