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RITA Reader Challenge: The Doctor’s Deadly Affair by Stephanie Doyle


Title: The Doctor's Deadly Affair
Author: Stephanie Doyle
Publication Info: Harlequin 2011
ISBN: 978-0373277209
Genre: Romantic Suspense

The Doctor's Deadly Affair This review was written by Lindlee. This story was nominated in the Best Contemporary Suspense/Adventure Romance category.

The summary:     

Fresh on the heels of their disastrous date, Dr. Camille Lawson is none too pleased to find Dr. Wyatt Holladay darkening her doorstep. But a mystery ailment is claiming her patients – and just maybe the gorgeous doctor can help her get some answers.

What should be a simple investigation of medical causes quickly reveals a very real threat. Someone is targeting Camille by killing her patients, one by one. Surrounded by suspects and unable to convince the authorities crimes are being committed, Wyatt is the only person who can keep the infuriating beauty safe.

With everything on the line, he must protect her reputation, her life and her heart.

And here is Lindlee's review:

The good news is I loved the main couple in The Doctor’s Deadly Affair. The bad news is that this romantic suspense would have been loads better if the suspense part had just been dropped.

Camille and Wyatt both have their issues. Camille suffers from spermatophobia (aka germaphobia) while Wyatt is a recovering alcoholic. The author does an excellent job of developing both of them as characters and explaining their issues through their back stories. Both Camille and Wyatt are aware of their shortcomings. What I love about them is that they are imperfect people who come together to support one another. Neither one of them “heals” the other. Instead they accept one another while working to become better people.

That said, sometimes their relationship did feel rushed. I was very taken aback the first time they had sex. It felt waaaaaaaaay too soon! I also kept wondering why Wyatt felt so strongly for Camille. Not that I didn’t like her, but I was in her head. Sometimes it seemed as if the author skipped steps in their relationship. I wish Doyle had focused on developing Wyatt and Camille’s relationship more and not bothered with the mystery.

The suspense plot line really annoyed me. In a nut shell, someone is out to get Camille because her ex-co-worker, Dr. Logan Dade, left their hospital to work elsewhere. Why did he leave? Because Camille is a better surgeon and wouldn’t kiss up or sleep with him, and his ego couldn’t handle it.

And nearly everyone (except Wyatt) resents Camille for “running him off.” This made no sense to me. Really? People would rather have a horn-dog surgeon that bangs anything that moves over a brilliant yet socially awkward surgeon who put the hospital on the map in the first place? Ridiculous.

Then I saw the light. What we have here is the Holy Grail of romance novels. Dr. Logan Dade (drum roll, please) has the Mighty Wang to Rule Them All! It was the only thing that made sense. Forget all those other heroes with their Mighty Wangs that only work with the heroine! After you sleep with Dr. Logan, you don’t care what he does. As long as he stays and gives you that sweet, sweet loving. I’m honestly sad we never got a sex scene with Dr. Logan because he must have been ridiculously good in bed. Nobody cared about Camille and her 97% success rate in bypass surgeries. Or, you know, all the people dying. It was all about Dr. Logan’s Mighty Wang!

So to sum it up, the parts with Camille and Wyatt shine. Unfortunately you also have the suspense plot that makes little to no sense. But it’s easier to get through if you entertain yourself with thoughts of the Mighty Wang to Rule Them All.

This book is available from Goodreads | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo | All Romance eBooks.

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    Misschickerpea says:

    A heroine who is a doctor AND a hero who is doctor, too? This is my holy grail of contemporary romance novels! (I am a doctor. I pretty much buy any romance novel with a doctor has a heroine, no matter how bad. Probably including this one.)

    People would rather have a horn-dog surgeon that bangs anything that moves over a brilliant yet socially awkward surgeon who put the hospital on the map in the first place?
    Well… I can actually see this happening. I have actually seen this happen. The politicking and sexism doesn’t quite seem so far-fetched. The murders do sound nuts, but maybe I will suspend disbelief at the suspense subplot. Can’t wait to get this book! Thanks for reviewing it.

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