Preditors & Editors Sued by Agent and Attorney

An alert tipster forwarded me some news: Seems Preditors and Editors is being sued. From the Absolute Write forums post 17, Dave Kuzminski, owner and author of P&E, writes:

P&E is being sued by Barbara Bauer and by Victor E. Cretella, III, Esq. in two separate courts.

Ms. Bauer is a literary agent who alleges I/P&E called her a scam and a scammer and is suing for libel.

Mr. Cretella is an attorney for PublishAmerica. He alleges I/P&E harmed his reputation by reporting him to the Maryland State Bar Association and his former employer for his actions against a member of Absolute Write and is suing for libel.

Preditors and Editors revealed the suit on their site on February 14th, citing an informant in Mr. Cretella’s office, and is now accepting Paypal donations to help mount their legal defense in court.



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  1. Thanks for posting this. I used Preditors and Editors back when I was agent hunting, and I’ve got them linked on my website. They’re a priceless resource for helping aspiring authors get a little less taken advantage of. I’ll definitely be making a donation toward their defense.

  2. Teddypig says:

    Yeah and Babs is such a hard act to follow. I wonder if she will have to prove she actually sold any books now?

  3. azteclady says:

    “No good deed goes unpunished” indeed!

    What sucks is that no matter the lack of merit in the suit, P&E will have to spend time and energy proving their innocence.

    I hope DK counter sues!

  4. lilywhite says:

    Yeah, she’s been barging around for what seems like ages trying to get websites and message boards shut down whenever anybody talks about her shady-at-best “business.

    What a pitiful excuse for a human being.

    verification word:  indeed26—the internets agree with me!

  5. Yes, Azteclady, but the hope is that due to the nature of the complaint, Dave will also get discovery. Which should be quite interesting.

  6. --E says:

    What DQ/SK said. It’s a pain in the ass and will cost money to defend, but getting discovery will be enlightening.

    I wonder what court the suits are taking place in, and whether the SF world’s favorite shark is available to defend Dave?

    wordver: process82 – the process servers will be having a time of it, won’t they?

  7. Jackie says:

    Dave’s website is an incredibly valuable resource. Thinking positive thoughts for him and P&E, and I will absolutely make a donation.

  8. Abney says:

    Perhaps the lawsuit is a way to drum up attention perhaps get more suckers into the fold.

    You know I once read when the media exposes a bad guy or a scam they try to make sure that the scammer will be shut down soon because the increased attention also attracts some unbelieving victims.

    She can’t think she has a leg to stand on. But she does still attract new victims even though if you just simply google her name all types of bad things come up.

    But there are some desperate people out there willing to believe… and for many I am sure that she seems like there last hope.

    Mean62 how ironic ~A

  9. Eirin says:

    Holy Fack!

    Bauer isn’t blushing for anything, is she?
    Remember when her threats actually got Absoulute Write shut down for a week until they found a new and not so easily intimidated server service?

    I’d say the proof of her being a scammer lies in the fact that she’s suing a site dedicated to informing the new, wide-eyed hopefuls of potential pitfalls.

    As for the other suit, the former(?) Publish America laywer, I can only say that if you lay down in that particular kennel, fleas will be the least of the shit clinging to you.

    Damn, I can’t remember when last I was this angry on the intarwebs.
    Even if suits are dismissed, Dave Kuzminsky(sp?) will still have to mount a legal defence up front.
    And, using the old “Follow the money” adage, it’s not like Preditors&Editors actually get something out of their work.

    Damn! *Spanks on Bauer*

  10. oakling says:

    Oh my god, the drama. Does this mean she has to prove in court that she’s not a scammer? That would be fun to watch 🙂

  11. Laura McCarthy says:

    I don’t have an agent yet, but I’ll tell you, I WILL most definitely STILL check P&E and will donate money to their defense! 

    P&E is an invaluable resource for newbies like me who could potentially be suckered in!

  12. Rachel says:

    Wow, PublishAmerica.  I work for a company that sells books “published” by PublishAmerica…and they are not—oh, what is the word?  Ethical?  Yes, ethical.  They are not ethical in dealing with their clients.  I laughed out loud when I read this post.  Alleged by an attorney for PublishAmerica?  HAHAHAHA!!!  (The company I work for, a book retailer, has warned PA more than once about what they’re telling their authors, and at this point we’ve concluded that they are flat-out lying to their authors about the services we provide.)

    PublishAmerica, suing over ethics?  I’m still giggling.

  13. Qadesh says:

    I was positive I had heard of this Bauer person before, and thanks to Eirin for reminding me it was over the Absolute Writer dust-up some time ago.  Jeez, does she have nothing better to do with her time and money?  What a yutz.  Let’s hope the courts see these two lawsuits for what they are, and they are thrown out of court.  Quickly.

  14. P&E really is an invaluable resource. There are just too many people ready to, as someone said above, to prey on people’s hopes.

    I have a serious question, though. What does “get discovery” mean? Is that legalese for “get to call the plaintiff on their bullshit?”

  15. Rachel, if you would be willing to contact Dave that would possibly be very helpful in his case.

  16. “Discovery” means you get to examine the other side’s documents and proof.

  17. DQ/SK—Thank you!  I should have figured that out from all that Law and Order I used to watch when Chris Noth was on.  Since that’s criminal law, though, my brain didn’t go there.

  18. Lol Rosemary, when Chris Noth is on the screen I don’t absorb much else. 🙂

  19. Rebecca says:

    TeddyPig – why the link? I don’t get it.

    Shame about it. Well, lots of people actually make their money by suing others.

    So sad.

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