Looking for something to do this weekend?

Basement? Check. Sharpie marker? Check. Excellent grasp of depth and sketch art? If you’re this dude, yup and double yup. With a box of Sharpies, he illustrated his entire basement into a trompe l’oeil library.

So awesome. Makes me want to get crafty, but I don’t know that any part of my basement would be improved by my ability to doodle.

[Thanks to Silver for the link.]

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  1. Marilyn says:

    OMG. That so makes me wish I had a basement! They don’t do basements here in FL. Something about building your house on sand..but I could look at this for hours. (I think I just did.)

  2. Kelly C says:

    Holy moly, that is awsome!  1) I don’t have a basement either and B) I can barely draw stick figures let alone an(y) actual work(s) of art.  WOW! 

    p.s.  I was also digging the TV that could double for a jumbo-tron.  😉

  3. Tibbles says:

    That was awesome.  I don’t have a basement, but if I did I know what artistic hubby would be doing (yup my man can draw)!  Just WOW!

  4. Madd says:

    My husband could totally do that! I’m keeping this idea in my head for when I have a house.

  5. darlynne says:

    That is one of the most astonishing things I’ve ever seen. The perspective where he’s bent an image around a corner? Man, all I can do are stick figures and really poor ones at that. Thanks for providing this link.

  6. sandra says:

    Awesome!  Spamword:  George69. Well, if George is willing…

  7. Carmen says:

    Can anyone find Rocky and Bullwinkle? We’ve looked, and we can’t spot them.

  8. Silver James says:

    Glad y’all enjoyed. I’m going to stock up on Sharpies now.

  9. Oh now that was cool.

    Makes me want to get crafty, but I don’t know that any part of my basement would be improved by my ability to doodle.

    Absolutely NOTHING would be improved by my ability (inability) to doodle.

  10. It’s sad that this is the first thing that I thought of – and maybe it is just because I have seen the movie more times than is healthy, but it totally reminded me of the paintings on the walls in the movie Three Men and a Baby.

  11. ev says:

    I am in fucking awe.

  12. WoW! That is awesome and very creative. Wish I could do something so neat like that. Thank you for sharing this very nice.


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