Lady Jane’s Salon: Video Footage

lady JaneI have three videos from last night’s Lady Jane’s Salon, starting with Lauren Willig reading from The Temptation of the Night Jasmine.

Note: sound quality is not the most majestic thing in the world. I found it best to lower the volume on the YouTube player, but then adjust the tone and volume of my computer speakers. Sorry for the quality.

I attempt to show the room and the cowd in this one. The lighting is so low, and so very very red, that all you can see is motionless shadows, but I promise, everyone was listening closely.

Lauren Willig reads aloud from a section of her book that takes place in the present time (as opposed to the ballroom scene from the previous clips).

I remember taking footage of Leanna Renee Hieber reading from Jenna Petersen’s prologue to Lessons from a Courtesan but for some reason the footage isn’t on the camera – which is a serious shame because Hieber rocked the mic like a vandal in a rocking chair, and someone should snap her up for audiobook reading, as her performance was excellent. The room was tense and quiet because the scene slowly builds tension, and Hieber did a marvelous job with the reading. I’m seriously confused as to why I have no footage, because I know I took some, so I apologize to Hieber and to Petersen that I don’t have proof of the most awesome. 

Next time I aim to do footage, I’ll bring a better camera, but since I’ll be the emcee of the next Lady Jane on 6 April, it’ll be from a totally different angle. If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll come by. Lady Jane’s Salon is a marvelous event, and it’s well worth the trip, even in the snow.



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  1. rebyj says:

    “Do I bring back scalps or just suit jackets?”
    What a riot! Thanks for the video footage and the Amazon link.
    I’d never heard of the “Pink Carnation” series and I see this is book 5 in the series. I will put these on my list.

  2. JoanneL says:

    There’s something really, really wrong if someone doesn’t use that room and setting for a romantic suspense novel….
    Murder At Lady Jane’s Salon… I’m buying, who’s writing?

  3. Thank you for your wonderful run-down!!  Wasn’t Lauren just awesome?!  I’m not on Twitter (I know, I’m behind the times) but I heard you were as fabulously complimentary there as you are here- thanks!  I really appreciate your recap and we founders of Lady Jane’s Salon are SO thrilled to have your support.  And SO excited about your upcoming guest hosting!  (Not to mention that we’re all salivating about your book)  Don’t worry, I’ll take your footage while you’re hosting and hopefully it won’t as mysteriously disappear.  😉 You’re a peach!!!

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