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RITA Reader Challenge: Nothing but the Truth by Kara Lennox


Title: Nothing But the Truth
Author: Kara Lennox
Publication Info: Harlequin 2011
ISBN: 978-0373716951
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Nothing but the Truth. They're on top of a building and they look about to fall off. This review was written by Shevaun. This story was nominated in the Contemporary Series Suspense/Adventure Romance category.

The summary:     

As chief legal council for Project Justice, widow Raleigh Shinn doesn't seem the type to accept bribes. Still, Griffin Benedict has an anonymous tip that points to her guilt. And if he wants to make the move to national news anchor, he needs a sensational story.

But nothing is as it seems. Including the do-good lawyer. Underneath shapeless suits and oversize glasses hides an exceptional beauty. Now Griffin not only seeks an exclusive, he wants to uncover Raleigh's secrets for himself. When lies turn to attempted murder, they must hunt down the truth togetherto prove her innocence, protect an honest man and save both their lives.

And here is Shevaun's review:

I knew going in to this that this book was going to be difficult one for me when I read in the description that the heroine was hiding her beauty. I’m never a fan of the “Hey, she’s only an episode of What Not to Wear away from being hot enough for me” plot. However, I’ve been determined to branch out in my reading, and Sarah had been promised, so I opened Nothing But the Truth. And read it. I’m sorry, y’all. I tried to be open minded, I really did.

In the beginning, I was super happy to realize that Project Justice was a group of lawyers, investigators, and the like, all working on overturning death penalty cases. This is an issue I am super passionate about, and I was excited to maybe get a taste of the legalities, the heartbreak, and the failures served up alongside my romance. I was actually willing to have the romance suck, if only I was able to get a good look at the issue. Whelp, folks. NOPE. Project Justice, in this book, is mainly used as background filler, sort of like a plot moppet, but without the cuteness. I mean, It’s run/owned by some genius billionaire who knows all, owns all, and is hiding some sort of seekrit, which will be explored in another book. The sole purpose of this, to me, was to give the heroine someone to fix all the things, without being her love interest.

          Before I get too ranty, I want to say that Raleigh’s widowhood, and her grief over her husband’s death 6 years prior, is handled very well. She loved her husband,  and she feels some genuine guilt about the accident. Kara Lennox just ruins this by having Griffin decide that she’s grieving in the wrong way, and that six years is way too long, and that she needs to get over it. He doesn’t help her through her grief, he bulldozes in and wrecks it.

          The suspense part of the plot didn’t work for me, mainly because I never felt as if the characters were in any real danger. The bad guy does little but doctor documents and deliver them anonymously to a reporter, Griffin. But Raleigh’s mega billionaire boss just FIXES everything, and reassures everyone, all the time, that nothing will go wrong. That just sucks the suspense right out of it for me. Really? The heroine has a reporter who isn’t sure if he believes her, but everyone else has her back and works to help her. NOT SUSPENSEFUL AT ALL.

          The real douchebaggery comes from the hero, Griffin. He doesn’t make any sense. First off, he knows Raleigh’s hair is her natural color because “If she’d had even a day’s worth of roots, he’d have spotted it.” He’s got a superpower!  Then, everybody who knows of him says he’s super ethical, has never been sued for libel, etc etc. He thinks that he needs to get more evidence on the facts of Raleigh’s situation, but then ten pages later he’s pimping out her story to get a TV job and certain he’ll only need a couple of weeks to “nail her to the wall”.  And nail her to the wall is a phrase used no less than four times. Once? In back to back sentences. He’s so ethical that he has a lady judge friend who, being so overcome with his magical wang a while back, now makes all of his speeding tickets “diappear”. GRRR.

          So, let’s recap: Not really suspenseful or scary, plot moppet employment, mighty wang of unethical douchetasticness, and a gal who needs to stop hiding her beauty so we know she’s ready for love. Oh, and one sex scene. One.  But let’s not forget the stellar writing; I have a perfect example for y’all: They’re kissing and Raleigh is thinking about it. “It was the best kiss ever”. For reals, yo. Am I the only one who immediately thought of this?

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