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RITA Reader Challenge: The Man from Gossamer Ridge by Paula Graves


Title: The Man from Gossamer Ridge
Author: Paula Graves
Publication Info: Harlequin 2011
ISBN: 978-0373695454
Genre: Romantic Suspense

The Man from Gossamer Ridge This review was written by Jen. This story was nominated in the Best Contemporary Series Suspense/Adventure Romance categories.

The summary:     
To criminology professor Alicia Solano, serial killers aren't just academic. A very real one is stalking her now, possibly the same madman who brought Gabe Cooper to town. The sexy Southern lawman still blames himself for an unsolved murder and this time, he'll do anything to catch the killer—and keep Alicia alive.

Not that the feisty prof wants his protection. Her protests prove useless when Gabe insists on moving in with her. And although Gabe senses getting Alicia to trust him—especially after surviving her own traumatic past—is going to be a challenge, it'll be worth it.

Gabe knows better than anyone just how far this murderer will go to get what he wants. But so will Gabe. And what he wants is Alicia.

And here is Jen's review:

I enjoy romantic suspense. I enjoy a nice category-length book to spend an. I live in fear of books with a cast of characters listing. And maps. Luckily, Graves forgoes the map, but she provides a cast list. This did not bode well for me. And of course I skimmed right past that list.

But here's the thing. The list is wholly unnecessary.

Graves draws her characters so thoroughly (yet economically) it's easy to follow the who's-who and how they all fit the picture. She gives us a prolific serial-killer villain, a targeted heroine, and an over-my-dead-body hero you can't help but fall for–except, he's a pro fisherman. so probably he smells like fish a lot, right? Not so sure that's sexy.

Also not so sure I buy into the heroine being only 25. Her thoughts and her behaviors made me picture her a bit older but that's not a drawback.

The story stands strong, draws the reader in, and by midway through the book I was turning pages faster and faster, eager to find out whodunnit and make sure everyone is safe and can live HEA.

As it turns out, they don't find out whodunnit until the villain reveals himself – a feat achieved by a mind-boggling disregard of clues. And while the hero and heroine seem set to live HEA, I'm still not real sure why these two characters are right for each other or how 48-hours can lead to love.

Still and all, an enjoyable- if slightly flawed- read that I'm glad I didn't overlook because of the cast list.

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  1. 1
    Greeneyelia says:

    Doesn’t every Harlequin Intrigue have a cast list by default?

    Thanks for the review, sounds like a good read!

  2. 2
    katherinelynn_04 says:

    I think you’re right about all Intrigues having a cast list. My mom gets the shipments every month (for as long as I can remember), and I used to read them from time to time.
    I even got lucky and tracked down the completely whackadoo ‘Pregnesia’ book for a friend from my mom’s backlist. The heroine is pregnant AND has amnesia! And they turned it into the title!

  3. 3
    Paula Graves says:

    Intrigues all have the cast of characters.  We don’t have an option of leaving them out. 

  4. 4
    Sarina says:

    I’m so happy to see this book reviewed here, as I totally forgot I started reading this when my mother was in the emergency room a couple of weeks ago and, now that I remember, I can get back to it! However, I wish there would have been a deeper analysis on what the book contains/what was taken away rather than a cast-list hangup and a general nice time.

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