Social Networking: On Stage

You never know where the hot topic of social networking will turn up. If it’s not a discussion on Twitter that’s posted to Facebook about either or both (mmmmm, meta) it’s contemporary dance.

What now?

From the OMGSOCOOL Department: part of the 2009-2010 season at Peak Performances at Montclair State University in New Jersey, Lula Washington Dance Theatre is premiering a new piece called http://www.connections.2010, which is dance about social networking:

Washington’s newest work was inspired by the ever-challenging way people use socially networking the 21st century: Twitter, YouTube and Facebook to be sure! With Washington as its artistic voice, the Los Angeles – based company has a deserved reputation for vibrant, high-energy work reflecting African American culture and history.

The Lula Washington Dance Theatre is “one of the most admired African-American contemporary dance companies in the West,” and Ms. Washington is known for choreography that looks at topics about which I wouldn’t readily say, “Oh, yeah, you can dance to that,” like homelessness, 9/11, and the civil rights movement. I’m so curious about what Ms. Washington’s piece on social networking will look like. The promo reel is amazing (and below the fold, because I’m not sure it’ll fit).

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    Sybylla says:

    I always feel so totally uncultured when I see dance.  I enjoy it, and I am in awe of the skills and discipline involved, especially since I’m one of those who cannot even follow a lead to save my life, never mind successfully perform a set of steps on my own.  However, I just don’t get it on a gut level.  If I don’t have a program telling me what the story is, I don’t see one.  I appreciate it, but I don’t understand it.

  2. 2
    Ashley Ladd says:

    That was lovely and interesting but I couldn’t begin to interpret that dance as social media. Maybe I’m not cultured enough. But I appreciate hearing about it so I’m not clueless if someone else mentions it. Thanks

  3. 3
    sheriguy says:

    Umm. What did that have to do with social media?! Maybe I am just an cultural savage but I did not see social media or social networking. Unless the whirly bits was supposed to represent the infernal Facebook game time loop?

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