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RITA Reader Challenge: Ghost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher


Title: Ghost Planet
Author: Sharon Lynn Fisher
Publication Info: Tor 2012
ISBN: 9780765368973
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Book Ghost Planet This RITA® Reader Challenge 2013 review was written by Linda. This story was nominated for the RITA® in the Best First Book category.

NB: Carrie S reviewed this book in January and gave it a D+.

The summary:     

Psychologist Elizabeth Cole prepared for the worst when she accepted a job on a newly discovered world—a world where every colonist is tethered to an alien who manifests in the form of a dead loved one. But she never expected she'd struggle with the requirement to shun these “ghosts.” She never expected to be so attracted to the charming Irishman assigned as her supervisor. And she certainly never expected to discover she died in a transport crash en route to the planet. 

As a ghost, Elizabeth is symbiotically linked to her supervisor, Murphy—creator of the Ghost Protocol, which forbids him to acknowledge or interact with her. Confused and alone—oppressed by her ghost status and tormented by forbidden love—Elizabeth works to unlock the secrets of her own existence. 

But her quest for answers lands her in a tug-of-war between powerful interests, and she soon finds herself a pawn in the struggle for control of the planet…a struggle that could separate her forever from the man that she loves. 

And here is Linda's review:

Have you ever had a book hangover? 

No, not just the first time you read a book. 

The second time, too. 

Beware Ghost Planet, because you will stay up all night to finish it.  I just did.

I first encountered a pre-published excerpt from Ghost Planet in an online class taught by Linnea Sinclair.  I was so captivated that I never forgot it. I loved the book, and loved it even more when I re-read it to refresh my memory for this review. 

Author Sharon Lynn Fisher portrays the strife caused by the mishandled contact between humans and an alien race through her heroine. Elizabeth Cole is caught in an eerie and horrifying situation that puts her on both sides of the conflict.  Shunned by humans, ignored by the downtrodden aliens, she must recruit the one person who can help her – or kill her – her host, Grayson Murphy. The sexy Irish creator of the protocol that marginalizes the ghosts, he's the worst person she could be tethered to, but he thinks she's human when he first meets her, and his attraction to her gives her the wedge she needs, even after her true nature is discovered.  She challenges him to break his own rules, but she plays a dangerous game.  If they're caught and he's forced off-world, she will die – permanently.

Every moment of her initial fear, despair and loss grabs the reader and never lets go. But Elizabeth isn't one to stay down for long.  Brilliant, resolute and attracted to the man she is symbiotically linked to, Elizabeth fights being treated as if she's invisible.  She uses every bit of her intellect, drive and sex appeal to gain access to the information she needs to research why her fellow ghosts exist and how to break the links between the ghosts and their human “hosts.” 

Murphy can't resist who she is, despite what she is.  His steadfast care of Elizabeth, even as she disproves all his assumptions about the ghosts, makes him a worthy hero.  Even when his professional reputation is ruined, his fascination with her and with their discoveries keeps him in the game.  Even as he gets a taste of the misery he has been instrumental in putting the ghosts through, the bond between them grows stronger.

But there's more at stake.  The planet itself is reflecting the conflict through storms, earthquakes and dying vegetation.  The power struggle to control its resources makes Elizabeth and Murphy's quest more difficult – and more crucial.

I love how Elizabeth's and Murphy's romance propels the story and its resolution.  Beautifully written, with strong characters, stunning twists and turns, and world-shattering stakes, Ghost Planet will haunt you and leave you wanting more.

 This book is available from Goodreads | Amazon | BN | Kobo | iBooks.

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  1. 1
    Ann F. says:

    I really can’t say enough great things about this book.  The world building was well done and very unique, the romance was great, and the writing was just wonderful.  I’m desperately hoping for more books in this world.  To be fair, I love sci-fi romance but this was one of the best books I’ve read in that genre in recent years.

  2. 2
    Tess says:

    I don’t know if I would give it an A but definitely closer to the A range than the D range. Good read overall!

  3. 3
    Robin Greene says:

    I really enjoyed this book and truly would give it an A.  The world building was wonderful.  I could barely put it down.

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