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RITA Reader Challenge Review: Immortal Sea by Virginia Kantra


Title: Immortal Sea
Author: Virginia Kantra
Publication Info: Berkley 2010
ISBN: 978-0425237472
Genre: Paranormal

RITA®, and the RITA statuette are service marks of Romance Writers of America, Inc.This RITA® Reader Challenge was written by Laura Hunsaker, who also published this review on GoodReads. This novel finaled in the Paranormal category.

Book CoverPlot Summary: The island of World’s End sets the stage for a dramatic reunion between Morgan of the finfolk and a woman he met years ago-a woman with a startling secret.

And here is Laura’s review:

This is the fourth installment of Virginia Kantra’s Children of the Sea series, and I really enjoyed reading from primarily Morgan’s pov. How often do we get more of the hero than the heroine? I loved it.

My favorite part about this book was watching Morgan not just fall in love, but LEARN to love. It was such a heartwarming tale of love, loss and learning to love.

Morgan is a lord of the finfolk, and he and Liz had one steamy night together about 16 yrs ago. She has recently moved to World’s End for a fresh start after her husband died and her teenage son began rebelling.

Morgan was there to see Dylan and Reggie’s baby girl get baptized. Then he saw Zack. And his heart stopped. Zack had died black hair, and black eyeliner and nailpolish…but he had the same eyes as Morgan…

We also got some pov shifts to Zack. He’s your average 15 yr old boy, oh except that he can shift into a great white shark.

Zack is part of the finfolk, or the merfolk. And I loved how when Morgan told Liz what Zack was, she asked him “You’re Finnish?” lol…not finfolk from Finland, but from beneath the waves.

But it was a sweet love story and I loved catching up with the others from the series. Mabye we’ll see Conn and Lucy get their wedding one day?

I wish that there had been more in the sense of the demonic element, and a bit more suspense and good vs evil, but that wasn’t the focus of this book like with Reggie and Dylan’s. This focused more on Morgan learning to feel, and to love.

And it was so romantic.

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    saltwaterknitter says:

    I’m going to read this just because the son can turn into a great white shark. I always wish authors would use more animals than just the usual werewolves, werepanthers, etc.  Nalini Singh has some wererats and weredeer, so she mixes it up a little ( and I love everything she’s ever written), but I’m always hoping for something different. I do love werewolves, but a werewaterbuffalo or wereelectriceel or even werekitty would be fun. I get that the wolves and panthers and tigers are the badass alphas of the wereworld, but it would be nice to see something new.

  2. 2
    misti says:

    @saltwaterknitter You might like Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniel series. The local Pack is headed up by a werelion but also contains sub-clans each with their own alpha. Some which get more pages later in the series are the werehyenas and the werecats. I know she also works with a wererat at one point.  The series is very well-written and I think the world-building is actually some of the best in the genre.

  3. 3
    Donna says:

    See, now here’s where a review comes in handy. I thought finfolk would be like, dolphins. And I got nothing against dolphins, but turning into a Great White? That’s got awesome written all over it!!

  4. 4
    Afroqueen says:

    I totally enjoyed this book!  I loved that it was from Morgan’s pov and I also loved that a mom with a 15 year old kid was getting busy on a hammock with a hottie!

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