Hot Rugby Players and Gay Magicians

Bitchery Reader Beth sent me a few pictures of Sébastien Chabal, a French rugby player dubbed “The Caveman.” Should we need a muse for future romance, Beth says, “is very big and very wild-looking, wth long tangled hair, but to my mind he looks like nothing so much as a romance cover hero.” She’s got a point. Take a look:



Also, many, many of you forwarded me links to the big news of the weekend: J.K.Rowling outed Dumbledore, prompting what may be the funniest LOLCat I’ve seen in a long ass time:


(Image courtesy of ICanHasCheezburger)


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  1. Julie Leto says:

    Okay, that’s the funniest LOLCat I’ve seen EVER.

    I was wondering when the SBs were going to bring this up.

    First, I don’t give a rat’s ass if Dumbledore is gay.  However, since a major theme in the HP books is acceptance and love, I totally see her point.  She said, “I always thought of Dumbledore as gay,” not “Of course he’s gay, didn’t you see that?”

    What disturbs me is all the little kiddies at Mugglenet cracking wise about Dumbledore having a thing for Harry as if gay=pedophile.  That really frightens me.  I thought for sure that the next generation would be more educated, accepting and open-minded.  These are the same chillin’s who get all Rambo on people like Laura Mallory, the mother who wanted HP banned in Georgia, but then they resort to the same tactics.

    Maybe this is an educational opportunity for them.  I can only hope.

  2. Oooh, Chabal. He can drag me back to his cave anytime. Woo damn!

    You know, I think he embodies the “true” alpha male, in my book. Never mind these skinny little boys who won’t go out of the house without hand lotion and hair gel. Pfwa!

    But that wasn’t his best picture, eh? Try this one instead!

  3. TracyS says:

    That is one big dude. And nice to look at.  hmmmm what was I doing? *wink*

  4. Rosemary says:

    I’d let him touch it.

    Although, I’d hope he’d smack it.

    Woo, I might need to get laid sometime soon.

  5. KCfla says:

    He’s definately a MAN isn’t he? Nice way to start the week ladies!

    Oh, and the Dumbledore thing- I have to say that my Hubby and I were talking about that revelation yesterday. Unfortunately one of the first things that came up was that “someone” was going to use that info against the series. Useing a “Gay=pedophile” slant- just as they used the whole “witchcraft” angle as an excuse to try and ban/censor/put down the series. Which is just wrong- IMHO.

  6. Rhian says:

    Phwoar. That is one hell of a man. Thanks for the very nice Monday eye-candy!

  7. Kalen Hughes says:

    Seems to me that Dumbledore being gay was just about as obvious (after the last book) as “the secret” of THE CRYING GAME. *roll eyes* We walked out of that movie still wondering what “the secret” was. When I finally figured out it was that the tranny was a man I couldn’t stop laughing. I guess if you didn’t grow up in San Francisco maybe it wasn’t OBVIOUS, but for those of us who had drag queens for baby sitters, there was no secret.

  8. dillene says:

    Bah- where’s his chest hair?  He’s got long hair, a full beard, and then nothing.  He looks like he fell neck deep into a vat of Nair.  They did the same thing to Eric Bana in “Troy”. 

    But God help me, I do like long, dark hair on a man. I must have seen too much of Daniel Day-Lewis in “Mohicans” during my formative years.

  9. sara says:

    Wow. The euphemisms that come to mind…

  10. Teddy Pig says:

    The long hair thing is so silly image wise and to me personally it conflicts with whole manly man masculine ideal I see in Romance especially.

    Most guys, I mean your regular Alpha Male, Joe Blow, shit kicking types I know would not put up with the hair upkeep issues and the vanity necessary with long hair. Let’s face the fact most guys do not want to use a conditioner, think about buying conditioner, and like hell are they going to the salon long hair requires. They barely want to deal with having to buy shampoo because what is wrong with a bar of soap?

    Your typical Navy Seal or Marine military type I see in every Romance book would in real life call the long hair dudes girly. Because it’s all about the regulation high and tight and being four-O etc etc.

    So no, in fact I think long hair makes me chuckle. Yeah, you are so masculine big boy with your 15 bottles of conditioner in the shower and your hair stylist on speed dial.


  11. Teddy, dude, there’s a difference between this kind of long hair:

    And this kind of long hair:$7005473$180.jpg

    One involves a lot more chemical spills than the other. Although both are pretty damn hot to me.

    And Dumbledore? Do we care? She killed Snape. I’m still pouting over that one.

  12. Teddy Pig says:

    Oh that is just one stylist versus another.
    Though I agree that the rugby guys hair is hell a more natural like.

    I am just saying that what most people want to consider a typical everyday type guy’s viewpoint the long hair is pure bull. Even when I could grow it out like that I just could not be bothered with it.

    I call it visible high maintenance. I stay the hell away from high maintenance men.

  13. Stephanie says:

    Oh.  Wow.  He’s, um, big.

    I like ‘em scrawny and geeky but . . . sometimes the idea that he could toss me over his shoulder in a way completely in line with my feminist ideals and have my way with me (no, that’s not a typo) is . . . fun.

    (Note to self: investigate soccer on weird sports channels.)

  14. Teddy Pig says:

    You guys have not seen anything till you see the French Rugby Team….

    I mean you get to see everything.

    Go to Amazon and type in Dieux Du Stade

    They even sell making of the calendar DVDs.

  15. Oh man, Teddy!

    I was all over that one a couple of months ago. It’s everywhere around the stores on this side of the Atlantic. What can I say, I like’em big and coarse.

    I agree though, about the high-maintenance men. Life’s too short to put up with that crap.

  16. Julie Leto says:

    Nathalie…she killed Snape, not Alan Rickman, LOL!

    Snape needed to die.  S’rsly.

  17. julia says:

    No, no, no, no, NO!  If you’re going to lust after a French Rugby dude, then it really should be this one:

    Srsly.  Photos are definitely not work safe.  And yes, this calendar sells thousands to men AND women.

    Chaball kinda looks like a pumped-up Jesus to me…

  18. Becky says:

    My most vivid impression of DH is reading Snape’s final memory in the pensieve and thinking “Crap.  She wrote the story about the wrong character!”

  19. Mickle says:

    “What disturbs me is all the little kiddies at Mugglenet cracking wise about Dumbledore having a thing for Harry as if gay=pedophile.”

    Are they saying it like it’s a bad thing though?  One thing to keep in mind about teens and young adults is that they don’t always understand that romantic relationships with huge power imbalances are inherently bad things.  I think it’s partly out a desire to be treated as “proper” adults, and because a lot of their deepest attachments until now have been with people older than them.

    The student body at my college was all up in arms when the professors added (confirmed?) some line in their code of conduct about not getting romantically involved with any student – no matter if they were in you class or not.  The student body argued that this was being overly restrictive of students.  I’m thinking a lot of us had crushes.  🙂  And that some people were confusing being responsible with power with treating students like children.

    The professors responded with “You all can do what you want, we think it’s not such a good idea.”  Which I thought was pretty funny, and true, and ended the hubub.

  20. Mama Nice says:

    Hey-hey, no fair picking on the long haired guys!!! Like anything else, you can’t group ‘em all together. My hubby is 6’4” with hair down to his ass. Yes, the man goes through massive amounts of Pantene conditioner – but a stylist? No. He just asks me to hack some off the end when he starts to sit on it.

    And yes, that rugby player is le hot. Though I’d prefer he lose the beard – I like a lot on top, but a smooth face.

    As for Dumbledore, it doesn’t surprise or bother me. My husband and I had this conversation after book 7 and the way the relationship with what’s his name was described. It does put a whole new spin on “Naked time” though. If you haven’t seen this you-tube, or any of the other Potter Puppet Pals – go do a search.

    My veri.word is “center84” – huh – when I was in college I played on the women’s rugby team and was the center, better known as the “hooker” but that was in ‘98 not ‘84.

  21. Teddy Pig says:

    Hey, I am not picking on anyone in particular just making an observation.

    I am bald myself. Though at one time before I went in the Navy I did grow it out only to shave it off quickly.

    My other half decided this year after years of long hair to finally shave it all off and he loves the fact he does not have to deal with it anymore. Although he has the most gorjesus well kept beard I have ever seen on a man.

    The last dozen or so Romances I have read are populated solely by long haired heros represented as rugged ex-military this and dashing outdoors men that, cowboy etc etc etc. Everyone of them described with long flowing locks.

    While I am sitting there wondering how the hell they pack all that conditioner out to the middle of where ever they are and why the hell they would decide to let their hair grow after spending most of their life keeping it a military regulation length.

    Guys with long hair in my world are an exception, not a rule. Yes even Rugby players. I am talking about guys who are outdoorsy or work on farms or spent time in the military and not one of them has long hair.

    Unless we are reading Romance where suddenly it is in almost every book.

  22. wendy says:

    Remember the days when the manly sportsmen exchanged tops at the end of big games? Sigh.

  23. Teddy Pig says:

    Huh? When? I am all for that practice.

  24. Cat Marsters says:

    They still do.  Cristiano Ronaldo can’t keep his kit on.  I don’t like the guy, but I do like looking at him.  Mr Caveman doesn’t really work for me.  Dude, get a razor.

    And Stephanie: if you investigate soccer, you’ll be disappointed.  Load of backstabbing pansies who cry when their hair gets messy (No, Mr Ronaldo, of course I’m not talking about you).  You want rugby for the burly guys.  And some of them are really, really burly…

  25. Charlene says:

    About the smooth chest: Almost all pro rugby players (and many amateurs) wax or shave. I’m not sure why.

  26. Charlene says:

    Oh, and about the Dumbledore thing: I’ve seen two egregiously stupid comments already on my LiveJournal friends list:

    – he can’t be gay because he’s old;
    – it’s okay that he’s gay because he was once young, because of course being gay is all about being young.

    And these are not from the religious right either!

    *bangs head against wall*

  27. Teddy Pig says:

    – he can’t be gay because he’s old;
    – it’s okay that he’s gay because he was once young, because of course being gay is all about being young.

    *Snort* Yeah I’m not gay. I am just old and bitter. It is sad but I keep telling people that mainstream Gay culture is way too youth oriented.

  28. quichepup says:

    Long hair on guys doesn’t take that much upkeep. Keeping it clean, a little conditioner and putting it in a ponytail is about it.

  29. Yvonne says:

    Ya know, my brother wears his hair pretty long but its cuz he can’t be bothered getting it cut. Most of the time he stuffs it under a hat. He uses shampoo with the built in conditioner.

    Not fair really, his hair is long and dark and curly. *sigh* I have fine, in straight hair that I keep in a short shag because of my job.

  30. Melanie says:

    You like rugby players and the like? Check out the New-Zealand All Blacks… Yum!

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

  31. Wow.  And hamana, too.  Mr Caveman is now officially on my To Do list.  Baby!

    And Dumbledore… well, I suppose I suspected.  I mean, we never heard about any romantic past for him.  I had my suspicions about McGonnegal as well.  Still, does it matter?  I’m glad she put it out there.  I enjoyed listening to it on the radio this morning and seeing my sons’ total bafflement as to why this was news.  Always nice to see that my attempts at instilling tolerance are paying off.

  32. Chrissy says:

    I like big, muscular dudes but that guy sort of has a steroid enhanced look.  I’m not making an accusation, just commenting on a look.

    RE Dumbledore… the kids on Mugglenet don’t strike me as a good cross section of YA readers.  I stopped glancing at it and the kids stopped going there for that reason.  They seem to be either really dim, or very wise-ass and a little creepy.  Just an impression.

    All the kids in my life responded to the big news with an eyeroll and a “duh.”

  33. Mama Nice says:

    Hey Bitchipants – good job on raising a smartboy! Funny – on hearing a wizard was outed I first thought McG too…who knows?  Maybe the cat’s still in the bag with that one (yes, I really did just say that.)

    Teddy Pig – I wasn’t offended, just had to comment on my non-fru-fru long-haired man (who, by the way is as UN-outdoorsy as they come, so – you’re right – I don’t see how the rugged boys do the long hair…unless it’s Jamie Fraser.)
    I don’t see how the rugby players wear the long hair either – like I said before, I played in college, and sported a braid down to my waist and got into a fist fight with a girl after she used my braid as a way to tackle me.

  34. Teddypig says:

    I played in college, and sported a braid down to my waist and got into a fist fight with a girl after she used my braid as a way to tackle me.

    I did that once with a guy playing football. Man did we get into it after that. But the damn thing was hanging right there and seemed so tempting. I am a bad boy.

  35. darlynne says:

    Teddy Pig, thank you for the mention of Dieux Du Stade. If the internet balanced on an axis, I’ll bet everything tilted sharply when we all ran over to amazon to take a gander at those athletes. Not to mention, of course, the additional tilt when the 2004 DVD hit all those Blockbuster queues. Or maybe that was just me. All French, no subtitles? Who cares?

  36. Teddypig says:

    Would you believe that A Different Light here in San Francisco has the whole entire series for sale Calendars, DVDs, even a book?

    I swear it is the best beefcake bookstore in the world.

  37. Josie says:

    While I don’t mind a bit of rugby, my heart truly belongs with Aussie Rules football. We’re talking tall, lean, athletic…

    There are some very good examples right here:

  38. Holy God!  I’ve just spent around 90 minutes ogling those Dieux de Stade guys and hooo damn, I feel the need to get some new calendars.  Like yesterday.  Look, this site has all the pics from all the calendars!  *jumps in ice-filled bathtub to cool off*

    I feel a silly urge to tie a note with this website addy on it to an owl and send it toward England…

  39. Wry Hag says:

    French rugby dude doesn’t do it for me.  Nuh-uh.  Too Geico commercial—thick waist, slanted forehead, sprawling facial hair.  Yech. 

    Aussie Rules football?  Better.  But, damn, I hate abs that look like parallel escalators…or glacial geological formations, e.g., eskers and drumlins…or surfable swells.

    And by the way, Teddy Pig, where exactly are you bald?  Cough up the deets, sweetpea, lest we judge you without sufficient information. 😉

  40. Wry Hag says:

    dillene ~ You’re not alone.  Daniel Day-Lewis in …Mohicans had me cream-dreamin’ heavily when that movie came out.  Still does, actually.  (I don’t think that’s the kind of Natty Bumppo Fenimore Cooper had in mind!)

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