Stuff You Should Be Stitching: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has been my favorite film so far this year, and it’s clearly resonated with a lot of romance readers (and women in general). For this edition of Stuff You Should Be Stitching, I’m focusing on Wonder Woman-themed awesomeness.

Now, you might have noticed that this column title changed from Stuff You Should Be Knitting. That’s because I’m going to try and focus more on cross stitch, needlepoint, sewing, and crochet as well. I’ll try to feature as many free patterns as possible too.

Stitchy Bitches unite!

First up, look at this beauty:

A modified triangular shawl with a red background and the Wonder Woman logo in gold.

This is the Wonder Woman Wrap by Carissa Browning and it’s free on Ravelry!

I literally gasped when I saw this. I have a lot of knitting planned–like 6 shawls by Christmas. I just bought yarn for a Find Your Fade. I still really, really need to make this for me.

Can you imagine wrapping up in this in the office, fighting professional injustice?

Also free is the Wonder Woman sweater by Natalie Bursztyn.

A woman models a pullover sweater designed to look like Wonder Woman's bodice against a blue backdrop with stars.

This is a seamed sweater, with a raglan sleeve and requires knowledge of colorwork.

If these projects are too large, there are smaller ones available too!

The Wonder Woman Scarf by Konchan Ie Me is also free on Ravelry! Once again this pattern involves some level of colorwork. It’s also reversible!

A long scarf with tassled ends. On one side is the Wonder Woman logo against a red backdrop. The other side is blue with white stars.

Lastly for knitters,  we have Wonder Woman Fingerless Gloves by Ducky Dame. This pattern is available for $4 on Etsy and could be a great stash-buster.

A pair of red fingerless gloves with the Wonder Woman logo across the back of the hands.

There are a TON of awesome Wonder Woman cross stitch patterns out there–don’t believe me? Just Google. Here are a few of my favorites.

This pattern by Hall Stitch is available on Esty for $3.75 and I love how it features just the shadow of Wonder Woman, her logo blazing through in white. It requires five floss colors and is available as a PDF download.

A dark blue shadow of Wonder Woman stands fiercely, her logo, the stars on her outift and her headband glow white. Her logo and name are stitched next to her in blue and red.

Susan Owenby of The Bored Zombie is offering this awesome cross stitch pattern for free! I especially love the 3-D detail of the Lasso of Hestia hanging on Diana’s belt.

Wonder Woman stands with her arms raised up against a blue and white striped background. Her lasso is a small braid that's looped and stitched onto her belt.

If you’re looking for a smaller project, there’s always this Wonder Woman logo available on Etsy for $2.75.  It’s a digital file and requires five colors of floss.

The wonder woman logo in a round shield. The interior of the shield is blue and the edge is red with white stars.

If you are happiest hooking, then you’ll be delighted by some of these awesome Wonder Woman crochet patterns.

My personal favorite is this gorgeous throw. I love how bold the colors are, and the black outline really makes the image pop. It’s designed by Nicole Pellegrino and is available for $8. The difficulty level is listed as easy, so it could be a fun project for beginners.

A throw blanket draped across a sofa. The Wonder Woman logo is in the center, with red above and white stars on a blue field below. There are red and blue borders.

Fans of arugami (crocheting small stuffed dolls or animals) should check out this free pattern. This adorable Wonder Woman doll would be great to give as a gift to an adult or child, or just to keep on your desk.


A small crocheted Wonder Woman doll.

Another amazing free pattern is this Wonder Woman headband with Diana’s long raven locks. Look at how adorable it is! The designer lists it as a beginner pattern too! I may have just died from the cute!

A super adorable baby wears a hat that is crocheted to look like Wonder Woman's headband with her long black curls flowing out from over it.

Last but not least is a sewing pattern for this Wonder Woman inspired apron. It’s available for $8 on Etsy and comes as a PDF download. I can’t sew or cook, but I have serious apron envy.

An apron on a dress form. The skirt is blue with stars and the bodice is red. There is gold trim along the bust and waist.

I’m going to a new Little Yarn Store this week and I may just have to get some yarn for that first shawl pattern.

I know so many of you are knitters, stitchers, hookers, and crafty crafters, so I want to make sure you know about the SBTB Ravelry Group! Come join us!

Did Wonder Woman inspire your crafting? What are you stitching?

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  1. Steffi says:

    I found that WW pullover pattern a few weeks ago and fell in love with it so much that I have been prodding my knitter friends to make it for me ever since. Sadly no one has let themselves talked into it by me yet.

    Dammit, I wish I could knit but I have tried so many times to learn it in the past 20 years, it’s just not gonna happen. I can barely crochet a square.

  2. Finally, a pattern that will get me into cross stitch.* Yay! I might even have the colors in my stash…

    Meanwhile, I’m favoriting stuff for Ravelry. Because fun, and hope springs eternal.

    * (Eventually, I mean. Let’s not be too optimistic. I’m working through some sock issues in my knitting and I refuse to give up until I’ve solved them.)

  3. ETA: It’s the Bored Zombie cross stitch pattern that I’m interested in making, in case my memory fails me even more than usual…

  4. Yota says:

    I’m on a serious craft supply purchasing moratorium until I whittle down my current stash to more manageable levels. I wonder if I have what I need to make a Wonder Woman inspired apron or two…. hmmm.

  5. Hope says:

    I’m working on the Catwoman blanket from My Victoria Rose right now and it’s a lot of fun.

  6. denise says:

    those are so cool!

  7. EC Spurlock says:

    Love love love the crochet throw! Will have to put that down as a future project; right now I’m designing cross stitch for Halloween and Christmas special editions and still making chemo hats for my cousin. Next on the runway is a baby outfit for a pregnant coworker. Someday I might get to do something for ME…

  8. Lizzy says:

    Ok, dropping everything to crochet that throw!!! That wrap is almost enough to makeep me learn to knit!

  9. ChefCheyanne says:

    So lovelovelove! Working on some stuff now–can I possibly add one more project??!! xxoocf

  10. genie says:

    I’m starting a virtual KAL on that fab wrap with a bunch of my wonderful friends on August 1. So excited!!!

  11. Allie N says:

    Loving that throw blanket! I made my daughter a Wonder Woman doll (crochet) earlier this year and she still adores her “Wunder”. I’m thinking she needs a blanket to match now!

  12. Ellie says:

    Trying to teach myself how to cross-stitch right now! This will be great motivation.

  13. […] Wonder Woman themed projects to knit, crochet, sew, and cross stitch. […]

  14. Deb says:

    I just started the Wonder Woman wrap (the first pattern shown) a week ago!! I’d constructed in a really neat way, with a bunch of short rows. And the pattern is quite clear. It is so much fun. I’m making it for a friend who is a huge WW fan. Her choice was the original more-primary colors of the comics.

    This one should be doable for any knitter who has intermediate skills. Or a beginner who isn’t afraid of short rows. (they’re easy, and nicely explained in the pattern, in case you’re not familiar.) Now to check out the rest of these patterns!

  15. Leigh says:

    I currently working on two of those WW wraps. One for me, and one for my BFFs bday!

    (FYI – there’s a crochet version too!)

  16. Chris Alexander says:

    I really want to do that WW wrap. I’m trying to knock off a project or two before the Christmas hooking begins. But, I need to tell you that the WW wrap is available in crochet, now, also.

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