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RITA Reader Challenge Review: Renegade Angel by Kendra Leigh Castle


Title: Renegade Angel
Author: Kendra Leigh Castle
Publication Info: Harlequin 2010
ISBN: 978-0373618422
Genre: Paranormal

RITA®, and the RITA statuette are service marks of Romance Writers of America, Inc.This RITA® Reader Challenge was written by Laura. This book finaled in the Contemporary Series Romance: Suspense/Adventure category.

Book CoverPlot Summary: It’s been thousands of years since Raum’s angelic wings turned from white to black, and the Destroyer of Dignities and Robber of Kings never looked back. These days he’s also on the outs with Hell and works with a motley crew of ex-demons on a new mission: snuffing out lesser demons and their half-human progeny.

Raum’s latest assignment brings him to a small Vermont town—and a sweet, funny half-demon, half-human he’ll risk everything to save. Ember Riddick stirs him as no woman ever before—and she holds the key to what Lucifer will move Hell and Earth to prevent: his team’s redemption.

But Ember’s secrets are as dark as Raum’s midnight wings. And their fate may leave them entwined but destroyed.

And here is Laura’s review:

I really enjoyed Kendra Leigh Castle’s Renegade Angel.  The hero Raum was a great bad-boy.  He was a fallen angel and he loved every minute of it.  He had no hero delusions, made no apologies, and had no desire to be a good guy, but lately, however, he had been a bit apathetic.  Unfortunately his apathy led to his downfall.  Due to his enemy Mammon sucking up to Lucifer, Raum had to make a choice.  Raum chose exile, and mercenary work for the “white wings” rather than a permanent death in Hell. His mercenary work is with several other Fallen who have been exiled from Hell, and they are to kill the half-demons out there-usually the Halflings go mad and start killing.

But his latest assignment leads him to beautiful Ember. She is not only half-demon, but she’s half-Fallen. She is also no danger to the humans, which changes his mission, and the rules. Raum, also seems to have conflicting instincts that want to protect her rather than kill her. Our bad boy maybe isn’t so bad?

Ember is strong.  Too strong.  Every time she gets a bit lusty, the man she’s with gets a bit freaked out at her strength.  So, Ember has steered clear of men. She had an incident in Florida that led her to want to start anew in Vermont, unknowing that she was being lured to Vermont by her father, none other than Mammon.  And Mammon was furious to find out his evil she-demon daughter wasn’t evil at all! What’s an evil father to do?

Raum is ordered to protect her, well, he actually stands up and tells Uriel that *he* will protect Ember, and no one else. In order to keep her safe, he takes her to a vampire city where Mammon can’t reach her…or can he?

I can’t get over how easily the world-building fell into place, especially for a Nocturne.  I really hope this becomes a series because the great cast made for fun reading, and left me wanting more.  I loved watching Raum gain back the emotions that he’d buried for so many millennia, and I really enjoyed Ember’s determination to get Raum and make him hers.  The vampires and shifters have an interesting role in humanity, and the Angels finally recognized it, opening up many doors to expand this into a series.  My favorite line is after Raum tried to save Ember from Lucifer, and thinks he’s dying,

“Sorry I went and got myself killed.”

It was so out of character for him, and so darn cute coming from the big bad fallen angel.

This book is available from Amazon | Kindle | BN & nook | WORD Brooklyn  | AllRomance | eHarlequin.com

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    MissFiFi says:

    I am not one who usually enjoys these types of novels, but it sounds like a lot of fun and may have to pick it up. great review!

  2. 2
    Rae says:

    “Destroyer of Dignities”!?!?!?!?!?  What, does he stick a piece of toilet paper on peoples’ shoes?  Maybe throw a banana peel in their way?  The name alone prevents me from ever reading this book.

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