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RITA Reader Challenge: “Unforgiven” by Ruth Ryan Langan


Title: "Unforgiven" from The Unquiet Anthology
Author: Ruth Ryan Langan
Publication Info: Jove 2011
ISBN: 978-0515149982
Genre: Paranormal

The Unquiet Anthology This review was written by Emily A. This story was nominated in the Best Romance Novella category.

The summary:      

The shattered soul of an angry spirit imprisoned in a Scottish manor house could be a young widow's only salvation.

And here is Emily's review:

Ironically I don’t have much to say which is odd, because I usually have a lot to say.

This novella was fine, but filled with characters we’ve met before like the lonely widow, the haunted mysterious Scottish mansion, the groundskeepers, etc….

The ending was a bit of let down with gimmicky twists. I did appreciate the heat in this one compared to the other novellas, but I thought this one the weakest novella in the collection.

I think in a longer book the author might have made ways to make it more distinctive. If you’re like me and a print reader, you’ll buy the whole anthology. Since I read the whole anthology, I am including bonus lightning reviews.

Chaos in Death by J. D. Robb

I don’t want to step on any toes since this book is being reviewed by someone else. I will say I am only five books into the series, and I had didn’t have too much trouble following it.

Her Greatest Possession by Mary Blayney

This is the only regency and historical in the anthology. I particularly enjoyed the fact the author managed to avoid most regency clichés and turn the rest of the standard Regency tropes on their head. I would have nominated this for best novella instead of the Langan. Grade: A-

Dear One by Patricia Gaffney

This one seemed out of place in the anthology. The rest of stories had a haunting, mystical, slightly menacing tone, and this one was very Susan Elizabeth Phillips. That being said I thought the story was freakin’ adorable. Grade B+

His Brother’s Keeper by Mary Kay McComas

Due to the nature of the plot, it was hard to form a clear picture of the heroine.  The hero seemed like a catch. This one had the humor of the Gaffney, but the overall tone more like the Langan. As the last novella in the collection, it tied the rest of the anthology together nicely. Grade: B

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