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RITA Reader Challenge: To Seduce an Angel by Kate Moore


Title: To Seduce an Angel
Author: Kate Moore
Publication Info: Berkley 2011
ISBN: 978-0425243695
Genre: Historical: European

To Seduce an Angel This review was written by Phyllis. This story was nominated in the Best Regency Historical Romance category.

The summary:     

The youngest of the Jones brothers, Kit, has just been made the Marquess of Daventry-heir to his vengeful grandfather, the Duke of Wenlocke. Kit wants to free his family from the old duke, and he hires the beautiful Emma Portland to tutor his young wards while he makes his plans.

But Emma's true identity may be even more dangerous to Kit than his dastardly uncle. And the feelings they begin to have for one another may spell their mutual doom.

And here is Phyllis's review:

I can't figure out who the angel was supposed to be – hero or heroine? The hero is too young (twenty-ish) and his story too improbable. [SPOILER: The heroine was a princess? Sorry, Anne Gracie did that one much better.]

[This book] was the third in a series about a family of sons by an infamous courtesan who married a duke's son secretly.

Then the duke's son enlisted in the army? Sorry, but the only direct heir is in the army getting killed? There's no mention of anyone stopping him, but considering the duke was a homicidal nutcase, I guess he had good reason.

The nutcase Duke then had the one legitimate son – our hero – kidnapped and raped. Then the hero escaped and lived on the rooftops of London with a group of younger street boys. Oooooooookay.

So anyway, it was odd and improbable. And the writing wasn't great. Not bad, but not great and the plot lagged.

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