Sizzling Summer Book Club Chat: Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacey

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    Thank you, Sarah, for choosing Exclusively Yours and for the chat. And thank you to everybody who joined in. It was wicked fun!

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    DrgnsLdy28 says:

    awhhh!  Looks like the chat really got hopping once Shannon got there.  Sorry I missed the last half it was fun reading.

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    Lotta says:

    I’m sorry I completely forgot and missed the whole danged thing!  Must remember to Google Calendar EVERYTHING….
    (Is it safe to say out loud that I REALLY DON’T LIKE TERRY? I honestly think she needs therapy since everyone around her seems to need to make allowances for her excessive control issues).  Loved the book and am glad I rushed and bought the thing even though I missed the chat.  My first ebook was a huge success – Thanks SB Sarah!

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    Diane says:

    I so wanted to be a part of the conversation but I couldn’t get the book to transfer to my devices if you paid me. I ended up purchasing it three times and am currantly enjoying it from Barnes & Noble. I must say Shannon from what I’ve read so far I will be getting all of your books.

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    SB Sarah says:

    I’m hoping in my chair with glee that you enjoyed the chat. And Diane, I’m really sorry you had ebook issues.

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    PK says:

    RATS! I missed the chat session for this awesomest of books.  Boo!  From the read, it looks like a good and fun time was had by all.  Rightfully so since this book was a laugh riot from beginning to end for me.  The characters (loved the mini-paparazzi nephew), the dialogue (snorted out my coffee when the mom’s television was accused of cock-blocking, ha!) and the setting were all wonderful. 

    At first, I was a little irritated about the “whys.”  Why was Terry so bitter for so long, why did Keri leave all those years ago and since she didn’t seem all THAT happy with her career and/or life, why was she holding on so desperately?  But then I looked at it from the real-life perspective.  Sometimes people do irrational things, hold irrational grudges, refuse to move on, hurt the ones they love most, etc.  Once I got past the “every little detail needs a reasonable explanation” mindset, then I enjoyed this great story even more.

    I’ll be on the lookout for the next book/chat session.


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    Jaune says:

    Really don’t think its worth it. To each his own.Google it.

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