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RITA Reader Challenge: Hidden Away by Maya Banks


Title: Hidden Away
Author: Maya Banks
Publication Info: Berkley 2011
ISBN: 978-0425240175
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Hidden Away This review was written by Holly. This story was nominated in the Best Romantic Suspense category.

The summary:     

Most people would take an all-expenses-paid trip to the beach in a heartbeat. Garrett Kelly only accepts to keep tabs on Sarah Daniels, who's in hiding after witnessing a murder by Marcus Lattimer, her half-brother–and a personal enemy of KGI. This gig may be beneath a disciplined soldier like Garrett, but if he gets a shot at Lattimer, it will all be worth it…

But Garrett hadn't counted on falling for Sarah. He'd considered seduction as a tactical maneuver, but when he glimpses Sarah's dark past, he feels an urgent desire to keep her safe–even after she disappears on him. Garrett doesn't know exactly who, or what, Sarah's running from, but whatever it is, she's running for her life…

And here is Holly's review:

This the third book in Maya Banks’ KGI series.  I had read the first two prior to reading this one but feel it could stand alone. There are glimpses into ongoing story lines in the series but they don’t detract from the main story.

Sarah flees Boston after her brother Marcus kills the man who raped her and she is caught leaving the scene of the crime by her former boss.  She is practical about her attempts to hide and I liked that she’s an ordinary person and she doesn’t conveniently develop covert skills, instead relying on caution and planning.   There are many elements to this book that could have gone off the rails into ridiculousness – they’re on the run, Garrett’s lying to Sarah,  her brother is a killer, she’s dealing with trauma; yet Banks develops the story well and resolves the conflicts realistically.  Story lines like this (particularly the fact that he’s lying to her about who he is and essentially using her as bait) have completely turned me off other novels and I’m actually surprised they didn’t with this book.

The various plot points do not overwhelm the character development and the story details Sarah’s first steps to healing and building a relationship with Garrett.  I liked that Garrett’s feelings for Sarah are demonstrated through everyday things, like noticing her favourite chocolate bar and the fact that he took the time to find someone to look after the stray cat she’d been caring for on the island after Sarah leaves suddenly. 

One of the things I liked the most about this book is that it’s always clear that Marcus’ actions are deliberate, and will have consequences.  It was refreshing that redemption wasn’t in the cards, as opposed to having all the conflict based around redeeming him so everyone has a shot at happy-ever-after. 

I gave this book a B+ because while I really like it and it’s going on my keeper shelf,  it’s one that I’ll be re-reading as other books come out in the series, not re-reading just for the sake of enjoying the story again.

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  1. 1
    Mirandaflynn says:

    Can it be clarified why she’s on the run? Did her half-brother say “I killed the man who raped you, but if you tell anyone, I’ll kill you?” That doesn’t seem to make sense.


  2. 2
    Kathleen O says:

    I loved this book.. Can’t wait for the next one….

  3. 3
    KatieF says:

    No, the half-brother was not after her—he actually helped her get away after the murder was committed.  The h was afraid she would be questioned about the murder and forced to implicate her brother in the crime. She was also still traumatized by the rape and wanted to get away from the place where it had happened.

  4. 4
    KatieF says:

    Have you read the two published since this one? Whispers in the Dark (Nathan’s story) came out in January and Echoes at Dawn (Rio’s story) just came out July 3. The two took a turn to the paranormal that I know upset a few people.

    By the way, a novella about Rachel and Ethan is scheduled to come out August 21—not that I obsess about this series or anything :-)

  5. 5
    Holly says:

    Ooops sorry, I cut out the longer explanation (of exactly what happened with her half brother killing her rapist and her going on the run) due to word count.  Actually, I cut half of the review before sending it to Sarah, and I think I was still over the word limit.

    I’ve read the next two and had mixed feelings about Whispers in the Dark due to the paranormal turn.  Cherry Adair has given me a fear of turning to paranormal (see TFLAC spinoff from the Wright series) and I don’t like it mid-series.  It’s one thing to have something happen in a world that changes it and the course of a series and another to seemingly just toss in magic powers/gifts to have something to base the story around.  Also, I just wasn’t that interested in Nathan and Shea.  Strangely, I quite liked Grace and Rio’s story, I think because I was more interested in the characters.

    Looking forward to the August novella!

  6. 6
    ToppysMom says:

    I really like the series and this particular book was a strong entry but [rant/on] please, Ms. Banks, please please PLEASE find another word to describe someone’s gait other than “amble.” It became so dang distracting every time Garrett “ambled” someplace I actually started keeping track.

    I get it: He ambles. A lot. But surely (don’t call me Shirley) he does oh, you know, some plain old WALKING too. There are other words.

    And now, in “Echoes of Darkness,” even Rio ambles! That is not a man I ever would have envisioned ambling anywhere. Sheesh. [rant/off]

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