RITA Reader Challenge Review

RITA Reader Challenge Review: To Surrender to a Rogue by Cara Elliott

Title: To Surrender to a Rogue
Author: Cara Elliott
Genre: Historical: European, Romance

RITA®, and the RITA statuette are service marks of Romance Writers of America, Inc.No review was submitted for this book for the RITA® Reader Challenge, so I have searched out other strong reviews to supplement. I am not, however, assigning a grade to this review. This book finaled in the Regency Historical Romance category.

Book Cover Plot Summary: An expert in antiquities, Lady Alessandra della Giamatti arrives in Bath to excavate newly discovered Roman ruins-only to find herself caught in a web of evil intrigue by a blackmailer threatening to expose her scandalous past. The one man who can help her is Lord James “Black Jack” Pierson, a fellow member of the expedition and a sinfully handsome rogue whose tempting presence ignites a different sort of danger. Jack has clashed with Alessandra in the past, so when she suddenly surrenders her body he can’t help being suspicious. Is she a scheming temptress? Or is she truly a lady in trouble? As desire and deceptions swirl around them, Alessandra and Jack must find a way to win each other’s trust. For if they don’t work together to uncover a shocking truth, their enemy-and their own simmering passions-may destroy them and everything they cherish.

This book averaged 3.34 stars at GoodReads.

One reader, Isalys {Book ♥ Soulmates} wrote in her four-star review that:

Overall, I enjoyed this second installment in Cara Elliott’s Circle of Sin series. One of my favorite elements of her stories are her characters. I love to read about characters who are strong, intelligent and well-developed. Characters who have secrets and vulnerabilities just like all of us, but are still confident and know what they want. I also like the mystery and plots that Cara weaves into her tales. Her stories have romance, passion, dastardly villains, and enough mystery to keep you intrigued. What I would have liked to have seen is their relationship stretched a little more. There was rather limited screen time in which to fit in a budding romance, archeological “shop talk”, a nefarious plot with a villainous blackmailer, and the set-up of the third book in the series.

Another reader, Danielle, wrote in her two-star review:

For me this book let me down in many ways. It had so much potential to be great. The two main characters are very headstrong and very passionate and when they are near each other sparks fly. My problem is that there is so much inner dialogue and not enough with the eachother. Also, when they realize their feelings for eachother, I felt that it was not natural and forced. I never felt that either character had any true feelings besides lust for the other. To be honest I was more interested in the side story set up for the next book.

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    kkw says:

    I read all of the rita historicals and regencies, and I did so in the past couple months since the challenge was posted, and I have to say I remember almost nothing about this book.  I do read a lot of romance and they all tend to blur, but this one was supremely forgettable.

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