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Awesomesauce: Zoe Archer’s series bundled for $9.99

If you’re a Kindle customer, you can get Zoe Archer’s entire Blades of the Rose series in one ebook bundle for $9.99.

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It’s also available at for the nook. Is it too much to suppose that there’s some folks at Kensington dancing around singing “Doncha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?” to the Agency publishers? I bet there’s dance footage. I bet Zoe can get it, too.

I don’t know if I can say how much that gives me giddy pants. So smart! (This also reminds me to go read Stranger, which is Catallus Graves’ story).


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  1. Babs says:

    Except those of us who have already purchased the books (except for STRANGER) are banging our heads against our desks…

    But LOVE the bundling idea for series—may other publishers take note and copy!

  2. Literary Slut says:

    So much for my moratorium on book buying.

  3. CupK8 says:

    Well, I’ve bought them all (and pre-ordered stranger), but encourage everyone who hasn’t to do so! I wish I knew more Kindle readers so I could spread the good word. Go Kensington! The original price of the Kindle version was nicely priced, but the bundle is a real steal. 🙂

  4. Hannah says:

    What a great deal! I have three of the books already so I won’t be buying, but I hope the bundle entices more people to try this series. I agree with CupK8, the pricing on the individual books made it so much easier for me to preorder the whole series.
    I would like to see more bundle deals in the Kindle store for sure. It looks like Harlequin is no longer selling them on Amazon which makes me sad 🙁 I loved being able to buy the first 3 Julia Grey books for $9.99.

  5. At the bundle is costs £11.62.

    I don’t have an ebook reader, so until I looked, I hadn’t realised that “Unlike print books, digital books are subject to VAT.”

  6. Vi says:

    I thought the books were a bargain anyway at $4.47. Don’t regret getting them cuz Zoe Archer’s books are the bomb! I heart thee, Kensington Publishing.

  7. jayhjay says:

    Oooh, I already own the first two!  But I think that is great, I love bundles!  And I can’t wait to read Rebel and Stranger.  She got some great covers!

  8. Joy says:

    I bought the first 3.  Then Rebel went free for Kindle.  Now this!  Gah!  I’m paying full price.  But I’m hooked and the books are worth it!

    Captcha—average75.  I pay 75% of the full price of books, on average.

  9. lorenet says:

    Babs—can you please pass the aspirin?  I’m right there with you.

  10. Bought!  Downloaded a sample of Scoundrel after hearing such great things, but haven’t had a chance to read it.  Doesn’t sound like I’m going to be disappointed.  What a great deal!  Thanks for pointing it out!

  11. Miss_Thing says:

    Thanks to this deal and my love this series I’m buying the bundle for my new Kindle even though I’ve got the paperbacks.  I can’t wait for Stranger! Does anyone know if more books are planned in the series?  It sounds like Stranger is the last, but this is such a fun series I hate to see it end so quickly.

  12. P. Awful says:

    I haven’t read any of her books yet but am eager to after seeing the many positive comments for Scoundrel.  Headed over to Amazon now… this is indeed awesomesauce – must buy.  Thanks SBS!!!

  13. Andrea says:

    I love this whole idea of series bundles although most times I will have already bought enough of the books that it doesn’t make sense anymore to buy the bundle…
    I bought the first two books but haven’t gotten around to reading them yet. They do sound intriguing though and I liked the novella.

    But is annoying the heck out of me lately: I don’t own a Kindle (and won’t) but do download the free books and read them with Kindle4PC. Well, at least I did until amazon went back to charging us here $2.30 for the “free” books – if they are available for free here at all.  They didn’t do so for several months but are now back to it. Considering that they advertise the Kindle here that is especially bad imho. By the way, just looked the Archer bundle up and it’s $13.79 here.  So in regard to ebooks, amazon won’t ever get me as a customer unless they change a whole lot. I do still love though…

  14. vanessa says:

    Awesome, thank you! Sending this to all my Kindle owning friends, too!

  15. Carolyn says:

    I’ve got the first three books, reading the third one now. So no bundle for me either. It’s a great idea though. I’ll definitely be buying the fourth book in the series. Catullus fascinates me.

    They also have/had Rebel as a free download at Amazon. Yay!

  16. Dayna says:

    Thanks, Sarah.  I don’t have these, but I’ve been meaning to buy them.  My procrastination doesn’t usually save me money, but I guess there’s a first time for everything.

  17. Kaelie says:

    I already have Scoundrel, thanks to the book club. But I have neither a Kindle nor a Nook so I can’t take part in this. *shakes fist*

  18. Marie says:

    Question for those who have bought Amazon bundles:  Does it come as 4 separate ebooks (e.g. rebel.azw, scoundrel.azw, etc), or all together as one ebook (blades of the rose.azw)?  The price is tempting, but for some reason I find having all the books in one ebook annoying.

  19. Kiersten says:

    I’m reading SCOUNDREL right now and loving it! If I had an ereader (Christmas gift anyone?) I’d definitely buy the bundle. May do it on Kindle for laptop anyways. Either way, I’m going to own the series one day.

    Bundling series like this is a fantastic idea and yet another way that digital books provide mechanisms of publishing that print doesn’t utilized. Cool!

  20. Rita says:

    @Marie –

    It’s one big file and it’s hyperlinked so should be easy to navigate. The “cover” is the 4 covers in one shown on the Amazon web page.

    Great price for a series that was in my TBR list.

  21. Karmyn says:

    I use Kindle for PC and quite enjoy it. I bought Jennifer Armintrout’s Blood Ties series as a bundle since I lost my paperback copies. They also have the Sookie Stackhouse series as a bundle and Gena Showalter’s series as a bundle.
    I wish I had a real Kindle, but out of my price range for now.

  22. Marie says:


    Thanks for the information!  Yeah, they’re easy to navigate, but I like having each file with it’s own cover art, and that way if another book in the series comes along, I have all the books in the series in an equivalent format.  Strange that it matters to me, I know, but there it is!  Especially since I nabbed Rebel when Amazon was offering it for free earlier this week (no longer, I’m afraid – just checked!).

  23. Kristina says:

    Argh!!  I just told myself I was gonna have to cut back on spending because of short hours at work!  Now this.  :0)  But it is a good deal and I do have money right now.  You guys are little red devils on my shoulders.  Enablers!

    I haven’t read her books, I dont think, but because the bitchery is such a fan I’ll give it a jump.  Wish me luck.

  24. Kristina says:

    They also have the Sookie Stackhouse series as a bundle and Gena Showalter’s series as a bundle.
    I wish I had a real Kindle, but out of my price range for now.

    Karmyn, do you have links?  or can you put them up?  I just searched for the Sookie bundle and couldn’t find it.  :0(  That’s another I would consider….. now if they would just do all the Lynsay Sands, Kerrily Sparks, Jim Butcher…… etc.  I read so many darn series I would pay mucho dinero to get bundles of ALL the books.

  25. Hannah says:

    I found the Sookie Stackhouse bundle here:

    However, I would buy the books separately for ease of use. It looks like you save only $.07 if you buy the bundle because the first 8 books in the series are $6.99 each in the Kindle store. Can’t fool me, Penguin!

  26. Val says:

    Do any of these deals work for the Sony Reader? I hate when they only go to one format and some of us get nothing. Anyone know if this one is also in the Sony store?

  27. Norville says:

    Sigh. I’ve been buying the individual books on Nook. Yesterday, I checked to see if the fourth book happened to be available for preordering (at something like $4.47), and saw the bundle being offered, so went into “No! I’ve been buying these individually! I wish I’d waited!” mode. *shakes head in mild dismay*

  28. Lindsey says:

    Graaargh. I JUST bought Warrior and Scoundrel on Monday after downloading Rebel for free. Ah, well. I still can’t wait for the release of Stranger.

  29. Karenmc says:

    Having been gifted with a set of the books by Zoe, Kensington and the always lovely SBTB, let me encourage everyone to get thee to an electronic device thingy and pick up this bundle. The fourth paper book arrived in my mail box yesterday, and it is huge and delicious looking.

  30. Alpha Lyra says:

    Hey, I have a brand new Kindle that just arrived yesterday. Never read Zoe Archer before, but this became my first purchase for it.

  31. Khenta says:

    Book bundles – love that idea.

    But: what Andrea said. Once again readers outside North America are at an disadvantage.

    I toyed with the idea of getting a Kindle (or Kindle-for-PC) – but won’t, after I’ve realized that Kindle books are (even) more expensive for readers outside the US (and, nearly all of the time, more expensive than mmpbs). First time I realized this with Angie Fox’s _Last Of The Demonslayers_, which was featured here a few days ago. Price for me: $8.04 (“including VAT and free wireless”). Price in the US (visible when you scroll down the page): $4.99. WTF? Nearly 100% tax on this (with “free” international wireless)? I Don’t Think So. 

    And now the higher price for the Archer bundle.

    Sorry, amazon. That’s not the way to gain new customers (or make habitual customers buy your products).

    On a related note, today I bought a TrekStor ebook Player 7 (which also contains a MP3 player and a picture viewer) for less than €100. I think I’ll be happy with that.

  32. Lyssa says:

    Okay I had picked up Half-past dead when BN had it for free…then I found out that Zoe Archer could save a reader’s Sanity! She went on my TBR/Purchased list..NOW THIS>>>

    **Angelic (or Demonic) Music begins**

    IT’s A SIGN!!!!

    (purchases Bundle)

  33. karlynp says:

    I too already have the first three (LOVED them!!), and am thrilled that publishers are bundling series!!  This is great news for ereaders. 

    Has anyone downloaded the bundle?  Does it come with Stranger?  Just wondering if they are releasing it early for the bundle only.  It doesn’t say anything about the 4th book coming later.

  34. KellyM says:

    For everyone who’s shaking their fists at not having an e-reader…
    I don’t have one (yet) either, but I downloaded Kindle for PC and have been reading Rebel on my computer.  I know it’s not the most convenient way to read if you’re traveling, but if you’re sitting on your couch at home it’s a lovely option.

  35. Tae/Booklust says:

    hrm, been hearing good things about Archer and these books and at that price it’s hard to turn down…so I guess I’ll be doing some shopping today

  36. tralalah says:

    I hadn’t purchased Rebel yet and the individual prices of Rebel and Stranger are about a $1 less than the bundle but the extra $1 means getting Stranger a couple of weeks early which works for my vacation plans.  I’ll spend an extra buck to support an author I like.

  37. Lyssa says:

    I prepurchased the bundle, Which includes Warrior, Scoundrel, Rebel, & Stranger. The Bundle is a “pre-order” so all 4 titles will arrive on my nook on Dec 1 (which gives me Stranger a little ahead of release date)

  38. YES.  Zoe can save your sanity, if you’re silly enough to do something that might make you lose your mind.

  39. Kaetrin says:

    I’m another who’d be interested in purchasing this bundle if it were available in a Sony Reader friendly format – also, I’m in Australia, so I don’t know if the series is geo restricted or not.  Does anyone know?

  40. Elaine says:

    Thanks!  I’d been thinking about reading this series, and downloaded the bundle a couple of hours ago.  I am already entranced with the first book.

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