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RITA Reader Challenge: True Colors by Joyce Lamb


Title: True Colors
Author: Joyce Lamb
Publication Info: Berkley 2011
ISBN: 978-0425240359
Genre: Romantic Suspense

True Colors This review was written by Randee. This story was nominated in the Best Romantic Suspense category.

The summary:      

Detective John Logan moved to Lake Avalon, Florida, to put a lifetime of hardship and tragedy out of sight. But when Logan's darkest secret comes to town with revenge in mind, he puts the woman of his dreams in a serial killer's crosshairs.

And here is Randee's combined review of both True Colors and True Shot.

True Vision, True Colors and True Shot make up the paranormal romantic suspense “True” trilogy by Joyce Lamb. Three sisters have the ability to see into others’ minds if they have skin-on-skin contact with them. Each of the three’s power manifests itself slightly differently, but none of them would consider it a “gift” as it has the ability to debilitate them to varying degrees.

            Either the second or third could be read without reading the others first, although the experience will be fuller with the background contained in the others. As is true with many other series, the books get better as they go along because the world becomes richer and more complex. A quest to learn about their powers and unravel the secrets about their mother’s family are overarching storylines that continue from book to book.

In True Colors, we meet the youngest sister, Alex, whose abilities were activated when she flatlined after being shot at the end of book one. Alex is my least favorite of the three sisters, because she doesn’t seem as deep and strong as the other two. She is the one with the most adverse reaction to her powers, and the dangers she face are worse than the other two. Logan, on the other hand, is a wonderful hero – a strong cop with dark secrets he’s trying to escape. Together, their romance is beautiful and fun to read. The villain is evil, dark and dangerous, but through Alex’s eyes, we can see why he’s become that way. That makes him all the more chilling.

Sam, the oldest sister, is our heroine in True Shot. In a reversal of the first two books our heroine is the kick-your-ass, psychic superspy, while Mac is your average guy next door. A la La Femme Nikita, Sam has been forced into service in exchange for staying out of prison, and the secret government agency she works for is our villain.

Of the series, I enjoyed True Shot the best. Circumstances require both Sam and Mac to take on the opposite role (her as vulnerable and him as protector), and the resultant emotions are strong and true. The suspense of the “hunt” for Sam kept me on the edge of my seat, and I cared for the characters more than I did in the other stories.

All three True books are fine reads. The combination of paranormal and suspense ramps the tension and stakes in each one.

This book is available from Goodreads | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo.

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    kkw says:

    Wow, so not my experience of this book, which I loathed (True Colors was the one I endured, and solely for the Rita challenge).  I want to hear more about what made it work for those who liked it, because I seriously had a hard time believing it was possible to enjoy this book.  More details, please, I want to understand what I’m missing.

  2. 2
    DeeCee says:

    I could not get into Lamb’s style of writing. I tried True Colors awhile back and it was a wallbanger after 50 pages.

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