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The Luckiest Lady in London by Sherry Thomas: A Guest Review from Shari


Title: The Luckiest Lady in London
Author: Sherry Thomas
Publication Info: Berkley 2013
ISBN: 978-0425268889
Genre: Historical: European

Book The Luckiest Lady in LondonI received this review via email from Shari, who started reading romance, she tells me, in Dutch translations and now reads them in English. She also says that it's “also kind of fun that I now know more different types of carriages and names of garments than my husband, who is a scholar of Victorian literature.”

I have just read 'The Luckiest Lady in London' by Sherry Thomas and as this book not only gave me emo-tingles, but also had me laughing out loud on a regular basis and gleefully hugging the book in an 'oh my God I can't believe how wonderful this book is, please let it go on like this for a long time', I thought I'd recommend it for a review.

Though I thought it became slightly less perfect in my mind toward the end, I am still so goofy happy about it that I want to share my excitement. Some things I loved about it (to further convince you):

– You can just tell the author had so much fun writing it.

– The [prologue] ends like this:

'The right girl wouldn't come along for twenty years, and she'd be a naive, plump-chested chit of seventeen who worshiped the ground on which he trod. Little could he guess that at twenty-eight he would marry, out of the blue, a lady who was quite some years removed from seventeen, neither naive nor plump-chested, and who examined the ground on which he trod with a most suspicious eye, seeing villainy in everything he said and did.

Her name was Lousia Cantwell, and she would be his undoing.'

I love books that start like that, making the reader a co-conspirator in the fun the author is going to have with her characters.

– There are lots of subtle hints to Lord of Scoundrels, which again make you feel like a true insider if you can find them.

– The way the characters recognize each other as kindred spirits is one of the best, most realistic ways of describing true love that I have ever read.

– The sex-scenes are wonderfully sexy without at all becoming overly graphic, which is a real talent, I think.

I could go on, but basically I just hope you will have time to read it and that it will delight you as it has me! 

Sometimes a book can go from just good to fantastic because of the particular state of mind you are in when you read it, but I do think this one really was just THAT good.

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  1. 1
    redheadedgirl says:

    I really enjoyed this one, too!  Good rompy fun.

  2. 2
    teelo says:

    I *just* finished reading it and have already started re-reading it.  The writing is delicious and the interaction between the characters had me enthralled.  I really liked that the author beautifully handled themes of power and power imbalance without diverting into ickiness/victimization.  Its just too good!

  3. 3
    Brooksbelle says:

    Reading this now and LOVING it.  Sherry Thomas knows how to take standard conflicts and plot devices and turn them on their heads for a swoon-worthy good time.

    Love it when the hero noticed his starchy sleeve and realizes his epic and unexpected un-done-ness instead of his planned cool seduction.  Marvelous!

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