Friday Videos Have Chest Beams

From Nancy, an older video that’s just chock-full of WTF. Grab your coffee and your morning tofu and join in!



Friday Videos

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  1. Sarah W says:

    Looks like Kikkoman got a little soyjoy, there, around 1:34 . . .

    “Don’t try this at home, kids!

  2. Freshechelle says:

    obviously this is an allegory for the insidious nature of foreign sauces and what happens when you submit to their salty goodness.  Never surrender!

  3. Kathy says:

    But…..what if I’d like a little wasabi on the side??

  4. Nancy says:

    Happy to share, everyone! When I first came across this, in the early Internet Jurassic ‘90s, it didn’t have the subtitles which was even weirder. But kind of fun trying to figure out WTF was going on …

  5. Stephanie says:


  6. Gwynnyd says:

    Why does such a hunky body have such a prissy little mouth on his fish face?  The soy joy is apparently not in kissing.

  7. Must go work the word “sauce” into revisions. And potentially “long, undulating loincloth.”

  8. Rebecca says:

    Oh, this brought back happy memories of studying Japanese.  I have a feeling that a lot of the video is a set of puns based on knowing as much English as most Japanese people do.  To start out, if I recall correctly “shoyu” is soy sauce, so the refrain “Show me!  Show you!” sounds a lot like “Show me shoyu!” or “show me the soy sauce!”  I also strongly suspect that the entire character is a play on that “Kikkoman” sounds like the Japanese pronunciation of the “English” “Kick-man,” which could certainly be the name of a superhero of the time, especially one who does all the err…kicks.  So I’m guessing this is an ingenious ad campaign?  (I don’t know where the name “Kikkoman” actually comes from, but I vaguely think it has something to do with chrysanthemums.  “Kiku” is chrysanthemum, I think.)  Anybody out there who’s really fluent who can pick up anything else?

  9. Jason says:

    He’s very dom with that little kitty….

  10. Nancy says:

    He’s dom with the kitty—and then the tempura are kitties too!!!!! Kikkoman is Kinkoman, in my book.

  11. HelenM says:

    I could not live without Kikkoman Soy sauce. The End.

    Oh wait, not the end, because OMFG U GUIZ, there is a wiki page for this!

  12. I can answer way too many Kikkoman questions at far too much length. Please feel free to mock me, because I’ll deserve it after you read this. In the big-hair mid-eighties Kikkoman and the Future Homemakers of America gave me a scholarship to spend a summer in Japan. Our group attended the Future Homemakers of Japan’s national high school convention, where all the 16 year-old midwestern girls discovered they sold hard liquor in vending machines on odd-numbered floors of the hotel! Beer on evens! We toured the Kikkoman factory in Noda City, Japan, center of soy sauce production since the Jamestown colony days.

    Nothing but Kikkoman has been, is, or will ever be poured in the Richland home (except for the occasional ketchup on small Richland people’s hot dogs).

    Yes, “Show You” is a pun on “shoyu” for soy sauce = Show me the Soy Sauce. (Shochu is a clear liquor, also made by Kikkoman).

    Kikkoman translates to “Ten thousand lucky/good tortoises”. The kanji in the logo is “Man” = 10,000, as in “ichi-man yen” is a 10,000 yen bill (a bit over a hundred bucks right now). The word “Kikko” = tortoise shell, symbol of longevity. The hexagon is supposed to stand for a tortoise shell, but that’s not the actual written character for tortoise, just the high concept. Although the Mogi family has been making soy sauce for something like four hundred years now, the name “Kikkoman” is relatively recent.

    Have any of you clicked on the really bad Mexican wrestlers Kikkoman fan video that came up near this one in youtube? I’m not getting it, not at all, but then I didn’t get the fish head superhero either.

  13. Pickle says:

    @ Anna…..that is some stunningly incredible knowledge there.  Thanks for sharing it with us!

  14. Pickle says:

    A little pervy there, Kikkoman.  Too funny!  Definitely won’t be able to unsee that one for a while!

  15. Literary Slut Kilian says:

    I’ll never look at a bottle of soy sauce the same way again.

  16. I didn’t get the fish head superhero either

    Er, isn’t that the fish-shaped soy-sauce container that they serve with sushi? At least, it’s what they use here in Brisbane at sushi outlets.

    That video was quite, quite insane, and adorable with it.

  17. Annmarie says:

    I am without words. Except the 4 previous words and these 9 words.

  18. Babs says:

    And was it just me or was the mushroom rather phallic?!?!

  19. Raquel says:

    As Anna pointed out Kikko means tortoise shell.
    But when I saw Kikko in Kanji (??), I choked.
    Because Kikko is the most famouse Japanese bondage style as well!
    Any Japanese adults with modicum *ahem* sexual knowledge would recognize the word and connect them.
    So Kikkoman is definitely a pervy. lol

  20. Raquel says:

    Oh, I’m not saying bondage is perv.
    I wanted say my impression, “Kikkoman is perv”, was what the anime maker intended to give.
    Just clarifying.

  21. Aliza Mann says:


  22. Tiffany sale says:

    Grab your coffee and your morning tofu and join in!

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