Corpse Flower - The Giveaway!

Book CoverNo, I’m not actually giving away a corpse flower, though I’ve got four cats and an elderly dog, not to mention two boys under 4, so I’ve got no shortage of stanky options, should you desire odoriferous prizes.

But this here is not at ALL a stinky giveaway. Lauren Willig’s new book, The Temptation of the Night Jasmine debuted at #19 on the New York Times Bestseller list this week, and she and her publisher have offered a rather spiffy prize to celebrate.

Book CoverFour lucky readers will win a hardcover copy of The Temptation of the Night Jasmine. One lucky winner will win the grand prize: a complete set of all five books in the Pink Carnation series.

All you have to do is come up with the #1 Most Rejected Title for Willig’s next book. The first book was titled The Secret History of the Pink Carnation. The second: The Masque of the Black Tulip.  The naming scheme continues for the rest of the series.

Rejected titles should follow the format, and be as hilariously bad as possible. My suggestions: “Suspicion of the Swamp Blossom” or “Defection of the Coffin Flower.” “Gravitas of the Poison Sumac.” Or, if Willig makes the jump to historical erotica, “The Lotus Blossom’s Lotus Blossom.”

Comments are live for 24 hours – so ready, set, and grab your corpse blossom. Winners will be announced Friday 6 February.

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  1. 81
    Franziska says:

    There once was a lady in Nantucket,
    who kept all her flowers in a bucket.
    But then she said “Oh noes”
    “I should use them for my prose”
    And so all her future titles were … doomed to have floral titles

    The depths of the blue algae
    The secret of the pansy
    The veil of the belladonna

  2. 82
    Franziska says:

    Darn it:

    The secret of the purple pansy
    The veil of the yellow belladonna

    You can tee, that I have a screaming
    baby to take care of

  3. 83
    CantateForever says:

    The Narcissism of the Narcissus

    The Dangling of the Dandelion

    The Robust Repartee of the Rhododendron

    The Cry of the Calla Lily

    The Bulb of the Orchid

    The Philandering Posy

  4. 84
    Elizabeth says:

    The Ruthless Declawing of the Great Tiger Lily

    The Corruption of the Reluctant Primrose (I’m surprised with all these entries no one came across the obvious primrose path so I’ll throw it in)

    The Garroting of the Gregarious Gardenia

    Can’t believe I’m actually submitting these, but what have I got to loose!

  5. 85
    Ashley says:

    The Derogatory Remarks of the Boxed Tulip
    the Turgidity of the Begonia
    The Orgy of the Rosebush
    The secret diary of the forget-me-not

    did I win?

  6. 86
    Carolyn says:

    The Journey of the Jewelweed
    The Calamitous Case of the Canary Creeper
    The Drooping Dandelion of Devonshire
    The Love Language of the Loquacious Lily

  7. 87
    J says:

    The Embrace of the Lonely Thistle
    The Adventures of the Creeping Jenny
    The Dreams of the Enchanted Snowdrop
    The Whimsical Witch Hazel

  8. 88
    Lisa Richards says:

    The Problem of the Red Hot Poke Her(Poker)
    The Coming of the Red Hot Poker

  9. 89
    JD says:

    The Cremation of the Corpse Lily
    The Death of the Resurrection Fern
    The Liposuction of the Zoftig Zinnia
    The Torture of the Toothache Plant
    The Plague of the Rat Tail Radish
    The Attack of the Zombie Amaryllis
    The Fumble of the Football Mum
    The Biting of the Dragon Tongue
    The Perversion of the Piggy-Back Plant
    The Streaking of the Naked Ladies

  10. 90
    Camille says:

    The Horrific Hellious Chicanery of the Heliamphora Chimantensis.

  11. 91
    Moth says:

    The Violent Urges of Violets

    The Concupiscence of the Corn Flower

  12. 92
    Mel says:

    The Pulchritudinous Lure of the Perfidious Pansy

  13. 93
    Amanda Murphy says:

    I love all of these titles! Here we go:

    The Raunchy Rompings of the Ruddy Rose

    The Gentle Prodding of the Petulant Geranium

  14. 94
    Ryanne says:

    The Prickly Persona of the Dastardly Thistle
    Reminiscence of the Forget-me-not
    The Bleak Winter of the Spring Beauty
    Longing for Wisteria
    Cryptic Secrets of the Moonflower
    Enigmatic Amaryllis

  15. 95
    Beth says:

    The Last Wish of the Unwatered Houseplant*
    The Hidden Rage of the Peace Lily
    The Spider Plant’s Secret Baby

    *obviously not at all based on what I see before me.

  16. 96
    Tabatha Basham says:

    The Soiling of Black Bryont
    The Thrust of Goldenrod
    The Bending of Nosegay
    The Parting of the Primrose
    The Open Season of Her Venus Flytrap

    (I thought I would have atleast one less not focused on sex. Not sure if I did a good job. :D)

  17. 97
    Liz says:

    The Fondling of the Foxgloves (alternatively, Fondling With Foxgloves, which could almost be a how-to book)
    The Animosity of the Aloe Vera
    The Oracle of the Ficus
    The Ghastly Revelation of the Elephant Ear
    The Conjugations of the Camphor Tree
    The Treason of the Judas Jasmine
    The Dogwoods of the Magnolia (I don’t even know)
    The Phallic Imagery of the Indian Paintbrush

  18. 98
    Laura says:

    The Presumption of the Precocious Peppermint

  19. 99
    Laura says:

    The Trials of the Tenacious Tiger Lily
    The Loves of the Luscious Lotus

  20. 100
    Miss Eliza says:

    Licentious Liliaceae

  21. 101
    Miss Eliza says:

    Ok, so it helps that my best friend is a total plant freak (yeah for Matt), and apparently I’m just really good an remembering funny plants he’s told me about…

    Amorous Amorphophallus
    Assiduous Allspice
    The Bosomy Baboon Flower
    Pruning the Bishops Weed
    Spreading the Butterwort
    The Britches of the Buttonbush
    Nourishing the Honeysuckle

  22. 102
    Miss Eliza says:

    The Demanding Dame’s Rocket
    The False Indigo Imbroglio

    Waxing the Desert Candle
    Polishing the Devilswood
    Drowning the Doll’s Eyes
    Smoking the Dutchman’s Pipe

  23. 103
    SB says:

    The Secret Longing of the Scarlet Gilia
    The Strange Mutation of Franklin’s Sandwort
    The Trashy Bitching of the Smart Weed
    The Gentile Cleansing of the Bladder Pod
    The Imminent Rupture of the Achnatherum hymenoides
    The Grinding of the Jagged Chickweed
    The Sweet Prickling of the Bushy Peavine

  24. 104
    SB says:

    oops! I meant to say “The Peculiar Prickling of the Bushy Peavine”…but I guess sweet works too!

  25. 105
    SBH says:

    The Ravenous Courtship of the Medusahead Rye

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