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Sony 700 Review: by Test Driver Billie Bloebaum

Used by permission of Sony Electronics IncI never expected it to happen, you know. But, that’s the way these things are, right? Just when you least expect it: POW! right between the eyes. 

My first glimpse of my love nearly took my breath away: slim, sleek, and clad in black leather, this was a package that was easy on the eyes. I quickly found out, too, that my love was sensitive to touch. Of course, some touches brought forth a faster response than others, but I quickly learned just how to touch to elicit the reaction I was seeking.

Unfortunately, I also soon learned that my love and I faced communication problems. There were walls between us and until I found a way around them, I knew I wasn’t going to get what I wanted. A little massaging and finessing, though, and I managed to breach those walls and expose my love to a world of romance.

Now my love and I spend evenings companionably together, eagerly devouring books and highlighting passages we find touching or funny or unintentionally hilarious or making note of over- or incorrectly-used words and phrases. My love has allowed me to experience things that were previously unattainable for me and has opened my eyes to the joys of new technologies. We travel together and I even bring my love to work with me. It seems I can’t bear for us to be apart for any length of time. 

Sure, my love isn’t perfect. There’s the dog-earing for one thing. (I have a visceral loathing for dog-earing, but can’t get my love to use a proper bookmark—or even a sticky note—so I try to ignore it as best I can.) And, sometimes, my love can be overly sensitive to touch and respond in a way I didn’t want or anticipate. We still occasionally have communication issues, but I’m getting better at recognizing when these may flare up and finding a way to avoid them. Sadly, my love doesn’t seem to love comics as much as I do. They’ll be tolerated, but not embraced. I find that the longer I spend with my love, the more tolerant I am of such quirks and foibles. What do they matter when my love is so beautiful and brings me such joy? 

Unfortunately, like so many things, our love is destined to come to an end. At the end of September my love will need to return to New Jersey and I’ll be left heartbroken, with only memories and tattered paperbacks to keep me company.

[SBS: Gosh, you think she likes the Sony 700?]

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  1. 1
    Melissa S. says:

    I hate the grayscale all the covers look awful. I don’t even see how you could have tried the comics and grahics if they’re not straight black and white.

    Hope they figure out the color with the eink.

  2. 2
    Lisa J says:

    Ditto Billie.  But my love is a 505 and not as sensitive.  Still we spend many hot romantic days and nights together.

  3. 3
    Jessica G. says:

    I thought all the test drives were 505s? Is it a mix or are they all 700s?

    I hope that Sony will offer some kind of purchase option at the end of the trial for you guys :D

  4. 4
    DianeN says:

    This sounds like a match made in heaven to me! Dare we hope for a HEA for Billie??

  5. 5
    Billie says:

    Melissa S.:

    The comic I loaded to experiment with was, indeed, done in black and white. I wouldn’t want to see what the transition to greyscale did to a color work. The graphics resolution was superb, but it took f o r e v e r for the pages to load. (It was so long loading one page that I thought I had crashed the Reader altogether.) But, since many comics publishers are now doing advance copies as PDFs, I thought it was worth a try. It didn’t work as well as I’d hoped, so I guess I’m stuck viewing the PDFs on my computer screen during lunch. Better than Free Cell, I suppose.

  6. 6
    MamaNice says:

    Does the 700 have the bookmark option? It actually works quite well, and like the History option – can be used within each book and kept separate.

    I’m testing the 505, and on my wish list for what it could do is the ability to take notes and “mark up” pages…but from what I hear the ink and screen aren’t as good on the 700 because of the touchscreen. Maybe the 700 and the 505 need to get it on so their secret baby can provide the best of both worlds.

  7. 7
    lynne says:

    What a great review!  I wish I could write like that! :)

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