Corpse Flower - The Giveaway!

Book CoverNo, I’m not actually giving away a corpse flower, though I’ve got four cats and an elderly dog, not to mention two boys under 4, so I’ve got no shortage of stanky options, should you desire odoriferous prizes.

But this here is not at ALL a stinky giveaway. Lauren Willig’s new book, The Temptation of the Night Jasmine debuted at #19 on the New York Times Bestseller list this week, and she and her publisher have offered a rather spiffy prize to celebrate.

Book CoverFour lucky readers will win a hardcover copy of The Temptation of the Night Jasmine. One lucky winner will win the grand prize: a complete set of all five books in the Pink Carnation series.

All you have to do is come up with the #1 Most Rejected Title for Willig’s next book. The first book was titled The Secret History of the Pink Carnation. The second: The Masque of the Black Tulip.  The naming scheme continues for the rest of the series.

Rejected titles should follow the format, and be as hilariously bad as possible. My suggestions: “Suspicion of the Swamp Blossom” or “Defection of the Coffin Flower.” “Gravitas of the Poison Sumac.” Or, if Willig makes the jump to historical erotica, “The Lotus Blossom’s Lotus Blossom.”

Comments are live for 24 hours – so ready, set, and grab your corpse blossom. Winners will be announced Friday 6 February.

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  1. Larnsturt says:

    How about The Seizing of the Sneezweed?
    The Calling of the Cockscomb?
    The Siren Song of Sweet Peas?
    Or my favorite, The Mugwort Conundrum.

  2. The Inveiglement of the Ixia (Alliterates better than “African Corn Lily”)
    The Snare of the Venus Fly Trap
    The Bating of the Baby’s Breath
    The Scent of the Golden Shower Orchid

  3. ms bookjunkie says:

    The Inhaling of the Smoked Weed
    The Hallucinations from the Nightshade
    The Delirium of the Thorn Apple

    The Washing of the Bottlebrush
    The Deflation of the Balloon Flower
    The Depths of the Blue Throatwort

  4. Perforce says:

    The Rapture of the Fleshy Clapdaisy
    The Temptation of the Bulbous Yam
    The Treachery of the Hairy Crabweed

  5. ms bookjunkie says:

    The Ringing of the Canterbury Bells
    The Rise of the Feverfew
    The Deflowering of the Flowering Cherry
    The Coming Out of the Gay Feather

    The Gilding of the Golden Rod
    The Watering of the Golden Shower Orchid
    The Insertion of the Red-Hot Poker
    The Scratching of the Scabious

    The Unveiling of the Snake Head
    The Unsheathing of the Sword Lily
    The Prick of the Thistle
    The Snapping of the Turtle Head

  6. Charmaine Ong says:

    The Rancid Rantings of a Recalcitrant Rafflesia
    The Many Musings of a Moon Blossom
    Daring Deeds of the Devious Daffodil
    Wonderous Wanderings of the Wilting Wisteria
    Summer Sonnets of the Shimmering Sunflower

    Opulent Orations from the Ornery Orchids
    Tempting the Tumultuous Tiger Lily
    The Vigor of the Vain Verbascum
    The Mansions of the Motioning Morning Glory.
    The Naughty Notions of a Nemophilia

  7. Michelle says:

    The Dew on The Stamen (The cover is one little bead of milky dew on the tip of a flower.)

    The Temptation of the Tulips.

    The Contagion of the Clematis.

    The Allure of My Butterfly Bush

    The Pollination of My Rosebud

    The Breaching of My Fairy Ring

  8. dizmo says:

    The Irritating Recurrence of the Dandelion

    The Overhead Compartment of the Carrion Flower

    The Proud Display of the Morning Glory

    The Dark Designs of the White Gardenia

    The Shadowy Motives of the Sunflower.

  9. Pam P says:

    The Deflowering of the Dainty Daffodil
    The Fornication of the French Marigold
    Mayhem and Mishap at the Core of the Musk Rose

  10. Miranda says:

    The Brooding Ennui of the Zinnia

    The Frayed Instep of the Lady’s Slipper

    The Irritability of the Pitcher Plant

  11. Lindz says:

    The Shrimping of the Lady’s Slipper

    The Cliche of a Dozen Roses

    The Demasculinization by a Venus Fly Trap

    The Raging of the Ragweed

    The Curdling of the Crysathemum

    The Fopping of the Pansy

    The Sowing of the Wild Oats

  12. Midknyt says:

    The Discord of the Broom Rape

    The Incompetence of the Bladder Senna

    The Conundrum of the Touch-me-not

    The Waxing Poetic of the Hair Moss

    The Prohibition of the Chasteberry

    The Quandary of the Virgin’s Bower

    The Naïveté of the Narcissus

    The Taming of the Enchanter’s Nightshade

    The Reticence of the Wallflower

    The Alliteration of the Asian Alocasia amazonica

  13. Lorelie says:

    The Basting of the Bella Donna

  14. Jean Poole says:

    The Poisonous Passion of Amanita Phalloides

  15. Elizabeth Wadsworth says:

    The Rape of the Rapeseed
    The Knotty Problem of the Knotweed
    The Bier of the Hops
    The Call of the Kudzu
    The Flatulence of the Windflower
    The Universe of the Cosmos
    The One-Two Punch of the Knockout Rose
    The Sheep in the Phlox
    (I’ll think of more once I’ve had my coffee)

  16. Eunice says:

    The Lingering Touch of the Poison Ivy
    The Revenge of the Black Eyed Susan
    The Addlement of the Edelweiss
    The Defrocking of the Monkshood
    The Amnesia of the Forget Me Not
    The Removal of the Slipper Wort
    The Aroma of the Titan Arum

    That’s as good as you’re getting this early in the morning. Whew!

  17. AR says:

    The Mane of the Dandelion

    The Miasmatic Meal of the Venus Fly Trap

    Ouch, this is hard!

  18. Keira says:

    I pulled out my guide to the Language of Victorian Flowers and here we go (using meaning and flower in each title):

    The Promise of the Little Prune Tree

    The Calla Lily’s Magnificent Beauty

    The Grace of Yellow Jasmine

    Humility for Broom

    The Friendship of Geranium

    The Dangerous Pleasure of Tuberose

    Ophrys Fly’s Big Mistake

    The Innocence of Freesia

  19. KatherineB says:

    The Rapacity of the Crimson Callistemon
    The Versatile Tedium of the Rose
    The Insalubrious Emanation of the Skunk Cabbage
    The Protuberence of the Amaryllis
    The Exuberant Discharge of the Jewelweed
    The Palpable Fleece of the Cattail
    The Ambiguous Sapidity of the Hibiscus
    The Conspicuous Boisterousness of the Nasturtium

    Okay, I’m tapped out.

    Chance35 – well whaddya know? My age exactly? What are the chances?

  20. SB Sarah says:

    Ophrys Fly’s Big Mistake

    Sounds like a new Horticultural line of Harlequins, only minus the secret baby and the botanist tycoon.

  21. Jean Poole says:

    Popping the Batchelors Buttons

  22. LoriSusan says:

    The stink of the sunflower.
    Dahlia’s Daring Defecation.
    In Ur Ass, Saving Ur Lilly. (The Smart Bitches Version).

  23. Elizabeth Wadsworth says:

    The Saxophone of the Saxifrage
    The Lascivious Lives of the Leopard Lily
    The Downward Spiral of the Spirea
    The Artless Art of the Artemisia
    The Gallimaufry of the Gaillardia
    The Wretched Retching of the Vetch
    The Loose Morals of the Loostrife
    Aid and Advice from the Edelweiss
    Catching Flak from the Flax
    Mulling Over the Mullein

  24. Marianne McA says:

    The Clandestine Chronicle of Crotch-joy.

    (Horticultural factoid: ‘crotch-joy’ is another colloquial name for what we call ‘robin-run-the-hedge’ in N. Ireland.)

  25. SB Sarah says:

    Crotch-Joy. Yet another reason I need to go to Ireland. Stat.

  26. LoriSusan says:

    I was just getting ready to leave for work and thought: As she stroked his love stamen, her own petals were moist with dew….I’ll probably be sitting at my desk with a silly grin all morning thinking horticulture-love.

  27. Lady T says:

    I’ve read a couple of these books,so perhaps I may have an advantage here:

    The Purloining of the Purple Rose

    The Hamstringing of the Spotted Lady’s Slipper

    The Ovulation of the White Oleander

    The Furious Fumbling of the Foxglove

    The Molesting of the Monkey flower(it’s a real flower,from Newcastle-upon-Tyne,I swear!)

    The Cuckolding of the Cuckoo Flower

    Then again,maybe my advantage is not as great as I presume:)

  28. Silver James says:

    I’m not even going to attempt this! Way too many gigglesnort worthy entries as is.

    My word? placed11 Nope. I would place far lower than 11th.

  29. Sabrina says:

    My contribution…

    The Parting of the Lilly-of-the-Valley

    Kiss of the Tulips (Tu-Lips)

    The Secret Moisture of the Water-Lilly

  30. Courtney says:

    The Reticence of the Ragweed

    The Frustration of the Fuschia Fuschia

    The Reluctance of the Snapdragon

  31. Vanessa says:

    The Scratching of the Fleabane

    Snow on the Roof Iris

    The Steaming of the Gas Plant

    The Midnight Cutting of the Monkshood

    The Clap of the Venus Fly Trap

  32. Katie says:

    The Wilting of the Kings Spear

    The Wind of the Hog Bean*

    The Disingenuousness of the Shamrock

    The Homonym of the Sunflower

    *I swear I’m not making that up, it’s another name for Henbane

  33. Joy says:

    Deflowering of the Delicate Daisy…
    Mooning over the Marigold

  34. Ch says:

    The outing of the pansy
    A whisper of baby’s breath
    The mystery in the wisteria
    The remembrance of forget-me-not
    The pruning of the rose bush
    The plucking of the rosebud
    A rondeau of rose hips
    The fortnight of love-lies-bleeding
    The lure of the prince’s feather

  35. The Undoing Queen Anne’s Lace

    The Unnatural Curiosity of the Coneflower

    The Secret Life of Jack-in-the-Pulpit

  36. Theresa Meyers says:

    Ooh, ooh, the florist in me cometh forth with the weird flowers…

    The Addiling Allure of the Antherium (that’s the big red, waxy,heart-shaped flower from Hawaii, with the prominent stamen…we called them penis plants at the shop)

    The Lusty Lament of the Liatrus (that’s the funny looking long purple bottle brush looking flower you sometimes see in arrangements also called Gayfeather or Blazing Star)

    The Prickly Proposal of the Pincushion Protea (have you ever seen those flowers that look like they come from another planet and have somehow been crossed genetically with a porcupine? That’s them.  Also known as…sugarbushes)

  37. That should have been

    The Undoing OF Queen Anne’s Lace…

  38. rebyj says:

    The Happy Anthurium

  39. Jackie says:

    The titles are great so far!

    The Alluring Augmentation of the Amorphophallus Titanum

  40. Terror of the Terrifically Tawdry Theodore
    The last Bastion of the Beastly Basques
    The Dastardly Dreams of Demonic Denizens
    The Secret and Shameless Shard of the Woman
    The Closely Hidden Cold Sparks of Rebellion
    The Lascivious Lamentations of the Libelous Libations
    Braving the Brimming Bridge of the Mage
    Enchanting the Elegant Elemental Sword

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