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Sony 505 Review: A Report from Theresa

Used by permission of Sony Electronics IncThere are few things I like doing better than reading. Which means it’s surprising I haven’t picked up an e-reader of any kind until the SBTB Sony e-reader test drive challenge. Up until now paper books and I have had a die-hard lovefest. In fact there are times when my husband is jealous of my books taking up so much of my time and having to share space in the house with them. Enter the e-reader.

When I first opened the e-reader I didn’t bother reading the directions. I wanted to see how organically I responded to the device. I’m not a tech whiz by any means, but I know how to twitter and I can update my website now and then. If I couldn’t figure out how to turn it on, navigate between books and load new books on without a lot of directions, then it wasn’t going to be something I could really recommend to my completely non-tech friends/family. I was delighted that the 505 was almost like putting a key in the ignition and ready to drive with the content that was already loaded.

Getting new content through the Sony store however proved a three-hour long process, complete with digging through help sections, frustrated reloading of the program to fill up at the store and general tearing out of the hair trying to figure out where I’d made a wrong turn.

Once we got past that little hurdle, the rest has been a test drive worthy of Top Gear.

It loads fast (sometimes I’ve found I actually have to flip back to the page I was reading previously because I was pushing the next page button faster than I was finishing the last paragraph). It handles nicely. Reading on the screen is very comfortable, very comparable to paperback book, although I did find that an e-book loaded from my local library (woo hoo, free books, yes we can haz them!) did go a bit wonky in the formatting when the font size was bumped up from miniscule to readable.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the ability to bump up the font size. It made it easier to flash my little red reader at my tech-love dad, and the sleek styling caught the attention of many of the mommies I hang around with while our kids soak themselves silly with water balloons. Even my daughter, who is still too young to drive, took the reader out for a spin. In fact, I suspect she’s been sneak reading some of the books I’ve downloaded from Harlequin. My husband is even intrigued, because this sleek little gizmo means less books actually cluttering our home, possibly leaving more room in the garage for yet another hot rod.

Overall the reader gets great mileage, over 2000 pages on one charge, and still going. I’m taking it on another trip soon and if I can read on it in the car, then we just may have uncovered a minor miracle.

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  1. 1
    votermom says:

    OT: Where did the twighlight-ized covers go? I was hoping to get another look at them.

  2. 2

    I love that you went directions free!  I did that, and I am loving my 505.  I might dig into the directions now, though, and see if there’s anything I missed that could deepen my experience. Also, I’m glad it’s not named 501 like the jeans, or I’d have to think of another thing to call it.

  3. 3
    ev says:

    I love using mine in the car. I do find myself increasing the font size then, but that’s no biggie.

    We are now camper hunting. So having our ereaders will be a big benefit when it comes to storage and travelling with the 3 dogs.

    Hubby has the 505, so do both our daughters and 1 son, and I have the 700. We all love them.

    Just be prepared to have to stop reading and give someone a sales pitch when then stop and ask you what it is.

  4. 4
    Karla says:

    I’ve had my 505 for three months.  Red, of course, and I love it.  I’m “the pusher”, Sony should be sending me a commission cheque. 
    If I could add one feature to my reader, it would be a clock.  Maybe other models have one, I’m not sure.
    One of my arguments for buying an e-reader was that I would spend less money on books… um, yah, that happened.  I’m so happy that the husband & I keep separate credit card accounts!

  5. 5
    ev says:

    Karla- You might spend as much, but usually you can get more bang for the buck, or credit card. I cheat- I am still getting my bestsellers from the library as I have no room for any more HC’s and refuse to spend it on a digital version. On the other hand, I am converting some of my new TBR pile over to digital and then using the unread, new books (yeah, savings there) for gift baskets when needed.

    I am a bad girl.

    I also should be getting a commission check from Sony. I have pushed this on more people traveling around the country, since I got it in November.

  6. 6
    Elayna says:

    I love that you went directions free!

    I have just got the PRS 600 and after reading the 505 reviews on here which slated the quick start guide, I just didn’t bother with it.  I had Calibre up and running with my favourite books, so I just plugged the reader in and was ready to go.

    I also know what everyone means about pushing it.  I love it so much I feel the need to tell everyone and show them how good it is.  I have only had it since Monday and have secured three possible sales for Sony :)

  7. 7
    Beki says:

    Man, you guys are making me want one of these and I have no good reason for it right now!!!

  8. 8
    Elayna says:

    Beki – Hate to say it but the Reader is so totally not something you will ever need a reason to by.  I don’t think I had a reason.  I had excuses, but really it all boiled down to want :)

  9. 9
    Brian says:

    Since the 505 is now an “old” model if you look around you might find a deal.  My local Target is closing them out for $230.

  10. 10
    Brian says:

    Just got back from WalMart (yuck) they have 505’s for $229.  Great deal if anyone’s looking for one.

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